Doug Collett Domestic Terrorist/ Marine Embellish-er Blog of Shame


03/02/2013 by militaryphonies

Doug’s DVD & CD e-bay boot legging scam 

Claims Doug was injured in a training incident. Also claims of seeing Marines killed handling un-exploded ordnance. Claims PTSD
Troll account for Doug Collett One of his F/B accounts Another one of his F/B accounts 

Scam account of Doug’s..Claims non profit. Not listed. 

Doug Collett tells all how he operates 

Doug Collett tells all how he operates 

Doug Collett tells all how he operates 

Doug Collett tells all how he operates 

Doug disrespecting Veterans. 

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Another Veteran disrespected by Doug CollettChris Sanders

U.S. Army 1989- 1995 Active duty
N.G. 1996-1997
U.S. Army 1998-2000 Active duty

Another Veteran disrespected by Doug CollettKevin Scott

I served 1977-1985. Served in Grenada an Beirut .Combat Vet Also have a NUC. along with all the other fruit salad you get from a sucsseful 8 year ride
Doug’s profile info. Claims Marine Engineering 1992 to 2000

Doug being disrespectful & bulling a disabled Army VeteranFred Campbell

I first went in on 1991 NG, I transferred to active in 93, had a break in service went back in 1997, had another break of service went back in 15 May2001, stayed in till 2009.

Doug’s feedback from his e-bay boot legging

Three facebook pages that Doug runs.. He claims the Media 4 Marines is a non profit business 

Another Veteran that Doug has disrespected .Bruce Tibbetts

1982-1985 U.S.Marine Corps Rifle team MCDEC MTW Quantico Va..85-1986 Delta Battery 2/12 3rd Mar Div…1986-1986 ( 9 months) MCB Camp Lejune.. 1986-1989 2nd FSSG Force Troops

Felony charge for theft. Not surprising ! 
Ebay Scam

4 thoughts on “Doug Collett Domestic Terrorist/ Marine Embellish-er Blog of Shame

  1. Anonymous says:

    I freaking new it!!! Now he has the thrills running down his leg for Scott….

  2. Anonymous says:

    From all the things out there on the internet, it's obvious why Doug is mad, because you aren't letting him have his way. Well I hope he reads this, so he will know, the shit storm is coming for him….

  3. Kevin Scott says:

    I can say from experince Doug Collett that what this blog said about him is true . He claims to be a Marine but has disrespected myself and many of my veteran brothers for nothing more than telling him he was going about outting posers the wrong way. He has personally attacked my family with him hateful posts . The guy has a bad mental problem and needs to seek help.

  4. Adam says:

    He's fat and unhappy. Poor guy 🙁

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