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Theodore James Kosin comes to us from Jamison, Pennsylvania.  At the time of this writing, September 2022, Kosin is 33 years old.

Theodore Kosin

Kosin has been reported to us by several independent sources, so he must have raised some red flags with different people.

On Kosin’s LinkedIn page, there is a claim of being in the US Army for just over four (4) years, achieving the rank of Sergeant (E-5).

He gained inside access to the campaign staff for someone running for US Congress.  They were seeking some insight from veterans and Kosin gave his perspective.  In one online discussion when asked how he was wounded, Kosin claimed he had been wounded by a hopper mine and received a Purple Heart in addition to a Distinguished Service Medal (DSM).

The below screengrab of a PM was from an earlier discussion and is a low-quality graphic, but Kosin talks about his PTSD.

In an article titled “Filling the Void” in the Philadelphia Inquirer in Dec 2021, Kosin was featured due to his supposed ties with a militia, and there was a claim of him having two tours in Afghanistan.

Kosin was pictured with his service dog.

Should you want to read it, the entire article can be found below.


We were informed that Kosin supplied the following documents to seemingly support his claims of Afghanistan and PTSD.  We stress that these documents have been obtained via a third party so we cannot speak for their accuracy.

There is no Purple Heart listed in the DD-214, however.

Someone pointed out that although there is a Dr. Harry Coslett associated with the University of Pennsylvania, there was no link found to tie him to the VA Medical Center in Philadelphia.  Maybe Dr. Coslett is associated, but there is no public information linking him to the VA.  In any case, it was just one more thing that raised some suspicion around Kosin’s claims.

. . . . .


Theodore Kosin’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .



FOIA Result – HRC – Theodore Kosin – DD-214

FOIA Result – HRC – Theodore Kosin – ERB

FOIA Result – HRC – Theodore Kosin – Form 1966/4

FOIA Result – HRC – Theodore Kosin – Orders

The entire FOIA result is provided below.

US Army FOIA Complete Results

. . . . .


We searched the DoD Manpower Data Center database and found the following service listing for Theodore James Kosin.

DoD Manpower Data Center (SCRA) – Theodore Kosin

This database was also searched for any other active duty to present day. It did not show any other service dates, but sometimes the database is unreliable for recall to active duty from reserve status. This appears to be consistent with Kosin’s DD-214, however.

. . . . .


(3rd Party) FOIA Results – NPRC – Theodore Kosin

We were provided this FOIA result that a third party obtained from NPRC but we stress that because this document has been obtained via a third party, we cannot speak for its accuracy.  However, it appears consistent with other FOIA results.  We have also filed with the NPRC but have not had results returned to us yet, probably due to reduced hours as a result of COVID.

. . . . .



There are discrepancies between Kosin’s claim of being in the Army and being in Afghanistan for two tours. Several documents point to him being in the Army for 49 days which is not enough time to complete basic training in 2007.

Also, it is odd that he was discharged on the day his military school was supposed to start – 12 DEC 2007.


Kosin was discharged as a PV2 (E-2) vs. the SGT (E-5) claimed. 


Although Kosin was guaranteed Airborne training upon his enlistment, no documentation supports him attending or completing that training.


His records do not support the claims that Kosin served in combat.


Although we cannot prove or disprove a medical diagnosis of PTSD, if he does have it then it appears highly unlikely that it would have been due to combat, which he claims it was in his posted messages.


Kosin’s records show no award of the Purple Heart – not to mention the Distinguished Service (DSM) medal also claimed.  There is no mention of a Purple Heart in his awards block – in fact, it is completely blank.  There is not even an NDSM listed so that further points to him not completing basic training.


If Theodore James Kosin has used any of these claims to gain anything of value, he could violate the Stolen Valor Act.

. . . . .


. . . . .





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8 thoughts on “Theodore James Kosin – US Army SGT, Purple Heart, DSM, Two Tours in Afghanistan, Blog of Shame

  1. HARRY J DILLON says:

    Another ‘wanna be’!

  2. Skippy says:

    WTF No NDSM what a drag
    Enjoy your google fame turd

  3. KoB says:

    Seems legit…as a member of the Rotund Rangers with the Meat Gazing Stare, ready, willing and able to assault the Buffet Bar at Golden Corral. Also legit as a despicable POS, standing in the blood and on the bodies of Real Warriors that EARNED the Award of the Purple Heart. There is no lower level of a COCKSUCKER that does that. PTSD?…yep…P(unk)T(hat)S(ucks)D(icks)! Or P(urple)T(aint)S(ome)D(ays). We can also promote his lying ass to Oxygen Thief, First Class. ESAD, mofo!

    Somebody needs to go rescue that poor puppy dog.

  4. […] folks at Military Phony send us their work on Theodore James Kosin, 33 y/o, who comes to us from Jamison, Pennsylvania.  […]

    • Deli shop says:

      As someone who knew him for over a year. He lies about everything. Claims he’s murdered people that he did torture and interrogation how he was trained not see the people as people so it made it easier to kill them. Claimed he had so many confirmed kills. He told me he watched his buddy get shot on a cliff as he walked right next to him and named his miscarriages kid after the guy. He claims he was blown off a cliff and as a result has had extensive knee and back surgery because of “tbi” however he joint tbi groups then suddenly has the symptoms of others in the group even though he never mentioned them prior. He bought hats that said Purple Heart. Would always brag about his service but never had pictures or items to prove his time. He did have a set of dog tags but claimed he had to have them replaced. He often threatens people with violence but then quickly pulls the ptsd card. Pretty sure he had a second service dog too at on point that he got through a service he claimed the other one in the picture had gotten too old

  5. sgttee says:

    Another POS. I don’t understand how he received a service dog?

  6. Jim Houk says:

    I was an Army Recruiter for 11 years. Guys like these were always around, claiming to be heroic as hell. Oftentimes, they would offer to go speak to JROTC classes or speak at one event or another. These guys usually expose themselves as soon as they open their traps.

  7. Thomas Boord says:

    What a POS. My father flew in wars my brother was a Navy Corpman w/ the Marines and I served 21 years in the Army Reserves.I am proud of my service but would never embellish (lie) like he dis. I see lots of items I would like to collect but I served as a Military Policeman for most of my career so that is what I collect.

    This guy needs a Stolen Valor investigation..

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