Merle Todd " BJ " Johnson, US Navy SEAL, POSer, Blog of Shame


09/01/2014 by militaryphonies

He claims to be a former SEAL who was bayoneted by a VC and killed him, of course. The wound on his hip is from surgery for a tumor which got him a medical
discharge from the Navy as a Seaman Apprentice. He never served in Vietnam, as he was not old enough. Now he lies about his age so that he’ll be old enough to have
Merle Todd “BJ” Johnson is (or was) a Deputy Sheriff with the Christian County Sheriff’s Dept. He’s been making false SEAL claims for years, and on two occasions
when I tried to contact him by phone he was “on a different shift” but the phone dispatcher knew him as “a former Navy SEAL”. L.E. Officers across the nation have
been trained by his outfit in Ozark – Academy of Professional Trainers (or something similar). He’s told many classes of students that “I was slitting throats in Vietnam
when you were pooping in your pampers”, and claimed to have the record for “the most hand to hand kills of all SEALs in the Vietnam conflict”… but in truth he was
only about 13 years old when the Vietnam War ended for US forces.

When the first list of Authorized CONCEALED CARRY Trainers was published by Taney County Sheriff, Jimmy Russell, it included Johnson’s outfit.. At that time Russell reportedly stated that he “knew about Mr.
Johnson”, that he was personally acquainted with an ATF agent who had confronted Johnson and told him to “cease and desist” all such claims or “suffer the
consequences”. Presumably those consequences would include loss of accreditation as an instructor and loss of employment as a Deputy Sheriff with Christian County.
Rumor had it that a couple of years ago that Johnson was not alone… that there was another SEAL imposter who had been dumped by another department –
Springfield PD maybe – but he’d transferred to or was picked up by the Christian County Sheriff’s Department… and that he and Johnson were “best buddies”. …….Reportedly 
 when the Christian County Sheriff lost the next election,  “BJ” Johnson’s job as a Christian County Deputy Sheriff ended. He may still berunning the Academy of Professional Trainers.

1 year, 6 months, 1 day. Discharged an E-1

6 thoughts on “Merle Todd " BJ " Johnson, US Navy SEAL, POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. Please contact me ASAP regarding the content of this blog post.


  2. Scotty H. says:

    Give us a contact e-mail


  3. Jim says:

    The second possible phony Navy Seal is form Springfield PD Officer Joey Kyle, who went on to become Sheriff of Christian county…not surprisingly Joey Kyle currently in federal prison for embezzlement from Christian County….Joey held the rank of LT in the Naval Reserve until he was convicted of a felony.


  4. Sevi says:

    I think “BJ” may be here in Aurora, CO. This guy is late 50’s early 60’s claims he served in Vietnam and that he’s a Navy SEAL stationed here with his SEAL team 3 at Buckley AirForce Base. Are there any pictures available of him. He claims he just flew a mission to Afghanistan, and covertly landed in Cuba for a moment, before coming back to Aurora. Plz help me expose him…


  5. Max Carr says:

    I worked at Stone County for about ten years. I knew a BJ Johnson who owned APT in Ponce DE Leon if this is the same guy? Still running a business there the last I knew.


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