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Kristopher Doody
St. Charles, MO 63304
I am highly motivated, adaptable, self-disciplined and resourceful with excellent organizational skills. I am also a quick learner who relishes fresh challenges or difficult tasks. I’m comfortable working as part of a team or as an individual, using personal initiative to overcome difficulties to achieve a successful conclusion given any task. Physically fit with good stamina, accustomed to working under pressure with tight deadlines and often in, both physically and mentally, difficult and demanding conditions.


Employment History

08/11-01/12      Garda World, Security Manager. I was the security manager on a   
                         SOCOM contract for an ODA firebase outside Gardez, Afghanistan. My 
                          responsibilities included the overall security of the compound, liaison
                         with the occupying ODA unit, and supervision and training of a 45 man
                         ASG force.
01/11- 06/11     Global Strategies Group, Team Lead/ Senior Team Lead. During my 6 month contract, I was TL/  rotational STL of low profile PSD teams on a DoS- INL contract in Kabul. I was responsible for 17 vehicles, 10 ExPat Team Leads, and 27 local nationals. My duties included the everyday management of all PSD missions. This included scheduling and tracking all movements. I was also responsible for the training of all expats and local nationals.                    
09/08- 11/10     Blackwater/USTC-  Lead SUT Instructor/ Firearms Instructor. As a lead   instructor I managed and supervised six to seven instructors training the Afghan Border Police in small unit tactics during a six week academy. The POI covered such topics as hand and arm signals, CQB, patrolling, reaction to contact, actions on the objective, and various other topics. I also instructed the small unit tactics portion of the NCO course.
08/08- 09/08  Armor Group North America and the Entergy Corporation-Assistant team leader/security specialist during the hurricane relief effort, in both Louisiana and Texas. Provided close protection for personnel and assets of Entergy Corporation both static and as an assistant team leader doing mobile security in both New Orleans and other high risk, crime infested areas in Louisiana. I also acted as a liaison with both clients and business’ associated with this contract with a high degree of successful conclusions and zero incidents.       
09/07- 04/08      Personal security specialist/ driver for high end client in Saginaw, MI. My duties included all driving responsibilities on a daily basis, both on a set schedule and on-call status. I was also responsible for the physical security of my client, assessing any threat levels, and security measures while travelling.
11/05- 07/07      Erinys, Iraq-Agent in charge/ principal protection officer/ team medic. During my time with Erinys I was the principal protection officer/agent in charge and team medic for the FOB Diamondback SET; Mosul, Iraq. I provided personal security from civilians to high ranking officers with the Army Corps of Engineers. Colonel Wolf presented me with his coin for excellence for my actions and service while working as his PPO. I also handled all medical responsibilities including, but not limited to, medical care for all casualties, medical training for the team, set up and inventory medical bags, liaison with Medivac and CSH for which I was responsible in getting numerous amounts of medical supplies for the team.
09/01- 08/04   EMT for Lifestar Ambulance in Alton, IL.
06/97- 05/01  U.S. Marine Corps- During my four years with the Marines I was a rifleman and scout swimmer with a Raider Company; 3/1 India Co.  I finished my military career as a Scout/Sniper with 3/1 Surveillance and Target Acquisition Platoon.

     1  TROJAN advanced bodyguard course for hostile environments (USA)

2        States of Illinois and Nevada licensed Security/ P.I.
3        Emergency Medical Technician
4        Erinys Iraq Indoc. Course
5        6thAward expert marksman
      6    American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor from 2004 to present.
7    EMT-B instructor for Lewis and Clark Community College and Alton Memorial
Hospital for 2 years.
      8    Certified in biometrics with the BAT program.
      9    Familiar with a multitude of weapon platforms


