Arthur South , Navy SEAL Poser Blog of Shame.


05/30/2012 by militaryphonies

Arthur South . His first claim was that he was a Navy SEAL for 12 years. When his name was confirmed of not being on the SEAL roster. He was contacted by an Actual Retired Navy SEAL. Arthur then claimed that he never served in the US Military at all & wrote an apology stating so.His information released under the Freedom of Information Act shows that Arthur spent six years in the USNR as a cooks Helper. Now he is claiming that we are dishonoring a honorable Veteran. Lie-ing about being a Navy SEAL & about not serving at all does not constitute a honorable Veteran. This POS. is being exposed for the LIAR that he is.
^^ Name not on the SEAL roster ^^

FOIA Release. Arthur spent 6 years in the USNR as a cooks helper. Discharged E-2 

Assignment page while he was in the USNR

5 thoughts on “Arthur South , Navy SEAL Poser Blog of Shame.

  1. Scotty says:

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  2. Kudos for posting this important information. Great to expose someone caught in a little “white lie”, and then watch the whole fabric unravel around them. I can honestly admit my shirt comings and also failed Dreams. these two “cats” obviously are cut from a similar cloth. One has not life and tried to create one, one could have been a stand up Vietnam Vet, just as he was, based upon what he did…but he chose to cross the line, and now technology advancements make EVERYONE, especially Active and retired Military, “Super sleuths”…able to spread the WORD and deceit across the Globe, and undue in moments, what Dallas took three, no, “Four” decades to build up falsely,… and Arthur South ? He too is not only a creepy looking “Minister” (like in Poltergeist) but a shameful opportunist as well. I am Glad to join the “Band of Bastards”, who are trying to expose these types of personalities.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is this shit bag still breathing? I heard somewere that he has AIDS and dont have long left.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Artie is a filthy liar and a sick perverted pathetic loser who preys on innocent people as he poses as a young girl or a Navy Seal on the internet. I heard FAKE Navy Seal Arthur South was caught molesting kids in a karate school that he set up in a shopping plaza. His karate school is shutdown! Now Artie has a FAKE church DevTek Church and it is a total scam to defraud the IRS and the State of California out of income tax revenue. Arthur W South should be thrown in jail with his disgusting rotten wife and his degenerate son Billy. AIDS is too good for Arthur South. Maybe he'll get a bullet in the head someday from one of the parents of his victims, This slob Arthur South deserves what is waitng for him in the bowels of hell. That's what that scumbag Arthur South wants because he is rotting away from AIDS. Apple Valley knows this scum Arthur W South the Fake Navy Seal and Fake Karate instructor but real child predator.

  5. Robert C Zornes says:

    Wow, quite a lofty career. Discharged as an E-2 after 6 years. Must have been pretty tough duty, being a cook in the US Navy.

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