Craig R Bowden Marine Embellish-er ( Explanation & apology given )


04/01/2013 by militaryphonies

 Two Purple Hearts and a Navy and Marine 
>Corps Commendation and Achievement Medal with Valor devices. This 
>guy rates none of them

7 thoughts on “Craig R Bowden Marine Embellish-er ( Explanation & apology given )

  1. Christian says:

    It almost doesn't make sense to me. He was a grunt, and makes these claims….Jeez. Sometimes it's not a surprise to see some ignorant people claiming bs. But to see a grunt do it, that actually did serve….what a shame.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is the Marine pictured in the above mentioned article.

    I do believe an explanation is needed on this for sure.

    First, I never intended for any photos from this to get out. I was doing a project for a neighbor kid's art class (some video thing he was doing a short film for). I was “promoted” to Sergeant, and was playing the part of a combat wounded Marine for the video. My legs were green screened out and I rode around in a wheel chair for the thing at a burial site for a “fallen brother.”

    The kid knew I needed to wear a purple heart and wanted to throw some more ribbons on the blues for dramatic effect, as well as modify an old set of blues I had with Sgt chevrons. The bravos picture was for the before my final deployment shot.

    It was my mistake to place the pictures on my profile, I was just naive.

    I never thought about a stolen valor situation.

    The DD214 is accurate for my active service, the only modification, and I would have to do the 215, is the Reserve medal for going into the drilling reserves. I am terribly sorry if this ended up reflecting badly, it was not the intent.

    When one of my buddies from the Corps notified me on Facebook asking questions, I took what I thought were all the pictures down. I recently found out I missed one.

    I would never claim something I did not earn, because I lost Marines in Iraq. They are the true heroes and many of them went unnoticed of medals they should have earned. I really should have thought about posting the pictures before I did.

    Also, I would request that the wedding photo be taken down. That is my ex wife from three years ago. If you could find it in your ability to remove the entire post it would be much appreciated.

    I will state for the record that all I have earned is the Combat Action Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Medal, GWOT E, GWOT S, Iraqi Campaign, Two sea service ribbons, and Reserve Medal (but need to submit for my 215). Definitely no purple heart. The only major injuries I got in the Corps was a knee injury in a training accident in Morocco with 4th LAR in 2009.

    Just trying to clear this up. I have actually been writing congress to go back to prosecuting stolen valor, as it does not embody the character of the Armed Forces, especially the Marine Corps.

    Craig Bowden

  3. Scotty H. says:

    Thank you very much for the explanation & apology L/CPL Bowden . I will screen save this & post it in your BoS . I'll also reword the title to this blog to show that you have explained what happened. It's makes sense to us now . But you can also understand what we were seeing with your photo's. You are an Honorable Marine & I thank you & Salute you for your service..

  4. Anonymous says:

    I do understand where you are coming from. And again, I do apologize for any misunderstanding. There was never any intent for stolen valor. I most definitely should have thought things through a little better when I agreed to help the neighbor.

    One thing I have been asking my congressman to do is reinstate the Stolen Valor Law, because I do not like when people parade around pretending to be something they are not.

    Craig Bowden

  5. Anonymous says:

    Likely story, im sorry i still think your lying

  6. oldjarhead says:

    on the fence with this. But, if true, then hell, give the man kudo's where kudo's are do!!! if not, well, may he rot in hell….

  7. Jeff says:

    I’m not buying this story. It wouldn’t be too difficult to show a screensave of the movie showing no legs or anything from the filming. Also, there are two photo’s in two different uniforms with awards. Pretty creative explanation though.

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