Joseph Haddad, US Marine Retired General , POSER , Blog of Shame.


03/30/2014 by militaryphonies

Joseph Haddad, Joseph E. Haddad, AKA Joe Haddad has claimed to be a Colonel then a General in the USMCR. Shall we try actually an E-4 when discharged. No USNA record to support his supposed attendance there.

Joe claimed to be a retired USMC Colonel who had attended the USNA. He claims he graduated in 1967.  There is no Naval Academy record of his graduation and there is also no transcript at all with his name on it. He wears a doorknocker from the class of ’67.  He assigned to the Marine Barracks at Annapolis.

He claimed to have fought in Vietnam (1967-1974) – at Khe 

Sahn, etc; then went to MAC-V SOG; was part of 1/9; Marine

 Recon and a Sniper; supposedly a Major checking the 

perimeter at the Barracks in Beirut when it was bombed 

(October 23, 1983), participated in Grenada (25 October- 

15 December 1983) and Panama (20 December 1989 – 31 

January 1990).

General Joseph Haddad, USMCR, Ret – NOT!!! ;

Discharged as an E-3 AmTrac Crewmen

This ain’t Hell Blog ;

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  1. Mary Frances Kornak says:

    how can I really believe this?


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