Bill Sass, USMC SGT. Vietnam Veteran POSER , Explanation & apology received


06/02/2012 by militaryphonies

Apology letter 

3 thoughts on “Bill Sass, USMC SGT. Vietnam Veteran POSER , Explanation & apology received

  1. murcasiv says:

    I came here from watching an episode of AFT, so I'm a noob and all, but don't these get re-classified under an apology folder or something? I'm pretty sure I saw a couple of posts classified as that.

    I've got to say, the people being outed here stupefy me. If anything, I do the opposite of these people, I was in Army Reserve for 2 years (Combat Engineer) and I downplay it if it ever gets mentioned at all. Heck, I couldn't even remember the MOS, I thought I was 12C and the bridge platoon (I think that's what they were called?) was 12B. If I remember correctly, it was us, the bridge guys, and people we called 'tread heads' training at Ft. Leonard Wood, but I was really just spending my Basic & AIT trying to avoid heat stroke, and this was back in '88 anyway.

    Not apropos of anything I guess, but I like the site, keep up the good work!


  2. Scotty H. says:

    Yes, I need to change the title on this one. Thanks for bringing this to my attention murcasiv..


  3. Jeff says:

    Boy, what a half-assed apology this was. Life long dream was to be a Marine but “Mom made me join the Navy” Oh please…


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