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FAKE Vietnam Vet Claims Timothy Northstar to be a Navy Seal Video ; 


DOB: 510507
START: 690328
DOR: 690620
PEB: 690328
PMOS: SA 2500
STOP: 701218
TAFMS: 015

A Request for his FOIA has been submitted







Claims: POW, SEAL, Annapolis Naval Academy grad

06/2000 – Claims to be a Tlingit (Alaskan) Native American who’s the “most decorated Native American in the country” and  who is the “only Navey Seal authorized to still wear his Navy Whites  at public ceremonies.” HE claims to be one of the last POW’s to leave  Viet Nam. That, he was the one shown being removed from the tail area  of the airplane (C17?) on a gurney… (Life magazine.) Says he was  the guy who scratch the piano keys into the floor of his cell and that  this is what he used to “keep himself sane.” Many mroe stories like  that… all under the portence of being a decorated Seal. 

About 3 years ago a Indian claiming to be a Lieutenant in the Navy Seals was around. He said he was captured and rather than give up the location of his men the Viet Cong ripped out his finger and toe nails. That is why he walks the way he walks. His last name is  North Star. He said they named a Blvd. after him at juneau Alaska. I had just purchased a book about that time called “Stolen Valor” and became interested in so called wannabees. I served south of Saigon out of a base called “Nha Be” which was decommissioned or turned over to the South Vietnamese in 1972. I asked him “North Styar” and “Raymond Aucker” if they served around there but could never get a answer. They seem to be waiting for my question or answer. The usual response was still classified or I don’t want to talk about it. Have to go. will keep in touch. Paul

Claiming to be a Vietnam veteran who claimed to be a Navy SEAL team leader in Vietnam and was a POW for 4 yrs and 3 days.   As a POW the enemy pulled off all his finger nails and toe nails (his fingernails are all missing, I never saw him without shoes on so I can’t vouch for his toenails being gone).  He also claims that the enemy plucked several of his teeth out and showed me several gold crowns in his upper and lower jaws.  Claims he has cancer from Agent Orange and that he receives treatment at the VA and does not have to wait in line because of his Navy SEAL Lt. rank.   He claims to be a Native American holy man (medicine man) from the Linlit (spelling??) tribe of Alaska.  I was asked if this man could stay at a home I have for disabled people and I said no problem.  He was to stay for a couple of days because he was worn out from his cancer and needed a couple days rest.  He stayed for approx 2 1/2 weeks during which time he captured my interest with the medicine man routine and my respect and gratitude for fighting and suffering in a war, (thank you from depth of my soul to all the men and women who have put their lives on the line for this country and its people, I honor each and every one of you whether you are still hear with us or watching over from heaven.  Thank you)  So I let him stay and told him he was welcome for as long as he needed a place.   Then some things didn’t add up and I decided to surf the internet for info on Navy SEAL team leaders.  What I found was this website and the phony list.  I was shocked to say the least.  So just to make sure I called a phone number provided and spoke to a gentleman at the Dept of Defense POW/MIA Dept. and was told that Timothy Star or Timothy North Star was never a POW.  I went straight home and confronted my war hero (who by the way claims he escaped from the prison camp) and said “Hey North Star I spoke with a man today from the Department of Defense and they want you to call them right away.  Apparently you escaped from a POW camp that they are completely unaware of and now that you have surfaced they want to see you so that they can get your comrades out of there right away.  So here is the phone and the number …he stared at me…I told him he had three choices.  call the number in the morning so any prisoners that may still be there are freed or help me understand why you found it necessary to lie to me and con me with your bullsxxt or be gone when I wake up.   He chose to be gone when I woke up.   WARNING to all, this man Timothy Stargoes by the name of North Star and claims to be a Holly Man (medicine man) he got me for $200.00 and almost another $750.00 that he promised to pay back after he returned from Red Lake after he and the other medicine men were done burning the dead children from the shooting that took place there a few weeks ago.  He returned the clothes and misc things I had given to him and left with a Smith and Wesson hunting knife and a one way bus voucher to South Dakota (I canceled the bus ticket).  The last word is that he called a friend of mine on 4-16-05 from 605-584-4672.  Don’t let this man con you and get your money or possessions and if anyone sees him….let him know that you know he is a FAKE!  the Piece of S#%T!

