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04/28/2014 by militaryphonies

This Marine has been there and done that. He gave a lot in defense of our Country. Why he felt the need to lie does not make any sense at all. One of the most heartbreaking exposures I’ve seen and done.; ; ;

No Silver Star, No Navy Cross, Two Purple Hearts instead of three.

One deployment to Vietnam 6 months total. Wounded in action twice. 2nd WIA cost him amputation of both legs plus all fingers from his right hand. Plus the index finger from his left hand.  

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  1. Sorry to read this. He gave a lot. I was a Rifle Platoon Commander with 2/3 at same time.I had men suffer similar injuries. I can only imagine how hard it would be. That said, others suffered as much or even more and didn't need to embellish their records. Unfortunately I have encountered more than a few who want to change the past. I can't be done. It isn't fair to the rest of us. I was severely wounded as well. Fortunately my wounds were not as debilitating or as obvious. They are apparent though and sometimes it is tiring to explain to well meaning people what happened. It would be easy to try and justify the sacrifice by making it more heroic but t only cheapens it. Temper fi've accomplished a lot. Don't ruin it.

  2. alex davis says:

    This guy has been shopping in my store for years. I have always been on edge around him and doubted his word. One day he said he worked for a Grand Prix race team, it just so happened the Grand Prix races were coming to St. Pete. I went and I approached the team and the pit crew and asked if Doc (what he goes by) was there. They looked at me quite baffled and said there was nobody by that name who works with the team. I told them the same story he gave us they laughed and said “Well sounds like he is full of shit, I assure you nobody like that would work for us”. He is a pathological liar and if you see him make sure you let him know that. What he is doing is ILLEGAL and needs to held accountable for his actions. I will sure be exploring ALL legal actions to make him answer. A bit harsh you ask? Yes, but the only way to stop this kind of behavior is to make examples out of people and maybe, just maybe, will people stop.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is so sad. Last week we were in the emergency department with a family member, and we witness this guy belittling and berating one of the nursing supervisors. He made fun of not only her intelligence, her position, her weight, but the fact that she was also a woman! He kept threatening to kill her if she didn’t give him a private room. Furthermore he went on to threaten the nursing staff and additional patients if he wasn’t granted a private room. I give the nursing supervisor credit. She kept her cool and attempted to reason with him. About 45 minutes after he left the ER to go upstairs, he was back in the waiting room screaming and yelling again demanding that he needs an ICU bed for a tooth infection. Stolen Valor is not cool! It is really sad that somebody like that represents the Armed Forces.

  4. Jack James says:

    Ran into him in barber shop in Safety Harbor, FL. His wounds are extremely severe and tragic so he gained my immediate sympathy. He was wearing a USMC hat with captain bars, and a pin of the Navy Cross and Silver Star. However I suspected right away something was wrong as he stated he was a USNA grad, class of 63. I asked him if he knew Roger Staubach. He gave one of those pauses then said he was a couple years before my time – wrong. OK. I chatted him up outside and he was with John McCain last week and was headed to DC where he had been appointed deputy under Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Well I knew he was off and full of it.

    This is a very sad story. His hat could have had a BSM-V, PH, and Sgt. stripes on it- just as distinguished and worthy of respect. I don’t get it but my gut tells me money has something to do with it.

  5. Chuck smith says:

    Met him in a gas station in Statesville, N.C. I told me that he had met Chesty Puller. I suspected something. I guess it turns out I was right. But he is a double amputee and he does have two Purple Hearts. That’s good enough for me. Why does he have to embellish his service is beyond me.

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