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09/18/2012 by militaryphonies

UPDATE 03/15/2016 ; After countless requests submitted to the National Personal Records Center from ourselves and the folks at This ain’t Hell.US , they were finally able to locate Mr. William Blake’s Military Service Record. He did serve during the Grenada and Beirut crisis, BUT he did not deploy to either location due to assignments to the 1st and 3rd Marine divisions at that time. He never earned ” six ” consecutive Rifle expert badges, having only earned two. He only served from December 29, 1980 to September 30, 1983 and was discharged as a Private (E-1 ). The fact that his enlistment and discharge dates don’t coincide with each other confirms that he was kicked out of the Marines. He did earn the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon with one cluster. He was a 1371 Combat Engineer.

 Although he was on active duty during the early part of Beirut he was never deployed there. He was thrown out of the Marine Corps a month before the Barracks bombing of Oct 23 1983

 He concluded his Marine Corps career by spending his last 15 days in the Brig, which represented his final assignment. He was discharged from the Brig  at Camp Pendleton CA. 





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Claiming 6 years combat engineer,Claiming of serving in Beirut & Grenada  
Sapper claim



Claiming SSGT (E-6)
Claiming 6 expert rifle qualifications
Claiming a 246 & a 247 out of a possible 250 rifle score  



Request info sent to the NPRC 


Results received from the NPRC . No Military records on file 
Second Release from the NPRC still shows that William Roberts Blake never served in the USMC ! 
A VA ID card that he produced after being exposed from the first FOIA release.


2nd report from the NPRC using the same name as it appears on his VA ID card. 

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This Ain’t Hell: http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=32050

12 thoughts on “William ( Bill ) Blake, US Marine . Grenada and Beirut, Blog of Shame

  1. Anonymous says:

    The boy is all talk has yet to prove any of his claims. He for sure was not a Beirut /Grenada Vet I doubt he is half the man he claims to be

  2. Anonymous says:

    Guess Billy boy is not so tough after all seems he dont have the balls to defend him self. Must be from all the steroids. heard there hard on the balls and the brain and billy proves it

  3. Anonymous says:

    dept of vet affairs card just means he may work there, could be a maint man? toilet cleaner? who knows?

  4. If this bottom feeder did any of what he said, his VA card would have “Service Connected” printed on the card beneath his photo.

  5. Steve Pope says:

    No the ID card he is showing is forged or obtained illegally. It is a VA Health ID Card for veterans. I sent the VA Inspector General a complaint as well as Facebook. You do you have to say billy, the picture of you holding an ID card YOU DIDN'T HAVE THE BALLS TO EARN, and I did is proof enough for you to be criminally charged- you idiot

  6. Steve Pope says:

    Here is is really nice response after I sent him a Facebook message telling him I was filing a complaint with the VA OIG for possessing an ID card he is not entitled to, which I did yesterday. “FUCK YOU, SCUMBAG!!! HOW DO U KNOW MY CARD IS FAKE??? LETS HAVE A FACE TO FACE MEETING MOTHERFUCKER!!!! IVE ALREADY BEEN CLEARED BY THE VA…..STUPID FUCK!!!! COME FUCK WITH ME!!!!!”

    • Dave Hardin says:

      Little Billy is another shit stain that got his ass thrown out of the Corps and probably pissed and moaned until he got a VA card. He is a parasite, a shit bird, an embarrassment to anyone that earned an EGA.

      Little Billy Bad Ass is a blowhard punk. I bet his little temper tantrums work on some poor woman he threatens.

      Coward and liar. He can take his little VA card he cried like a little bitch to get and shove it up his ass. Begging for help and attention by making up bullshit about Beirut and Granada.

      Billy, you were never there, that is a fact. You are a low life bottom feeder that pissed all over yourself.

  7. I kind of had a feeling he served because of some of the lingo and photos he had. Of course most POS Posers who really did serve can have a bit of “moral high ground” with their friends because they can (accurately) point out the people calling him out incorrectly stated he never served. That becomes the focus rather than his Beruit Grenada Claims. IIRC this story is 4 years old. He made a lot of fuss and threats on TAH, but has been quiet,
    When someone is accused and really served they rarely provide a DD214 because they were booted like asswipe here.

  8. Hack Stone says:

    So, he was on the Accelerated Enlistment Program. I knew a few dirtbags like that during the early 1980’s. I could never figure it out. They go to the trouble of enlisting in the most disciplined branch of the military, only to continually fuck up until the Marine Corps gets tired of them. Then they spend the next two years hanging out by the main gate, trying to bring other Marines over to the dark side. Years later, they finally come to the realization that they really fucked themselves over, and make up a new persona to get people to accept them. It sucks being you, Billy Boy.

  9. […] In that time since then, we and our partners have gone back to the NPRC four more times and finally Military Phony finds out that that Blake had indeed served in the Marine Corps, but, still, he didn’t serve […]

  10. Mike says:

    Bill currently has post on his facebook he is USMC Retired. 6-16-17 A real maggot.

  11. Mike says:

    Blakes FOIA says William Robert and his VA CARD says William Roberts, what is with the s?

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