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03/19/2014 by militaryphonies

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Created by Phill Bishop on March 4, 2014

Hello, the 37 year old  Disabled Marine Veteran we are trying to assist is the father of three great young children living in a home that is mold infested and its effecting there health. He is a 100% disabled Marine veteran with multiple medical issues who always offers to help anyone in need, if you need an ear to listen, advice or even money he has always been there, now its time to give back to him. He had both his lower legs destroyed and has had many surgeries in an effort to get him walking again. He also fractured 9 discs in his spine combined from 2 different injuries. He suffers from an active chemical burn in his tissue that causes his skin to blister and come off in strips every time he gets wet by any means and on top of all this he has suffered several severe head injuries and has severe memory issues as well as the loss of vision in his left eye. These are just a few of the issues he and his family deal with everyday, so if you can spare it, we would be most grateful for any size donation. His family needs a real miracle to fix major issues on his home that had to be put off because he was not receiving any payments from the VA or any other disability agent for several years due to the long lead time it takes to begin receiving your benefits. He has recently started getting his disability payments from the VA but years of struggling to get by has left many home issues uncared for making it difficult to get back on track. For years they relied on food pantries and the help from neighbors to survive. They are just barely getting by and are trying to get caught up on critical home and there primary vehicle repairs as well as what they owe to creditors, friends and family members. His wife has done as much as she can with part time jobs since she needs to be home to take care of him and their children. There home is not suitable for him to even get around or even into and he is in need of hand rails so that he can get into his home with out having to climb the stairs on his hands and knees. There home has major mold issues as well as rodent urine and droppings in the attic and is causing major health problems for all of them. Their roof is in need of desperate repairs since it is leaking in several places. Every one of the windows are over 30 years old and have cardboard covering many of the panes that have broken or cracked. They also have a hole that is exposed to the outside due to rotting on there home that is about 20 feet long and 2 feet wide caused primarily by there large two story deck colapsing last year not to mention many other issues that need help, several of the ceilings have fallen down due to leaking pipes and they really just cant continue to live this way and his payments from the VA barely keep heat, hotwater and meals on the table, there is never anything left from his wages to make repairs or to even provide proper clothing for his children, it is not right, it shows the sad state of care for those who served there country with pride and honor. Please, if there is anything you can spare we would appreciate it any amount would be great. Thank you.
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No Purple Heart Listed. No Ribbons or Medals giving him credit for being in Operation Desert Storm or the GWOT. 3531 Motor T operator was his one and only MOS. Served for 4 years active duty. NO COMBAT !

He would not be subject to Active Duty Recall if he had been Medically Discharged

3/7 Marines was his perm. unit. Stationed in 29 Palms Calif. 

8 thoughts on “Phillip R. Bishop , Retired, Combat Wounded, Operation Desert Storm, POSER , Blog of Shame

  1. Since this guy used a false persona to get monetary gains while lying about ribbons/medals he committed a felony. The US Attorney in his district should be notified. Also he said he is 100% married with 3 children and gets $1500 a month, which is bullshit. I am 100% married my children are over 18 so not included and after my life insurance is deducted each month I get $3237.20. So with 3 children he should get several hundred more than me . As far as vocational rehabilitation for himself and at 100% wife and children get chapter 35, tax exemption in most states for property and school tax, military I'd for himself wife and children due to 100%, free car registration, free hunting and fishing license, ect… When awarded 100% all the ligature outlining what to do is given as well as the veterans rep National Service Officer from their chosen Veterans organization with P.O.A. does this for you. Everything he said without the paperwork set off red flags for him being a poser.

  2. Dan says:

    I reported him to GoFundMe last night – she asked for info so I shared the DD214. Also many others from You Know You're a Jarhead group from Facebook reported him. The page is removed !

  3. David Bry says:

    Desert Storm vet myself. Not to make light of this poser, but his grammar and spelling is god awful! Makes me embarrassed that he was in the US Armed Forces.

  4. The turd's already pulled down his Facebook page.

  5. Dan says:

    Yeah I noticed!

  6. Dan says:

    I also contacted the local authorities and provided as much info as I could. Pathetic.

  7. Scotty how can I contact you? I have a phony in my home town who I actually went to boot camp with. He never even made it out of MOS school but proclaims he was an intelligence analyst and helped SF.

  8. Scotty H. says:

    Send me your e-mail addy in a comment. I'll make sure it isn't published & contact you then.

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