Allen Reedy, US Army, Vietnam Veteran Poser Blog of Shame


07/01/2012 by militaryphonies

37 months total active duty, Highest rank held ( CPL. E-4 ) Discharged a Private ( E-1 )
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2 thoughts on “Allen Reedy, US Army, Vietnam Veteran Poser Blog of Shame

  1. Cherie Lynn says:

    THANK YOU SCOTTY AND ALL…For the Hard Work on this Guy…I KNEW IT…LOL, I just KNEW IT in my Gut,…Scumbag LIAR He is!!


  2. Robert Reedy says:

    This guy is a complete dirtball. I know him. He is a con man and liar. Pretending to be a hero is his MO. Not a penny of the donations go to assist any other veterans but himself. He tells people he was a ranger too. AVOID THIS GUY. He is bad news and horrible person. I should know, he's my father.


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