James Holt, US Marine, Communications / Scout / Sniper, POSer, Blog of Shame


08/23/2014 by militaryphonies

Claims that he had two PMOS’s in Communications . And then later went to Scout / Sniper School. All while being assigned to 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines. He claims that he served with an Anti Terrorism Sniper unit that President Nixon formed. And President Ford was the first to activate them. Claims that he served from 1975 to 1979.  He also claims that he made SSgt ( E-6 ) within 4 years
This Ain’t Hell Blog ; http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=54725

FaceBook Account ; https://www.facebook.com/james.holt.5095

FaceBook post ; https://www.facebook.com/USarmy/posts/10152070506023558
Linkedin Account ; http://www.linkedin.com/pub/james-holt/92/480/25a

The N.P.R.C. has no record of him ever serving

4 thoughts on “James Holt, US Marine, Communications / Scout / Sniper, POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. Jay Brown says:

    Ah yes, the Marine version of Dennis “Dickless” Chevalier in the house. What a tough guy Mr. Holt is…

  2. mrdavehardin says:

    I do not think you have served your time in hell. I was a SSgt and we did send too many Marines home in bags. I never missed a shot in the black a 500 yards during qualification with open sites. It took nearly 8 years to get selected for Staff. That was 8 years of unlimited shit and mass confusion. Countless deployments. My FOIA records come back with all that on paper, numbnutz. You steal what I earned, you are a punk. You probably always have been. I bet you use this bullshit of yours to abuse women and scare little kids. I am an easy man to find, try to peddle your bullshit to me.

  3. mrdavehardin says:

    Oh this is gold. Little Jimmy here slept too many nights at a Motel 6.


  4. does the USMC have electronics school? I thought the Navy did the schooling- my class at AO school was mixed with marines, so were all the other aviation schools in Memphis. We had marine instructors too.

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