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05/31/2012 by militaryphonies

FaceBook Account ; http://www.facebook.com/ray.hall.54
Claiming combat wounded
Claiming combat wounded, Claiming to be with a team & not a Platoon 
Claiming combat experience 
Claiming Navy Special Weapons (NSW). That job classification does not exist in the US Navy job classifications.  He also claims of participating in Operation Phoenix https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_Program  
Claiming Combat Experience 
Claiming to have been a part of “Operation Phoenix http://www.serendipity.li/cia/operation_phoenix.htm
Claims of doing illegal activity while being an elected official ( town council member ) 
Claims of shooting people
Claims of working with the Navy SEALS 
Claims of being combat wounded in Vietnam
Claims of killing someone 
Claims of owning weapons ( convicted felon ) 


2-1 file, ( Spent 15 months total in the Navy , Three months aboard a ship in dry dock that was being de-commissioned . All service time was spent in the continental United States.   
; http://times-news.com/local/x1224378390/Piedmont-councilman-gets-1-year-for-attempted-extortion
; http://www.newstribune.info/news/x285669649/Ray-Hall-still-on-Piedmont-Council-for-now
This Ain’t Hell blog ;http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=31690

One thought on “Ray William Hall , US Navy,NSW Blog of Shame

  1. I sincerely would love to see this man exposed and if possible legal actions brought. He most certainly is a ???? . I really can’t think of a term to describe someone of his caliber. Everything he touches becomes tainted. He truly should write a book…fiction, because almost every word from his mouth appears to be a lie or else twisted beyond recognition. I believe the only weapon he has ever used was his poison pen. And if he truly does have that cache of weapons , even on the premises even if not his, you are correct in that as a convicted felon he is breaking the law and something needs to be done.He surely enjoys imforming the proper authorities any time HE BELIEVES some one has broken a law.

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