William F. Thiery, Marine Embellish-er Blog of Shame


01/18/2013 by militaryphonies

Claims : Retired Sgt with Recon being combat wounded in Desert Storm.
Actual : He was a Motor T Vehicle operator for 2 years & 5 months assigned to a comm. Balt.. He was NOT Combat Wounded & was discharged a Private First Class.    



awards_claimed: Years of PTSD Group Therapy claiming medical retirement due to disabilities resulting from combat engagement. The two Purple Hearts started about 4 years ago when a returning soldier who actually earned one joined the group. Also claimed witnessing the death of a “friend” (Cpl. James Lumpkins) who was actually 30 kilos away when he was hit by FRIENDLY fire.


Claiming 1st Recon
Claiming Combat Wounded 

31 thoughts on “William F. Thiery, Marine Embellish-er Blog of Shame

  1. Anonymous says:

    Something that he can't embellish, his professional fight record:

  2. Scotty H. says:

    Two fights, Two Losses. One for 30 seconds & One for 8 seconds. His Fighting career is off to a VERY Rocky start.

  3. Anonymous says:

    what a loser!

  4. Best fighter ever

  5. Sarah Love says:

    “disabled” but a fighter?? collects a check for a “disability” because he was “injured” but is a fucking meathead….yeah riiiiiight

  6. Sarah Love says:

    and I knew this DOUCHE when he lived in Washington claiming he was a state trooper…nope…they never heard of him!

  7. Synthetrix says:

    What a shit bird. I can't believe the nerve of these jackass posers.
    Semper Fi

  8. Jammz says:

    Who’s DD214 did he steal?

    • Will T says:

      They screen post and re write what proper say haha funny stuff you idiot. Scott the one who run this site message for you is I’ll make sure I write the Web service and also have my attorney bust this site off for defermation of character so I know you won’t post anything from me because your site us bs garbage

  9. W Thiery says:

    To funny none of that’s true never said I had two Purple Hearts ect. Sarah Love is on her mouth about crap she knows nothing about. She just pissed cause I wouldnt go out with her while I was married, use she look hideous. My soon to be ex wife had bEen in my Facebook and sending messages ect I have no reason to lie about my service in the Corps. Just a bunch of haters all thiscw as s fine by my soon to be ed ex wife you can post and say what you want but I was there and know what happened and wasn’t 3o clicks for Khafji much much closer than that. But say what you need to post all this bs
    I claim what is true and have np showing my dd214 this sight is a joke.

    • admin@militaryphony.com

      You may send that dd-214 to this e-mail please.

    • Sarah Love says:

      Lol “go out with me”???

      That’s why you had your then wife ask me who was married to have a 3 some with you? I said HELL NO because not only was I very much married but Holly had HERPES which means you do too…oh yeah and she fucked my husband back then, he must have used the condoms because I am HERPE free unlike you…that same now EX husband she ended up moving in with and that’s where she lived when she DIED oh and you were married to someone else when she died in 2012 so stop telling people you are a “widower” when I spoke to you after the two of you split up YOU kept saying how she “didn’t know how to fuck” like I cared about that…never was interested in you meathead…thought you were arrogant with no reason to be…and as far as looks go? Go see a dentist Will your Bucky beaver teeth make you look like a Simpsons character…you are a LOSER…a LIAR…a con man and have your attorney come talk to me…lol @ attorney no laws are broken dip shit everything I’ve said is MY OPINION of you which I can have…but if you want to talk trash mother fucker at least try telling the damn TRUTH…for once in your life…never ever not once came onto you…not when I was married not when I was single…you WISH!

      You’re so damn desperate for attention that you sent me dozens of selfies looking for compliments…yeah right whatever…you fish for them constantly and this bitch right hear never bit…oh and Purple Hearts aren’t given in the form of a RING dumbshit and you posted it was given to you FINALLY from a senator?? In the form of a Ring??? No…that’s not how any of that works…want to discuss attorneys?? If your “wife paid someone to fuck you up” with all these “so called lies” why aren’t you suing her? Oh I know because you can’t because it’s the TRUTH!

      Funny before I went off on you I too got a copy of your DD214 and OMG it is identical to the one that is posted here…you mean to tell me she bribed someone with the records division too? Wow she should be an international spy she’s that good! Pffffffft!

      Poser…loser…LIAR and just a all around creepy guy oh and again the Washington State Patrol never heard of you either and they want you to stop telling people you worked for them!!

