Jeff Alcorn, US Marine , Recon, Combat Wounded, POSer, Blog of Shame


10/03/2014 by militaryphonies

The N.P.R.C. has no record of him ever serving.
Not on file within the Kentucky Department of Military Affairs


Source ; This Ain’t Hell


Source; This Ain’t Hell

5 thoughts on “Jeff Alcorn, US Marine , Recon, Combat Wounded, POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. DANA WHITE says:

    The saying “Death before Dishonor comes to mind.”
    You, Mr. Alcorn do not qualify for Dishonor, since you are a fraud, but you qualify for death, and a Public apology to the United States Marine Corp.

  2. Joyce l says:

    This man is a disgrace to his family, his children .. it is criminal to try and make your kids believe that their mom is lying about him when it is him lying to his children.I am the x mother in law and I know for a fact I didn't need this blog to show me what a liar he is. If there is anyway to proceed with criminal chargers as he joined the American Legion and shot of guns at true fallen soldiers funerals.. I put an end to that by contacting the American Legion..he showed fake documents to them

  3. jj8422 says:

    Mr Alcorn was a pussy ass bitch in high school and has stepped to a new low as impersonating a man

  4. Unfortunately, unless he received some tangible benefit from his lies, it isn't considered illegal. Now if you have proof that he has received something for his lies, money, free gifts, that sort of thing, then he could be prosecuted

  5. Anna Beeles says:

    Is anyone else wondering whos uniforms this dirt bag stole and whos military honors this creep is proudly displaying???

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