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John D. Loveridge comes to us from Rochester, NH and Andover, MA.  At the time of this writing, March 2023, Loveridge is 57 years old.

John Loveridge

On October 23, 1983, the Marine Barracks was bombed in 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon. On Oct 23, Loveridge posted about the significance of this day.

Someone became curious, struck up a conversation with Loveridge, and asked him about his time in the Marine Corps. In the PM, he said he served from 1982-1988, was with 1MEF, was TDY all over the world and came home “with a chest full of medals, yes.”

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John Loveridge’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. We filed with the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC).

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We searched the DoD Manpower Data Center database and found the following service listing for John D. Loveridge.

DoD Manpower Data Center (SCRA) – John Loveridge

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FOIA Results – NPRC – Summary Sheet – John Loveridge

FOIA Results – NPRC – Assignments – John Loveridge

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Although the length of service is consistent with both the DoD Manpower Data Center and the NPRC Summary Sheet, there is something odd about the rank (E-1) and assignments.

He claimed he was in from 1982-1988 so the length was correct, just not the years.


Both documents state that Loveridge was in the Marine Corps from February 8, 1984 to January 26, 1990.  Six years and got out as an E-1?

He never claimed a rank that he achieved.


There are relatively few assignments for six years.  A lot of it was redacted.  There is a chance that he never reported for boot camp and things caught up with him later but we need more information.


Loveridge’s records do not support the claims that he was in Beirut.  No medals or awards, no Purple Heart, no assignments… in addition to the fact that he joined the Marine Corps in February 1984 and the bombing was in October 1983.

He claimed he was in from 1982-1988 and perhaps that was to accommodate the plausibility of being in Beirut.


The summary sheet from NPRC shows no awards. Not even an NDSM.


If John Loveridge has used any of these claims to gain anything of value, he could violate the Stolen Valor Act.

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14 thoughts on “John Loveridge – US Marine Corps, 1983 Beirut Bombing Survivor, Blog of Shame

  1. HARRY DILLON says:

    Another WANNA’ be!

  2. Hatchet says:

    Hey Richard, the ghosts of two hundred and twenty murdered Marines in Beirut want to know WHY you’re claiming to have served with them..?
    While we wait for an answer, a very BiG double-barrelled 🖕middle-finger salute🖕 to our Semper Fi Ricky…

  3. KoB says:

    Nothing more despicable than a lying, embellishing POS that stands in the blood and on the bodies of Combat Wounded Real Warriors. May the Barbed Cock of Satan take your “brown” eye…for all eternity. Rest assured mofo, the Warriors that lost their lives on “that day” will be standing watch on the Day of Judgement and will make sure that you are escorted to your just rewards.

  4. Skivvy Stacker says:

    At least he’s not claiming to have been dug out of the rubble after five days the way so many others have done in the past.

  5. Eugene D Harless says:

    The Dude Is too young to even have been in the Marine Corps and have served in Beruit. He is 57 now which means he wouldn’t have been able to Join the Corps until 83 ,,, Even at 17. The odds of him joining and being able to receive all the training he needed before going are astronomical.
    It looks like he was probably a Deserter.

    • Kevin Butler says:

      Not true actually. I turned 17 in May of 1983. With my parents signature, I was able to sign up for the navy in August 1983. Now, turning back the clock a little, it is possible for me to have gone to boot camp in June of 1983 and be assigned somewhere in August, which could have overseas. He is a year older than me so yeah, he could have been in the marines then at 18 or even 19.

  6. Robert Davenport says:

    What the hell is wrong with these people!! I sailed from Grenada to Beirut with the 22nd Marine Amphibious unit. That was BLT 2/8. The 24th Marine Amphibious unit was BLT 1/8 that was there during the bombing and it really makes me mad when these people lie and say they were there during the bombing! We were not there until about a week after the bombing and I often wonder why these people can’t be satisfied with the service they did and be honest about it! Some of these creeps or clowns as Don Shipley calls them have never served in the military at all! Everybody wants to be a hero these days and the amount of stolen valor out there is incredible!!

  7. […] folks at MilitaryPhony send us their work on John D. Loveridge. Loveridge has several current addresses that are in […]

  8. No sure what causes people to lie about such things. Sad, very sad. Mostly just disrespectful of the 241 that died that day. Semper Fi.

  9. James S Houk says:

    I was in the Marine Corps during this time. I was stationed at Camp Pendleton. Over the years, I’ve been amazed at how many of my friends from Pendleton have claimed to have been in Beirut. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t believe anyone’s tales of derring-do. There is way too many posers in the world.

    • Robert Davenport says:

      Chances are that none of your friends from Camp Pendleton were in Beirut because ALL of the MAUs that went to Beirut came out of camp

      • James S Houk says:

        I believe that was my main point. I was in Pendleton with them, but 20-30 years later, I hear Beirut stories.

  10. Robert Davenport says:

    While looking at his actual time in service which was February 1984-Jan1990, he was caught in his lie right there because the last Battalion Landing Team 2/8 pulled out of Beirut on February 27 1984. I know that for a fact because I was there.

  11. Doug says:

    I served with the men from Ft. Sill that died in the Beirut bombing. One was SFC James Yarber. Served in Vietnam, purple heart, etc. He had 6 months till retirement. Another was marine CWO Ortiz, who was my CO. These are people who gave everything they had and for you to steal from their sacrifice is beyond disgraceful.

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