Mark A. Conroy, Marine Embellish-er, Vietnam Vet. POSER Blog of Shame


11/14/2012 by militaryphonies

8 thoughts on “Mark A. Conroy, Marine Embellish-er, Vietnam Vet. POSER Blog of Shame

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you tell me how you got access to his service records?

  2. Scotty H. says:

    By submitting a request to the NPRC for a copy of his FOIA.

  3. Patrick Metcalf says:

    I served with Mark for many years as an Interrogator/Translator- to include the time he was in Beirut 83-84. When we left Beirut, we went to Marine Barracks Sigonella to allow us time so as to not face another immediate overseas tour. When we went to the E-club at night, we all wore civilian clothes- except Mark. He always wore his full greens with his numerous rows of ribbons, where he would regale the younger crowd with his tales of combat. We never believed him, but he sure had a bunch of the younger folks fooled.
    At one point, I read that he claimed one or two Purple Hearts from his Beirut tour, which I know for a fact was a lie. There were 11 of us who went to Beirut in Oct 83 and returned together in 84, and NONE of us was wounded there.
    He also claims he left the Intel field and returned to the infantry with his TS clearance intact. This is highly doubtful, as I do know his history which would show up on an SSBI, and he supposedly refused to submit for the SSBI, which would be a clearance killer right then and there. After I retired, I adjudicated clearance for the government for several years, and NO ONE who refused to submit for an SSBI was granted a TS clearance.
    After a couple of us disputed his profile on the Together We Served web site, he called me one evening threatening me with a lawsuit and even threatened to kick my ass. He, at 5’9″ and 175, and me at 6′ and 220, of course I was totally in fear of him- chuckle. He also spouted a bunch of untruths regarding my personal background, which I can produce witnesses to the real facts- not Marks vision of things.
    As for his retiring as a Captain of Marines, I retired in 87, when Mark was apparantly still in New Orleans with the 4th Marine Division HQ. He gave me hs BS about his battlefield promotion from GySgt to Captain and how it came about. Well, personally I don’t believe a word of it. I have known a couple of folks who received battlefield promotions, and they went fromenlisted to 2nd Lt, NOT enlisted to Capt. And I REALLY doubt that he would be promoted and made a Company Commander (His words) when there were other officers available to fill the slot- Plt Commanders, S-3 personnel, etc. Just too much of a stretch for me to believe.
    I really think that Mark has been telling his BS for so long that he honestly believes what he is saying. Mark was always a “Story teller” when I knew him, and I don’t see him changing at all.
    I will add, that except for his BS, Mark was always a pretty nice guy. Pleasant to talk to when he wasn’t BSing, and he would always help out a friend.
    This is just my humble opinion of the whole Mark Conroy situation.
    Pat Metcalf
    GySgt USMC (Retired)
    903-599-3085 (If anyone wants to contact me or ask me questions)

  4. I worked with then GySgt Mark Conroy at 4th MarDiv, and he was filling the 0369 MOS due to the fact that he lost his clearance, he was also tossed in to Alcohol Rehab during his time there, I knew this because I worked in the CG’s office and his paperwork came across my admin chiefs desk. It was the CG that had to approve his being sent to rehab due to previous incidents that had taken place with his behavior. Gy Conroy was also partially responsible for the death of a Marine at 4th MarDiv when out on a night of drinking they broke down and he had SSgt Harris walk the highway to get help to assist their disabled vehicle, Harris was hit by a car and killed instantly and Conroy was still sitting in the vehicle when law enforcement arrived. He was never very dependable, and MGySgt Wible whom was our G-2 Chief held Conroy in complete disdain from the previous experience he had encountered with Gy Conroy. He wore a ton of ribbons back then and I am surprised that something wasn’t said at the time, he worked for a Navy Cross awardee Colonel Merlin Sexton whom was our G-3.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you trying to say that GySgt Conroy killed SSgt Harris because Harris was the one to go for help with their disabled vehicle? Were they out drinking together? Were they friends or was Conroy the SSgt’s superior and this errand was an order; how does the chain of command work when out drinking? Where was GySgt Conroy supposed to be if not in the vehicle waiting for help to arrive? Did Conroy manage to acquire another vehicle run down Harris and then manage to return to his original vehicle?

      • mark conroy says:

        when SSgt Harris commited Suicide I was not in NOLA

    • mark conroy says:

      I requested a latmove to 0369, recieved it a took over as div ops chf, a MgySgts billet and held it from 1987=89. I was also the G-3 secondary classified material control officer, how did I do that without a clearance. additionally I recieved an sci/si ts clearance in 1989. when bobby harris committed suicide I was not in NOLA. you make some big claims for someone I never heard of. Oh, by the way, I volunteered for alcohol rehab at the bequest of Col Rufus Bowers. I successfully completed the course at NAS Miramar CA and returned to NOLA. This can all be verified through records. You are a class asshole and have left yourself open to criminal libel chrges


      • Anonymous says:

        Conroy, the question was for Calvin M. Lucado Jr. not you. I am not clear how you could possibly be responsible for an accident.

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