Peter A Lawler , aka Pedro Lawler, aka Pedro Antonio ,aka Pedro Miranda, US Marine Combat Wounded Beirut POSER, Blog of Shame


02/02/2014 by militaryphonies

Updated 03/04/2018; Pedro “Peter” Lawler; Beirut liar sentenced




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NPRC has no record of him ever serving in the Marine Corps.


12 thoughts on “Peter A Lawler , aka Pedro Lawler, aka Pedro Antonio ,aka Pedro Miranda, US Marine Combat Wounded Beirut POSER, Blog of Shame

  1. alucard says:

    Scotty- He seems to have at least two more Twitter accounts- here: and here:

  2. This asshat has a ton of aliases. I placed his asshatery on my Facebook page along with a link to here. He pulled all three within an hour.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can anyone help me. This man has done unspeakable things. I need to know if he has or knows anyone from santa ana california

      • Michaela says:

        I have had contact with him. Feel free to contact me.

  3. “two.two clicks from blast”

    And it blew one of his boots off? Sounds legit…

    That boot camp photo does look a lot like him.

  4. Seems to be suffering from some sort of personality conflict disorder, as they all are. I wonder where it starts, and why.

  5. Currently involved with the following Facebook Groups concerning Fibromyalgia. He runs his own secret pain group. He requires all members to be his friend and mostly they are women with children. I can't say if there is a sinister intent behind this but I feel I have a duty to report these activities and you can make your own judgements as to if he has motives or not.

  6. It with shame and deep regret I come here to apologize to the families of those who served, fought. And to the real hero's who died in Beruit in 1983. I do not come here to seek absolution or forgiveness. For what I've done there can be none.
    In October of 1983, I was in Okinawa Japan. In In 1982 I was at Camp Lejeune. I did volunteere to go to Beruit, but I wasn't accepted. I told this lie for 30 years, oblivious to who it hurt, unknowing it reached so many. These men and women served with pride, honor and dignity. I did not. There is no way in1000 lifetimes I can balance the scales of karma on this one. I told this lie so many times, I almost, believed it myself.
    I received an OTH discharge in 1985. In 1987, the Naval Discharge Review Board raised it to under honorable conditions. I receive only standard VA benefits. I never received monetary benefits from this lie.
    As for my criminal records, my cases closed in 2012,. My felonies in 2009, my misdemeanor in 2012. I'm no longer on probation and parole. The sexual assault showing is the actual charge. Not what I was convicted of.
    As for my support group, It is for people with Fibromyalgia. Everyone on it is over 21. Everyone on it knows I have a past.
    There are no funds generated from this group.
    I realize words have no meaning. But I could not in good conscious carry this lie any further…The people who served with pride, honor and divinity, deserved better. So does my family. It is my hope my actions today, start the healing process and bring closer. I hope such will be the case,
    With Respect,
    Pedro A. Lawler
    Peter A. Lawler

  7. I have attempted to post this numerous times but will try again, it's already up on Peter Lawler revisited from April 2014, I will try to repost here.
    It is with the great remorse and heartfelt sorrow, that I apologize to first those that served in Beruit, their families and lost lives on that terrible day. Words cannot begin to make up for the damage I have caused to those forced to relive this terrible tragedy due to my lies and calusness.
    Words don't mean shit. I do not come here seeking absolution or forgiveness. I only want to come clean in my own words so that some sort of healing can begin.
    I was never in Beruit. In 1982, I was at Camp Lejeune.then in Okinawa. I received an OTH discharge in July 1985. In 1987, the Naval Discharge and review board raised discharge t o under honorable conditions. I receive minimal VA benefits and never received benefits for this lie.
    As for my criminal record, My felonies discharged in 2009, My misdemeanor discharged in 2012. My cases are closed. My rights have been restored. My assault case is a misdemeanor and closed as well. I'm not on any form of probation or parole.
    As for my group, It is a fibromyalgia support group. Its members know of my past. No funds are raised and it's members are well over 21. Words don't mean shit. I'm not trying to gain acceptance only face my past and move on instead of hide from it. My apology is to all those who served with pride, dignity and honor.
    With Respect,
    Peter Lawler

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