      • Will says:

        Your funny if she had herpes why am I free. And fishing for comments lol from you???? You wish. You don’t have a copy of shot I know where I was and what I did. Your a piece of work. I see why he cheated on you. Your hideous and way over weight you think you something special. And a three some lol with your nasty assume. You know you tried when I bounty hunted. Your delusionsite are so far off I don’t need any complements your as sorry as you always been. So keep my name out of urgency mouth hater lol

      • WillThieryISaPOSER says:

        Lmao! When were you a “bounty hunter”? Because flashing a fake badge doesn’t make you one! Oh I’m “way over weight”? That’s why you were “perving on my titties” right? A MARRIED man “adopting his step daughter” pops off with THAT nugget and you think you have good character??

        I DO have a copy of your DD214, you have no clue my lineage dumb fuck! And AGAIN I got suspicious when you posted photos of a RING and tried to call that your Purple Heart…funny I wasn’t the only one to call you out on that and your post and photos disappeared!

        Never came onto you…your dirty bitch had herpes and so do you! She told everyone she had it and gave it to you but you “married her anyway” she was so proud! You’re pathetic…you lie…you cheat…you STEAL and you were nothing more than a PRIVATE in the MOTOR POOL! You served TWO years…that’s it…you were never a state trooper you were never a licensed bounty hunter in the State of Washington…you know how I know you weren’t?? Because BOTH OF MY BROTHERS WERE BOUNTY HUNTERS along with two friends who were considered brothers and they never heard of you and YES I had them check and you WERE NEVER LICENSED IN WASHINGTON STATE!

        You’re the one who is a fucking JOKE…thought your “attorney was going to shut this page down? Gee it hasn’t happened yet…because A…you don’t have an attorney and B…no laws are broken…except by YOU

        You have told many STORIES and none of them add up…I can give two shits anymore about his cheating on me with dirty whores like your dead ex wife fuckhead…I DIVORCED HIM…he’s on wife #5 he’s the common denominator and your dirty ex was screwing him and his wife and I’m sure that makes you hard…the request from her did happen YOU had her call and still had the nerve to ask if I was sure while I was at work…I wouldn’t touch you with someone else’s vagina Will…you’re nauseating and a PHONY!

    • Phil Millard says:

      Even if you didn’t say you had two Purple Hearts, you’re claiming a Navy Marine Corps Medal….you fuc*ing pile of shit…..BTW, guess your “attorney” was pretty powerless to get this site taken down….That happens when the truth gets posted.

      • Me says:

        Wrong again nothing there shows I’m claiming squat other than the word of a hater a once called friend trying to get with my wife and her getting in my FB and putting a bunch of bs up that I never said I felt no need to get the attorney I have or had anything to be ashamed of

      • Phil Millard says:

        All I can say is enjoy your new found infamy as your blog of shame (and your criminal record) gets shared across social media for all to see.

        Enjoy mr PFC Motor (or should I say Trailer) Trash.

  10. Sarah Love says:

    Lol his soon to be ex didn’t message me at ALL! Such a liar…I got suspicious when I saw his “Purple Heart RING” and did some digging on my own and found this sight…never spoke to his 2nd wife…so that’s another LIE the 1st wife said he was a douchebag and couldn’t fight for shit and she was embarrassed he walked around like he was such a badass all the time…she also stated you lied and embellished your so called importance at things…of course that was coming from Holly the HERPE invested WHORE who was fucking MY HUSBAND back in the day and again after she left your sorry ass

    Btw the 2nd wife was a nurse at the same hospital his 1st wife was a patient at and he started banging her while his 1st wife was recovering from a brain aneurism…what a swell guy!

    Contrary to what you think you know about me Will, I was 100% committed to my husband when he was my husband even though he didn’t deserve it…I actually have morals unlike you…as I recall you started fucking Holly when she was still MARRIED to her 1st husband you didn’t care she was married so talk about yourself…for the record Scott this loser was constantly trying to get into mine and everyone else’s pants not the other way around…he’s just a bad liar who got caught!

  11. Sarah Love says:

    And Scott?

    If you would like to see the messenger from FB where I informed Will that Holly was living with my ex husband and to protect S (Hollys daughter she let him adopt, I will not put her name on here) I didn’t want S exposed to my ex husband who has abusive to every child of every woman he’s been involved with since our divorce, CPS was even involved on occasion, so to protect S I messaged Will to let him know where her mother was living. The entire conversation was about the ex, holly and protecting S…so Will you think I’m “hideous”?? Then why the fuck in the above conversation I just describe did YOU out of the blue and totally unprovoked say “I’m just perving on your pictures, you have some big titties, I want to lick them!” ???

