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08/31/2014 by militaryphonies

Claiming Ranger / Special Forces. Combat Wounded and Medically Discharged after serving for 12 years. Actual ; He didn’t even last two months in Basic.

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To whom it may concern,
I am not any sort of media, I am law enforcement in a rural part of West Virginia. I have ran across this douche bag on two occasions now- once about a month ago and again yesterday.
The first time I met him, he was in the passenger side of a vehicle that I had pulled over. He was wearing a desert BDU top and a beret (I can’t remember the color)
. I noticed he had a Ranger tab and a Special Forces tab on his top. I asked him if he was Special Forces and he said he was. Through conversation, he admitted he never made it through the Q course but a friend gave him the tab so he wears it to pay tribute to them. I ask about the Ranger tab and he said he definitely was a Ranger. I had other pressing issues to take care of so I let him and his girl go.
Fast forward to yesterday (08-09-14). I’m driving through a small backwoods town and see this guy walking around wearing ACU bottoms, military boots, a black tank top, and an ACU cap. I drove by him the first time because I was busy but I came back later and he was back again so I pulled in to talk to him. Turns out to be the same guy from a month ago.
His cap has the Special Forces tab and his tattoos speak for themselves (please see attached photos). I spoke with him again, this time more in depth and “learned” he was in the Army for 12 years and he started out as a crane operator but couldn’t cut it there so they “stuck” him in 11B. He says they then sent him to airborne at Fort Benning. I ask why he left the Army after 12 years instead of retiring and he said they made him get out because of mental problems and shrapnel in his leg. I asked if he deployed and he said yes and that he deployed to Tikrit. I said, “Afghanistan?” He said yeah. I guess my facial features betrayed me at that point cause I started smiling and he said no, he got wounded in Afghanistan but Tikrit was in Iraq. He said he was getting ready for (starts whispering for some reason) Operation Anaconda. I asked again about his Special Forces tabs and he said a friend gave it to him and his friend told him he could wear them. I asked about his tab tattoos and he said he got them on “base”. (I haven’t known very many Soldiers refer to their place of operations as the “base”) He said that Rangers are considered special forces too so he thinks he can wear the tab and his friend confirms. He again said he didn’t pass the Q course cause he had trouble with the “smarts” part of it. (If you actually speak to this guy, you will agree with him that he has trouble with anything that has to do with “smarts”)
Anyway, I don’t believe for one minute that this guy was a Ranger and it’s a toss up if he was really in the military at all. This idiot is strolling around the small towns down here portraying himself as a war hero and certified badass. I have mentioned him before after the first meeting and some people knew him as the Army Guy.

1 month, 26 days

4 thoughts on “Jonathan Michael Cook, US Army Special Forces , POSer , Blog Of Shame.

  1. Good GAWD!!! Less then 2 months??? I hope his tats are removed exponentially!!

  2. John Gagnier says:

    LOL Bruce. I would like to see some real S.F. types be issued some sandpaper and allowed to aid this POSer in removing his tats

  3. MPSFC says:

    Dumbass doesn’t even have the tabs on his SF tattoo in the right order.

  4. Tez says:

    Laughable. I’m just a civilian and even I know that his Airborne tab should be below his Ranger tab. Not only that, it looks like his meth dealer went to tattoo school and traded this guy a few free bags of meth in exchange for using Mr. Stolen Valor here as an experimental canvas!

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