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09/10/2014 by militaryphonies

    He served a total of 15 months in the Marine Corps Reserve . 4 months spent in his PMOS after Boot Camp and Training. He never deployed from the CONUS
The National Defense Service Medal was the only medal received  .
Causes.com ; https://www.causes.com/causes/811653-help-this-vet-get-full-dental-coverage-at-va/about
This Ain’t Hell Blog; http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=55110
Coral Springs Talk ; http://coralspringstalk.com/former-marine-posing-as-wounded-combat-veteran-9165
This Ain’t Hell blog # 2 ; http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=55820

NY Daily News ; http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/group-dogs-veterans-article-1.1512565
NY Post ; http://nypost.com/2013/06/30/pups-for-peace/

Fox News, Guardians of Rescue ; http://video.foxnews.com/v/2826506042001/guardians-of-rescue-pairs-service-dogs-with-veterans-in-need/#sp=show-clips

Linkedin Account ; http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jarrett-gimbl/48/970/217

FaceBook Account ; https://www.facebook.com/jarrett.gimbl
FaceBook Page ; https://www.facebook.com/GunnyESA

This is the dd-214 that he sent us. As you can see. It matches the one that we received from Headquarters Marine Corps 

Separation Code; GKK1 ( Drug use ) Reentry Code ; RE-4B ( Not eligible for re-enlistment . 

6 thoughts on “Jarrett Gimbl , US Marine , GWOT, Combat Wounded / Injured , POSer , Blog of Shame

  1. Why is his discharge/RE Code redacted?

  2. Scotty H. says:

    That is information that the NPRC does not publicize.

  3. Candy Lovett says:

    I have someone I was wondering if you could check out as I think they are a poser also. Their story does not add up. I felt bad for them being evicted and let him come stay in my apartment. My friends were just over here and we googled many things on them and it does not add up. They are concerned for my safety as I am a disabled veteran also. Could you email me at: imbrideofchrist@aim.com and I will send you what I have

  4. Pat Man says:

    Jarrett Gimbl is living in west palm beach Florida continuing his SCAM

  5. Pat Man says:

    check out Jarrett gimbls Facebook. Gunny-Service Dog this is where he spreads lies and works on the sympathy of others especially people who love dogs he claims to have PTSD and traumatic brain injury He has traveled to the west coast of Florida from west palm beach watch out for him

  6. Pat Man says:

    Facebook Gunny-Service Dog. This is how Gimbl communicates and works the sympathy of people especially those who love dogs. He claims to havePTSD and traumatic brain injury he has left west palm beach Florida and is now on the south west coast of florida

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