    Which I never responded to other than to jokingly say “I call them Ethel and Lucy” it was off putting since that’s not what our conversation was about…it was a gross inappropriate thing for you to say especially since you just got done telling me you were MARRIED and adopting the new wife’s daughter!!!

    Proof you are inappropriate, proof that you embellish and LIE, proof you are just so full of SHIT!

    Scott…if you want to see it I will figure out a way for you to see it and read it from its SOURCE so you will know its validity! I’m hideous and I’m mad you wouldn’t date me Will?? Far far from it, you’re a vile disgusting piece of shit who wasn’t going to let S come to her own mothers funeral then had the nerve to tell everyone you were a WIDOWER how was that possible if you were MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE???

    Makes me wonder if you collected any monies as a result…it sounds exactly like something you would do!

    Let me know Scott if you want to see it!

  12. paul friend says:

    Dude took advantage and statutory raped a 13 year old girl when he was 24 right out of being a “marine” in Englewood, Ohio.

  13. Will says:

    Lol bs your so full.of shit never anything like that ever fucking happened or charge with you people are something else

  14. Mark Lauer says:

    Will, you really need to learn proper spelling and punctuation. Your posts are difficult to follow, and make you sound like you have a low IQ. I’m sure you’d rather that was not the case.
    By the way, young man, how’s that DD-214 coming along? Have you sent it yet?

  15. BUSTED says:

    Not to mention a pill addict who is so addicted to his pain pills he got his “soon to be ex-wife” fired from her extremely nice hospital job, got her addicted, caused her to lose custody of her daughter, and then they were both arrested (he overdosed) for heroin. THEN makes her take the blame for it all!! Not to mention he beat the hell out of Holly and is probably doing it to “soon to be ex-wife”

    • April says:

      This is his wife April. I will let you know that I posted all that stuff on FB cause he wanted a divorce. I thought he was cheating is why o did all this. I was angry so I got a hold of one of his friends to help me get back at him that wasn’t even his FB. I made that page. Second of all he has never laid a finger on me nor did he have me take pills or any drugs. Third, he never said or asked me to take a charge for drugs. Not sure where you got this information cause it sure wasn’t from me. I’ve made huge mistakes and paid for them. In turn he actually took a charge for me even after I did all I did to him. There’s a post up above that he molested my daughter and that’s a straight lie. There is nothing that validates that this accusations were made by my ex husband to get custody of our daughter. I smashed his Harley and a week before the divorce was to be final he stopped his side of it and we talked. He believed in me and didn’t give up on our marriage several times. He never touched Holly and his daughter can a verify that. Holly was the one out of control. He stepped up and got custody and the courts agreed and went through everything before giving custody. You are slamming him for no reason. All of this is my fault. He didn’t have to step up but he did he a good man and you all have said so many lies and the fact of the matter is none of this was true. Also he never had me give up my nursing job that was my doing with my legal issues. All this is complete lies. I have signed a statement to all this and it’s been notarized. Its,a legal document. He never claimed anything in which you have posted. I take full responsibility for all this. I made mistake just as you all have. I’m sorry you have all this misinformation. All this needs to be put to rest and i just found out about all this stuff being posted. You want it from the source then contact me.

      • Busted says:

        Bahahahahahahahahaha so much for being sober….have fun in the Montgomery County jail.

      • Confirmed William F. Thiery using April Thiery’s email to leave this comment ~ Scotty

  16. Me says:

    Wrong again but nice try keep losing and nothing you have stayed is true or factual. Dame as this entire link. You all are really funny. Nothing thats been said is true or factual here so fuck off

  17. BUSTED says:

    Not wrong… but okay.. I’ve seen your police record.. and you got off with the last charge because you went to some bullshit rehab. You only didn’t go back to prison on a parole violation because by the time the local PD filed the charges you were off of parole.

  18. SGL says:

    Oh yes, but make her take ALL the blame! No wonder she’s strung out! Living with a malignant narcissist like you would drive anyone to it!

    You should be ashamed of yourself!

  19. ANDhesSTILLaPOSER says:


    Uh huh “I’m way over weight and I’m “hideous”” right?

    I may not be your cup of tea now (thank GOD for that) doesn’t change you “perving” over my “titties” and I would rather be the above kind of “hideous” than be completely strung out on DRUGS

    April, if you’re ever gonna get better and live, you need to ditch this piece of shit and get yourself admitted to treatment, because girl…you are KILLING yourself! And for what? him? He isn’t worth it, no man is worth it!

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