 Timothy North Star Monday 4/18 and 4/19 in Rapid City, SD at an AA club. He told us all the same story someone reported to you on 4/16/05, with an addition of being the pipe organ pianist for Rev. Billy Graham at one time and the organist for St. James Episcopal Church on Wilshire Blvd. LA….A Navy Seal as he claims and a POW and being decorated with purple hearts, bronze cluster and a Navy Cross in 1972 by Pres. Nixon He claims to be a medicine man from Juno Alaska of the Klingit tribe.
08/2006 –  This is to update your entry on Timothy North Star. He is living in southern California and he is still claiming to be a former Navy SEAL and Vietnam POW.

Timothy North Star is living in the greater Los Angeles area. You see him occasionally at local pow-wow’s and claims to be undergoing cancer treatment in Santa Monica.  Besides still claiming to be a former Navy sea officer, a Vietnam POW, and Navy Cross winner, he arrived in LA with many original sacred items from S. Dakota. These I saw myself and they were originals not fakes, and we were wondering who in their right mind would allow Tim North Starto carry some other family’s medician like that.
No Lakota that I know of would every allow a non Lakota to bear such items.  So we think they might have been stolen or taken by other means and sold here in LA.  If anyone who reads this has knowledge of what was taken then you should use this info to help in maybe tracking it down and returning to the proper family.

He claims to be a Native American Indian from the Klingit tribe in Juneau Alaska (he even demonstrated some of his own dialect for me).  Same stories as from the others here.  only additional information was that he has a wife (Nancy?), a boy, and a set of twin girls.  he also claims to have adopted a boy from his sister (?) who had died in a car accident or something.   He came to our church and claimed to have been in the area to speak at a conference.    He did have a pack of old pictures showing him in white naval attire with lots of medals on his chest.  Dark hair, 5′ 11″
It’s a very sad day for all of us here who listened to him give the most beautiful speech and defend the rights to maintain the prayer site for the medicine men for the Indian Nations here on the west coast (they are likely to lose this site). He had several of us crying with the most beautiful speech about memorializing not only the dead, but those currently in Iraq and how he really wanted our soldiers to come home.
No man by the name of Timothy North Star was ever with any one of us, the authentic 661 surviving POWs of the Vietnam War.  Nor is he known by the Department of Defense in this regard.  For the Defense Department official listing of all 3,797 MIAs (to
You can confirm this information with the Department of Defense: Mr. Greer, Public Affairs Officer, can be reached at 703-699-1169.  Call during normal Washington, DC working hours. 
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2 thoughts on “Timothy D. Morgan aka Timothy Northstar, US Navy SEAL, Vietnam ,POW, POSER, Blog of Shame

  1. George J. Bennett Sr says:

    What a jerk, mis-representing him self. Not sure if he is Tlingit, but judging by his last name Morgan, he could be from Juneau, Alaska, I grew up in a small Tlingit community of Hoonah, Alaska. I hate wannebes, sometimes when these guys are in places like Los Angeles, they think they can get away with stuff like this, and the Tlingit society has not had Shamens for over 50 years or better, and they don’t go public and bost about them selves. I served in Vietnam 67-68 with the 25th Infantry Division.

  2. Ka Leo says:

    I just ran into this man, Tim Northstar on Venice Beach, California on Sunday, August 6, 2017. He now claims to be a shaman of the Washington State Muckleshoot Tribe. Being a Washington State native myself and have had recent contacts with the Muckleshoot Honor Guards that attended my friend’s military burial service, I felt compassion for Tim when he told me that he was stuck in Southern California and was trying to make his way back home to his family in the Northwest. His hard luck story with his teary eyes made me sad, so I told him that I am a follower of the Lord, Jesus Christ and I’ll trust him as a Northwest Native brother to use due diligence and to take care, as I gave him $30 to help him out with no strings attached. He even asked me to keep him in my daily prayers, which I said I would do. He definitely had his well versed story down and with tears on command, I have to give him that! Oh well, if nothing else…I just bought this man a drink for his acting abilities. I figured I’d look him up when I got home if his military background and tribal role was true, and here he is a fraud. I’d sure wish he’d stop his perpetual lying though, it really gives a bad name to our Native brothers and to all those who honorably served for our great country…

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