Phillip Koval US Marine POSER Blog of Shame ( Deceased )


01/03/2014 by militaryphonies

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I would think that an E-8 Marine would know how to spell Sergeant
Doug Collett cleared him. Nothing like one poser vetting another poser
He never served AT ALL !
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2 thoughts on “Phillip Koval US Marine POSER Blog of Shame ( Deceased )

  1. Jay Brown says:

    Ah Jesus, he lived about 1 hour away from me of all things. Scotty, you must have sitting on this one for awhile? RMRSF or whatever Doug called it has not been around for quite some time and Doug vanishing. Not all too surprising we can't trust who this piece of shit attempts to vet out lol.

  2. Absolutely NO MENTION of ANY military service in his obituary, either… Fraudulent shame!

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