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12/25/2013 by militaryphonies

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Her story is that she was born in Italy but recorded in South Africa, traveled with military family for years.  There are a few stories about changing her birthdate, including identity theft and the fact that she was in intelligence in the Army/Marines and a fugitive recovery agent (carries generic badge).  Always says her records are sealed and that it is illegal for anyone to view or transmit.  She states she has $6 MM in South Africa, homes in Mexico, South Africa, Arizona and has lived in Nantucket between her good friends, Jay Leno and David Letterman.  Says she is close personal friends with Larry Page, founder of Google.  She was a stunt rider for Buell (could be true), is a 6 or 7 degree black belt (she judged at the Karate Worlds in Vegas last year along side a legendary martial artist, so 6th or 7th, not sure, but she is a black belt).  She states she has spinal cancer.

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Forged DD-214
We have the actual dd-214 & name of the War Fighter that she used to alter this forgery  

US Army Separation document 
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13 thoughts on “Chalice Renee Zeitner (birth name) – AKA Al Zeitner (common use) US Marine Gunnery Sergeant POSER Blog of Shame

  1. AFR says:

    Department of Army Memorandum is not releasable under the Freedom of Information Act for personnel. Forged and proposed personal signature on a replicated Armed Services DD214. Private photographs have not been permitted in writing for third party uses. Distributing photocopies of valid US Social Security card with number and individual's signature is a criminal offense.

  2. J Schmidt says:

    I grew up with Chalice in Miles City, MT. We were friends until she quit high school. I still know her family there. She has NEVER had cancer. She has NEVER had a job, has never worked as a stunt driver and certainly does not know karate or kickboxing or whatever her most recent story may be. She has had two children and lost custody of them to their fathers because she is mentally unstable. She only makes money from scamming others and hopefully she will get arrested so she can get the help she needs.

    • pissed off says:

      She has a little girl with her now! Oh my is the police looking for this child? I’m going to the police asap. Al (chalice is in appling ga) her daughter is wearing grown woman clothing not right for winter weather. I thought it was strange

  3. MsUnknown says:

    That mug shot is not her… I know this person well and it is true that she is lying about her military service. She never made it past basic. Her family however, has quite a military background and one of her brothers died while he was active duty. They are honorable kind hearted people. She has some serious issues grasping realty. Last time I saw her she was claiming she had a service dog for epilepsy. She also claimes to be a model, singer, stunt woman. She was once “in a coma”, “blind”, “had cancer”, and most recently “paralyzed.” Although what she is doing is not okay by any means, she has some mental illness

  4. It is nice to know that people who know Chalice well are willing to share who she really is.The only thing that is somewhat incorrect is that she does get to have a visit with one of her children from mid June to early Aug. Only because there is a Parenting Plan from Jan 2009 still in effect but was unreliable for a few of them and did not show up to get her child. Chalice was NEVER around from mid Feb. 2009 until she began to call after her stay in jail June 2009 in AZ. Than after a few months we wouldn't hear from her always claiming are phone were off or gifts that she claimed she sent were marked return to sender. Chalice is a very unstable and in my opinion suffers from some sort of.multiple personality disorder again I am not a doctor but that's my veiws. I have known Chalice since 2004 she dated and now has a child with my best friend of almost 15 years who I am now married to. I have helped my husband raise Chalice and his child since age 3. 1/2 and is now 8. And you are %100 correct she has never been a kickboxer ect. And the only jobs I have known her to have are a few that she was fired from due to exaggerating the truth of her education background and one that she stole from her boss in AZ which I beloved you can still look up online. My husband and her go to court in May an I pray that everything will come out and that Chalice will get the help she needs if not for her than at least for the one child that she still has a chance with..

  5. The mug shot is not her. But there is one out there. The website it was on was Maricopa County jail and I belive if I remember correctly when I printed it out a while ago for custody court it stated somewhere that after so many days it gets removed. Also yes some of her family are wonderful people however the ones who claim to be honest caring people they know who they are have showen that they can be hurtful and malicious and than still look you in the eyes and tell you that you are a good parent and their child needs both mom and dad and than turn around and report false information to courts CPS billings police and any other person that has the authority to make or take ur child away from the people that have nothing but the best interest for the child. I am going to write my veiws and experience with Chalice and some of the famliy I have had to deal with and the pain they attempted to inflict on my famliy

  6. Vet Tix says:

    Stay Clear of this person … Her Veterans Hope and Armed Forces Racing owes Veteran Tickets Foundation well over $12,000 and it was well above $27,000 (we recovered over $13,000 by filing credit card fraud again her). Because of her actions we were unable to fulfill some of our Hero's Wishes. I had email contact with her (initiated by her) in late Oct 2013 about making right and paying us back… I responded with what she asked, got an out of office response and never heard back. Its now in our legal department hands.

    • pissed off says:

      Shes here in Appling GA, she try to use my company for stolen items she had no intention of paying for. Also she used my employee name to receive those goods. The Richmond country and Columbia country police are after her.Also pasted very large bad checks she was making herself.

      • Misti says:

        Anyone on this page even though some comments were a while back Mainly Appling G.A people Chalice`s mother Melody Zeitner from what we have heard from contacts in G.A Appling and Richmond that when chalice was arrested my step daughter bounced back an 4th to Melody and last heard Melody Zeitner has her. 4 the past 6 months many attempts have been made by myself an my husband 2 locate an have my step daughter brought back to Montana to her father. Melody has block us from any social media under the childs name as well as her own. Left many voicemails an text message an a few months ago a welfare check at a address in Richmond GA Nothing MELODY ZEITNER IS NOT THE LEAGAL GURDIAN AND IS CURRENTLY IN BREECH OF THE PARENTING PLAN IN MONTANA SHE IS 2 B IN HER FATHERS CARE. ANYONE WITH NEWER INFO CAN MESSAGE ON FACEBOOK THANK U.

  7. Wow that is so wrong if the legal department needs any further info on her feel free to give them my email. I am her child's stepmother and she is known for fraud. Also last year she was sending her daughter all kinds of gifts and the return address Vetrens Hope and never included her name on any of the packages. And than sent the Swans truck come to our home and deliver 175.00 with of food and sender was Veterans Hope. She more than likley used funds not belonging to her that is what she is known for. If I may ask are you able to tell me the date when the credit card fraud was filed. She is also wanted in Montana for forged checks to a motel she stayed in while up here trying to get custody of her child. By the way did NOT happen. Thanks

  8. Vet Tix says:

    She started soliciting money from the public via a fake Veterans Hope Gala ( ( in Aug of 2012 that was supposed to happen in Nov 2012 and then it need to be postponed until Feb 2013… We became very suspicious in Dec/Jan when continued requests for information on money owed went ignored. We contacted the GAYLORD NATIONAL about the event and they said they have not been able to make contact with Al, we immediately went down the fraud route with our Credit Cards Companies starting in FEB 2013.

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