Blaine Lechko, US Marine Combat Wounded POSER , Blog of Shame


03/02/2014 by militaryphonies

 Overseas service ribbon (1yr), GCM, PH, MSM, NAM

A Private wearing an NCO belt buckle, And the blood stripe on his trousers . 

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The NDSM & the pizza box rifle marksmanship badge are his only awards & ribbons 

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6 thoughts on “Blaine Lechko, US Marine Combat Wounded POSER , Blog of Shame

  1. Bear says:

    Liars always get exposed for what they are.

  2. Why must these POS try to be something that they are not? I worked hard for everything I got and this shit bird does whatever he wants. I would love to rip off his head and shit down his neck.

  3. Maitiú R says:

    That's a guy?

  4. FNU LNU says:

    I'm not convinced

  5. Throat punch has been authorized. Don't run you useless posers piles of stinking camel shit.. you will only be exposed tired and out of freaking breath.

  6. Guiliani8767 says:

    Why are you not convinced ? Ribbons are FUBAR, He has no rank on his uniform so I have to assume he is Private (E-1) and yet he has a Staff belt with a Blood Stripe. NO respectable Marine would think of wearing a uniform like that. Hell you couldn't get that collar together with a frickin' come along.

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