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Matthew Eric Rumple comes to us from Pensacola, Florida. At the time of this writing, February 2020, Rumple is 44 years old.


Rumple works for Healing Paws for Warriors and on his biography on their website Rumple claims he is a retired Master Sergeant (MSG – E-8) and “served over 21 years in the United States Air Force and United States Army Combined in the Special Operations Community.”

On Rumple’s LinkedIn profile page, it claims he served in the US Air Force from May 1991 to May 1995 for a total of 5 yrs 1 month.

Although it is now removed from Rumple’s LinkedIn page, it once was posted that he was awarded the Silver Star “with valor” in 2006. Other claims involved medals awarded multiple times.

Navarre Press had an article that claims that Rumple was wounded in combat.

An article featuring the documentary “Project 22” referred to Rumple as a wounded warrior.

In the following article Rumple writes in to weigh in on the topic of medical marijuana. This is 2018, which is five (5) years after Rumple was discharged. Note that he signs it Sgt. First Class (ret.). The official Army abbreviation for this is SFC which is an E-7.

But on his Healing Paws for Warriors bio page, he claims he is a Master Sergeant (ret) which is abbreviated MSG and is an E-8. If he had retired in 2013 when he left the service, how could he have achieved higher rank?

Some people questioned Rumple’s claims and Military Phony was contacted.

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Matthew Eric Rumple’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

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NPRC FOIA Result – Summary Sheet – Matthew Eric Rumple
NPRC FOIA Result – Enlisted Record Brief – Matthew Eric Rumple
NPRC FOIA Result – Awards – Warren Robert Reiten

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Matthew Eric Rumple – DoD Manpower Data Results – USAF Service Dates
Matthew Eric Rumple – DoD Manpower Data Results – US Army Service Dates

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The military records that the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) provided show military service for about 14.5 years of active duty combined between the US Air Force and the US Army. The DoD Manpower results list Sept 21, 1988 as a date of entry into the Army while the NPRC Summary Sheet lists Sept 21, 1998. We suspect it is a typo on the NPRC Summary Sheet.

So, giving the benefit of the doubt, Rumple’s time in service would have been 15.5 years vs. the 21 years that he claimed.

Some individuals are in a medical holding status until their status is determined and they can medically retire. We do suspect that he may have been medically retired.


His final rank is listed as a SSG (E-6) which is lower and different than his claims of SFC (E-7) and MSG (E-8).

Here is Rumple on deployment. On his Enlisted Record Brief, it lists his Date of Rank (DOR) for SSG as 20090701 (01 July 2009) so it would have been difficult to make E-8 by 2013.


There were no assignments inconsistent with claims.


There are no medals listed that would support Rumple’s claims of having a Silver Star or Purple Heart. If he has TBI, this is a condition that historically a Purple Heart was not awarded for, so there is some question about the claim of “combat wounded.” Later, the Department of Defense changed the criteria for TBI and the Purple Heart but it is not awarded in all cases. Certain conditions must exist. Either way, Rumple did not have a Purple Heart listed in his official military records.



If the claims by Matthew Rumple were used to leverage work, military or civilian promotions, or anything else of value, he may have been in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.

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Rumple – The Punisher

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13 thoughts on “Matthew Eric Rumple – U.S. Army | US Air Force Veteran, MSG (ret), Silver Star, Combat Wounded, Blog of Shame

  1. Why couldnt he have just been upfront and proud of his service? He had a few awards and some time overseas. We all couldnt be war heroes. No shame in just doing your piece.

  2. […] folks at Military Phony send us their work on Matthew Eric Rumple, who lives in Pensacola Florida and is 44 years old at […]

  3. Dean Fischer says:

    I was an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force for 20 years and 3 days. I am just as proud of my service like a front line in the trenches trooper. I am not a hero by any means but I know others who could not do what I did and on the same token, I could not do what others have done. Why can’t we all be honest about our service?

  4. Lynn geiser says:

    Came across a women veteran that was bragging being combat and when looking her records all we found was National Guard , not even a tour to Iraq.. she claims to be combat but whats the worst is she attacks other veterans that are true combat..

    She has narcissist behaviors and in the last 2-3 months she has violated 4 veterans.. she attacks them.. she listen to them like their friends and then attacks weak points or their passion..

    She also lives in pensacola.. when asked to help another women veteran to drive her to appointment to pay a bill.. she never made it to get it paid instead she paid out of her pocket and said it was donated to her stand down.. she is not a llc or nonprofit.. she was trying to fall under mine..

    Can u help assist or tell me how to file stolen valor.. there are 3 others that will help because they attacked her too..

  5. 5th/77th FA says:

    Smooth move exlax. Matthew Eric Rumple lying, embellishing POS. Took a, on paper, decent career and crapped all over it. The troops of TAH will make sure that your sh^tbaggery makes you Google Famous. I feel sorry for any innocent dog that has to come in contact with your sorry azz. May you rot in hell, while Satan devours your worthless soul.

  6. Samuel Greendorfer says:

    You are so wrong on this. Matt is an American hero. I have personally had his silver star citation in my hand. It was awarded after he got out. He went from blue to green and became a Ranger. Take this shit off your page. You have insulted an American hero that still suffers from his battlefield wounds. Your disgusting

    • For good reason, I suspect that he is not going to like you talking about his Silver Star citation. He is not listed on any of the professional resources as having a Silver Star awarded to him, which includes his official military records. Claiming a Silver Star when it has not been awarded is a violation of the Stolen Valor Act. If you or he insist – and it is worth noting that he is not doing the talking – we would love to see the citation. In the meantime, please tell us what conflict he was in that he was awarded the Silver Star.

    • CrimsonB says:

      He does not have a Silver Star or Purple Heart and you are absolutely dreaming if you think he does. Please provide that citation as they are often forged. I would love to see it as well.

      How was it awarded after he got out? It says Awarded 2006? Also He has no ranger tab, never been through RASP or RIP, never even been at Camp Rodgers at Benning. What Regiment was he in? Why isn’t that on his ERB? He was a 91C Sam, I am sorry but you have been misled.

  7. Kerianne says:

    Y’all are a fucking joke sitting on a page talking crap about my father lol . What are you just jealous? You old farts have to much time on you’re hands to be scooping people’s lives just for a page of attention…

    • bozfour says:

      He lied about his service for his betterment. Might want to wake up.

    • Ranger5 says:

      Hey Kerianne, we have filed for federal charges with the FBI for the forged documents given to Building Homes for Hero’s. Stolen Valor Act Pub.L. 109–437 is a federal crime and he will lose his home and possibly VA benefits, this is very real.

    • Ranger5 says:

      Why did your dad take down his Silver Star and Purple Heart from his Linkdin? Weird. Why did he take down his Linkdin? Odd. Why did he take down his FB page too? Why is he hiding? Why has Healing Paws for Warriors distanced themselves from him? Again, weird.
      If I were awarded a Purple Heart….wouldnt be taking it down.


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