Norm Baker, USMC Embellish-er, Scout Sniper, Combat Wounded Poser


07/07/2013 by militaryphonies

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5 thoughts on “Norm Baker, USMC Embellish-er, Scout Sniper, Combat Wounded Poser

  1. frank dilger says:

    I just looked at my dads Bronze Star / V and I'd like to yank that cap down over his ears so far down that his lips won't tell anymore lies. To think he was in service makes him all the more disgusting . He needs a Military style blanket party and a DI give him an attitude adjument

  2. So why does it appear that he has a bronze star and CAR scratched off his awards paperwork?

  3. Scotty H. says:

    They were added on by the same admin clerk @ the same time. Then a line was drawn through them & a int. attached. Which would mean that he didn't earn them. Nothing at all about the PH though.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why can't these asshats just be happy with what they DID do ?

  5. oldjarhead says:

    what's with these 'marines' from HQ's 8&I? second one I've seen on this blog, that Jonathan Cullifer did a tour there also. Wonder if they know each other? I served in Desert Shield/Storm as well, big deal. 96hr adreniline rush, whooppdee do!!! He's another disgrace to the Corps.

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