Joe Albert Ornelas Jr. US Marine POSER Blog of Shame


10/14/2013 by militaryphonies

A VA ID card that he displays showing that he is Service Connected Disabled.

SSN # is different on the Red Dog Tag that he showed

Of course the Tattoo makes him legit 

Claims 13 Years in the US Marines 

FaceBook Account ;

He has claimed everything from sneaking out at night while attending Boot Camp in San Diego to beat up on members of other branches of service. To guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as a Marine. Claims of having TBI & PTSD, But was never in Combat.Hell he even ran the Boston Marathon & had perfect PFT.s everytime. But can’t spell worth shit. 

5 thoughts on “Joe Albert Ornelas Jr. US Marine POSER Blog of Shame

  1. Seems legit, lol for a poser that cant get his lies to match up with each other, also cant spend 10$ to get a fake dog tags made with the real SSN on it, as well as just an all around shit-bag cunt-nugget.

  2. Think the wack job needs to be investigated before he becomes the next mass shooter

  3. Bret Duff says:

    What a shameless sack of shit!

  4. cricket972 says:

    DD214's aren't classified they just aren't open to the public, BIG difference. Secondly there are two copies one has discharge codes as well as TIS, the other looks exactly the same but has many things left blank and is only used to show that you did indeed serve. What a sad little man.

  5. Alan Leddon says:

    Devil's Advocate: Despite the fact he is clearly a poser on the sneaking out of boot camp lie, PTSD and TBIs don't requires combat. You can get a TBI in the stands of your kid's little league game, and PTSD from the kinds of abusive parents this bozo clearly had.

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