Gary Lawrence- Gary was the team lead while I was the small unit tactics instructor for the NCO academy for the Afghan Border Police. Gary can be reached at
Jason Duncan- Jason is a driving instructor at Blackwater, now known as Academi. He is was also one of my instructors while I was the lead small unit tactics instructor with Blackwater/ U.S. Training Center. Jason can be reached at
Gerry Hennelly- Gerry was my supervisor with U.S. Training on the Afghan Border Patrol Program. Gerry can be reached at
Dylan Davies- Dylan was my Sector Manager during my time with Erinys in Iraq.
Dylan can be reached at
 Marine Scout Swimmer ? 
Mr Taylor,
    I have mailed you my resume regarding the security position you are looking to fill. I am a former Marine who has been working as an independent security contractor for the government in both Iraq and Afghanistan since 2006. I am qualified and familiar with a variety of weapon platforms and am very comfortable working in a special response capacity.
    You will see on my resume that I have been out of work since January 2012. The reason is that I was wounded on my last contract in Afghanistan. I have just been cleared to return to work, but can not return to a combat environment. I would like to reassure you that I have no mental or physical limitations and am able to effectively perform all duties required by this position.
   I hope after reviewing my resume that you will find that I am qualified for this position and that I would be a valuable asset. I am very excited at the possibility of this great opportunity and hope that we can speak further in the near future.
  Thank you for your time regarding this matter.
Best Regards,
 Kris Doody
Incident Report for 22 March 22, 2011
TL Kris Doody
To: Adrian Burrows, Project Manager; Todd Harris, Senior Team Lead
     We just made drop off at of our clients at Green Village and were in route back to Global Village in a three vehicle movement.  Allen Black was in LC 3, the lead vehicle; Lee Drinkwater was in LC 15, the middle vehicle; and I was in LC 4, the CAT vehicle.  We were traveling west on Route Blair, approximately 1 kilometer past Airport Circle when the incident occurred. The lead vehicle was on the far left side of the road, the second vehicle was offset to the right of vehicle one, and vehicle three was directly behind vehicle one.  We were traveling approximately 75 Km/h when there was movement in front of us that caught my eye, and as I turned to look I saw vehicle one make impact with something, at that time didn’t know what it was until I passed the child laying in the road. We immediately called, “stop, stop, stop,” over the radio and all three vehicles come to a stop. TL Allen Black immediately got out of his vehicle to go assess the child and see what his condition was. As I was grabbing the medical bag and moving towards Allen I saw him checking for a carotid pulse, but there was nothing we could do. Allen contacted STL Todd Harris and notified him of the situation while Lee and I moved vehicles around to give us some hard cover and pulled security. Afghan Police forces showed up at approximately 1540. After a few minutes of them on the scene, two police officers got into LC 3 and we were told to follow them. As we were heading up Blair and got to the first traffic circle we were stopped again and sat there for approximately 5 minutes while they figured out what to do. We were instructed to follow them again. As we approached the second circle TL Allen tried to get us back to Global Village to sort this out since he had two police officers with him and things were starting to take a turn for the worst. At this point we were stopped again and the local driver of LC 3, Shafiq, was pulled out of the vehicle and put into a traffic police truck and driven away. At that time another police officer got into LC 3 and started driving away so TL Lee and I followed. We finally ended up at Police Station 15 off of Route Blair. The officers then confiscated LC 3, but allowed us to transfer all items of LC 3 to LC 4. A representative of the U.S. Embassy showed up and talked to the police chief and informed me that a team from MoI was on the way and to sit tight. The Global liaison, Kahn, showed up and spoke to the police chief and ten minutes later we were released. QRF was staged outside and covered our return back to Global Village. We returned back to headquarters at approximately 1645.
FaceBook Account ;; http://www.schombergrot
13 months as an 0311 Rifleman. Was given a Bad Conduct Discharge with a JJD2 (Court Martial, Other  Seperation code and a RE-4 (non reenlistment ) Reentry code
No Secondary MOS for Scout/Sniper




School of Infantry was the one and only school attended

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  1. Looks like a case for a Stolen Valor conviction. He's using his lies for personal gain.

  2. I have emailed this pos and his excuses fall back on his ex wife that was married while he was married. He is truly a nutsack.

  3. Sam Dawson says:

    Contracting companies – Blackwater,aka ACADEMI, Garda World, Erinys and Global all hired him with simply seeing a Veterans Card showing at some point he was in the military for at least a day, instead of a DD214. When companies requested a DD214 he simply resigned and conned another company. Blackwater terminated him in 2010 and Garda World terminated him in 2012. Someone really needs to pay attention to national security and protect this countries real heroes!!!

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