Jason Lawley , a.k.a. David Denny , Navy SEAL Team 3 POSER


06/04/2012 by militaryphonies

MugShot ; http://www.mugshotsonline.com/kansas/kansas-city/jason-baker-lawley/57490211


Twitter Account; https://twitter.com/navysealthree

FaceBook ; http://www.facebook.com/jason.lawley1

 Retired Senior Chief Don Shipley’s Reply

Claiming seven years in the Navy in the eighties 

Two years probation for Tampering in 1982 

Arrested in 1995 for driving while a Habitual Violator
He did almost 4 years in the Kansas Dept. of Corrections
His prison name was Inmate # 63214

Claiming Master Chief , SEAL Team 3 

NPRC has no record of Mr. Lawley ever serving.


Blog ; This Ain’t Hell ; http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=61502

2 thoughts on “Jason Lawley , a.k.a. David Denny , Navy SEAL Team 3 POSER

  1. […] Jason Lawley fellow was busted about three years ago by Scotty at his old place, but, i guess he doesn’t want to stay busted. he claims that he was a SEAL […]

  2. Mark Lauer says:

    His SEAL Call-Sign was “Muffin-Top and Bottom”.

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