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06/23/2012 by militaryphonies

Never in Vietnam & Never a Prisoner of War !  

Facebook account 


Claiming to have been a Vietnam veteran and Marine sniper. Also claimed to have earned the SS and three PH in Vietnam and he wears a POW medal on his blues.

Randy also recently removed all Marine Corps references from his FB profile. [03/2100 – NOT QUITE]

There are several inconsistencies with his story and uniform pics worth noting. First, his SS citation is missing from the Military Times Hall of Valor/Doug Sterner database. Randy has refused to provide a copy, or even the general order number which would appear on the citation, so I can’t reference it. This is a public document. The top three rows of his ribbon stack are organized into an improper three-two-one pattern; he wears only one service stripe indicating less than 8 years of service yet he wears E-7 rank and the Vietnam campaign package and one Kuwait Liberation Medal and the GWOT. Since he has claimed he was in Vietnam in ’68, his career would have stretched a minimum 33 years. He claims to be a Marine Corps sniper and weapons expert, yet wears a first award expert rifle badge and pistol sharpshooter badge and none of the devices I would expect to see on the uniform of a career sniper or Recon Marine, including jump wings or dive bubble. As I mentioned, he wears the POW Medal, yet appears in no POW registry I can find. He wears the extremely rare Navy Marine Corps Medal, typically awarded for noncombat lifesaving. And through his many private messages bragged excessively about his Marine Corps service

You will note that his three plus year career was spent mainly in California and Hawaii. There were no overseas deployments. He earned only the National Defense Service Medal and one rifle marksmanship badge. He had multiple stints in the brig, was subjected to a court martial and was eventually discharged in 1969 as a private. ….J

03/2011 – ….Evidently Gunny is still laying claim to his exemplary military records even going so far as to say that POWNETWORK has pasted his name on another person’s shoddy service record in an attempt to defame his character. He claims still to have been a Scout Sniper in Vietnam and parachuted into hostile territory.

FaceBook Account ; https://www.facebook.com/randy.german.906

His first marriage. The lady is still alive. 

His second Marriage. The lady died 13 years after Randy claimed that she was KIA.

Both claims are false. He has no son & his ex-wife died 13 years after he claimed that she was KIA. Plus he is using blue stars instead of Gold. 
Impersonating SSGT Tim Chambers  
This Ain’t Hell Blog ; http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=35171

13 thoughts on “Randy German, Vietnam Marine POW poser Blog of Shame

  1. Anonymous says:

    In a word: BULLSHIT! And a group that I belong to is hot on his heals too!

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    This pos poser has also claimed to have been in the Army, in the Navy, and in the Air Force, where he was supposedly a pilot. I have also checked the records for all non-Army personnel that have been through Ft. Benning GA for jump school. No record of him ever attending or having been there. He also has had the audacity to call a female friend of mine, that lost her husband who was a member of the Royal Marines in the UK, a slut and whore, because she is unwed and is pregnant with her deceased husbands unborn son.

    He has also conned monies out of women saying that he is disabled and is not able to work, and has even tried to do the same to several male friends of mine also.

  5. Karen Hall says:

    He drove me nuts with all his crap..lies..and constant messaging, trying to come here to live….i had to block him…and glad I did !!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This pos poser needs to be taken down once and for good. He is harassing female friends of mine again, several of which are Veterans and is calling them whores, sluts and wanna be posers.n Only thing I can figure is, is that he is jealous of those of us that have actually served in the military and he was kicked out of the Marines by a Court Martial. If you check his posted records, he was in Correctional Custody, (aka the Stockade/Brigg), he was Summarily Court Martialed also. Claims to have been in Vietnam, no record of service, claims to have been a POW, no record of such, claims to have lost a hand even, pictures he had on his FB page prove differently. He has also used several different addresses in and around the Dallas/Ft Worth area of Texas. Which he changes on a regular basis on his FB page also.

  7. Guys like this should be ashamed-he's going after a woman named Kathy Lafleur-who just happens to be married-I sent her a message about this guy, warning her off. This guy reminds me of the one whom claimed he was a SEAL, just to get women-that one is serving 5 years in prison now for fraud!

  8. I spoke with Kathy Lafleur at length this morning-here is what she told me this “man” said to her:

    Well he told me he served 29 years as a marine and hes he said he was pow for 9 months i do no one thing hes a drunk he drinks alot and a womanizer everytime i talked to him he was drinking but i want to tyvm for the information maybe we can help other women to see wat a fake he really is !

    He's no Devil Dog-just a whiny-butt dachshund!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    29 years of service and ONE service stripe!?

  10. Anonymous says:

    That first picture looks like Hunter S. Thompson

  11. The 5th medal on the top row, Blue with white stripe, and the second medal, second row, blue with numerous white stripes and “KOREA” bar, are for service in the Korean War between 27 June 1950 to 27 July 1954.

  12. Anonymous says:

    In one picture he's a Staff Sergeant with three hash marks and in another he's a Gunney with one hash mark. What an asshole.

  13. Thunderstixx says:

    Oh for crying out loud…
    Posers, just what we need…
    Oh, he was a POW, in the Brig during the Vietnam war…
    Damn moron…

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