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             The founder of the Florida SFMC, Robert                       

Stanley "BO" McCormick was wearing unauthorized badges and not SF qualified,
nor Scuba qualified. We conducted an investigation, and found this to be
true. [ I think it's important for everyone to know that the SFMC is
originally from Colorado, not Florida, has no affiliation with Bo McCormick
or the riding club he created down Florida.]
As far as his unauthorized badges, He wears a SF Tab and Scuba Badge on his
"colors". SWC G-3 was contacted and there is no record of him having
graduated from Scuba School or SFQC. Additionally he gave us copies of his
DD 214 and his DA 20. There is no annotation of the SQI W7 nor award or
annotation of SQI S. By his own admission, he failed the SFQC 12B, in August
of 1966. His 214 lists him as an E-5 76Y20 and parachutist qualified. His DD
20 has him in a duty position of 76Y4S. He served in it as an unqualified
His replies to the allegations are as follows:
*He lost his records.
*He quit the SFQC because his child had the shits.
*He was awarded the S by Colonel Beck (I guess because he was a good guy?).
*By his own admission, he failed the SFQC 12B, in August of 1966 but stated
"I feel that my experience in 10th Group makes me Special Forces Qualified".
NOT!!!!!!! Ahh, the Holiday Inn Express excuse. New one on me.
He completed the PADI class in Germany, so could just wear the Scuba Badge.
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5 thoughts on “Robert Stanley “BO” McCormick , U.S. Army , Special Forces, POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. I see he enlisted from Beckley, WV. We had a guy in our SF Course from Beckley, WV and he was a POS, too. Maybe it comes from the water there or sitting on the same toilet seat.

  2. Scotty H. says:

    Hey, Easy on the WV cracks SGM ..LOL

  3. Unknown says:

    Having been recently enlightened to the outing of a fraudulent Special Forces Soldier the TRUE Special Forces Motorcycle Club, LLC would like to make the following statement in order to clarify position and to express our gratitude for the efforts of all who do this valuable work.
    The Special Forces Motorcycle Club, a true three patch traditional MC, was founded in Colorado Springs in early 2004 and is not to be confused with the organization created in Florida and associated with the now exposed fraud, Bo McCormick. Although the work Bo McCormick’s “club” has appeared to be legitimate and valuable this disturbing discovery completely fragments any positive outcome to the past efforts of the trusting legitimate Green Berets working beside or associating with McCormick’s organization.
    The SFMC was founded by FULLY vetted active and retired green berets from The Special Forces Regiment. The SFMC, as a traditional three patch MC, is a member of the Colorado Confederation of Clubs, and honors and follows the protocols and traditions of real MC's. All SFMC members are fully vetted before ever being voted in to become a prospect. After an intense prospect period that focuses on education on their new operational environment, the prospect must be voted in to become a full patch member. The SFMC, is a highly disciplined, highly educated MC that contributes greatly to the MC community and holds a brotherhood stronger than any ODA its members were ever on. The “Quiet Professionals” of the real SFMC, are respected by their fellow clubs for our actions, discipline and dedication to the entire biker community and the SFMC Mission Statement.
    Finally, the revelations surrounding the outing of Bo McCormick are despicable and an embarrassment to the entire community. We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the efforts of all of those involved in the outing of this fraud. It requires many hours of work by many dedicated individuals to get this kind of valuable work done. The damage of “Stolen Valor” runs deep and far reaching and should never be left unchecked. Thank you all. De oppresso liber, SFMC.

  4. […] Scotty sends us his work on Robert Stanley “Bo” McCormick. Green Beret Posers Exposed, Guardians of Valor and Professional Soldiers are supposed to be working on posts abut him, too. But as you can see in the picture above, he’s claiming to be a Special Forces-qualified veteran by wearing the full 10th SF Group (Germany) flash on his beret and by the Special Forces Qualification Tab on his vest. He’s also wearing a Diver Badge and jump wings. Well, some of that is true; […]

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