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09/20/2019 by militaryphonies


Robert Elgin Glaves Jr, or “Bob” as he is often called, comes to us from Soldonta/Fairbanks, Alaska but is originally from Oregon. Glaves is 61 years old as of September 2019.

Bob Glaves – Facebook

Glaves is an interesting story. He was featured in several articles and programs – and it was put out that he is a Vietnam veteran dying from Agent Orange exposure while he was in Vietnam. He wanted to visit the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC to see the names of buddies he lost over there.

When Glaves arrives at the memorial he is prepared to see the names of his fallen brothers on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

That wall bears the names of more than 58,000 Americans who gave their lives.

“I’m expecting to cry, so I don’t want nobody around,” Glaves said.

Several noteworthy efforts joined in and offered commentary highlighting that ‘Alaska Bob’ was a Vietnam combat veteran and is terminally ill from chemical exposure in Vietnam…

As well as ‘Wall Before I Die’ which highlighted that Bob fought in Cambodia and Vietnam, and…

Besides the donations raised, there also seemed to be some value that Bob gained as a result of the story from people being all too willing to help out.

Some people became curious and had questions about this story, especially Bob’s age.

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Robert Elgin Glave Jr’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

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NPRC FOIA Results – Robert Glaves – Summary Sheet
NPRC FOIA Results – Robert Glaves – Assignments
NPRC FOIA Results – Robert Glaves – Military Photo
From Another NPRC FOIA Results – Robert Glaves – Education & Schools


In addition, high school photos were obtained by Military Phony in order to establish a timeline. It seems that Robert Glaves dropped out of high school either at the end of his Junior year in 1975 or during his Junior year.

As the FOIA results indicate, he joined the U.S. Army in October 1975. This is why there is no Senior photo in the 1976 yearbook, which we confirmed as well.

. . . . .



Glaves got out as a specialist but his claim of rank was not an issue in question.


It appears that Robert Glaves did join the Army when he was 17 y/o, so that statement was true. However, he was not old enough to have gone to Vietnam.


Glaves’ records, neither awards or assignments, do not show service in the country of Vietnam. He would be considered a Vietnam-era veteran but not a Vietnam veteran. The records also do not support a claim of Cambodia. There are no overseas assignments listed.

There are several claims of Glaves being a combat veteran which would have a Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) in his records but there is not one listed.

The claims of being a combat veteran is violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

  • Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB)

The claims that the newspaper article made in regard to Bob Glaves having contracted cancer from chemical exposure or Agent Orange would not supported by his official military records. He may have cancer, but this would not be from exposure to chemicals in Vietnam or Cambodia, unless he went there as a tourist.

Also, it is hard to understand which buddies names he visited on the Vietnam Memorial if Glaves was not in Vietnam. Although the possibility exists that he was talking about older friends from high school that graduated before he did and joined the military, in the context of the story the implication is that they are buddies of his that were killed in Vietnam.


If the claims by Robert Glaves were used to leverage work, military or civilian promotions, or anything else of value, Glaves may be in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.

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Effort documenting Bob’s Trip:


73 thoughts on “Bob Glaves – Army Ranger, Combat Veteran of Vietnam and Cambodia, Cancer from Agent Orange, Blog of Shame

  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    Head on over to Elko NV you lying embellishing POSer. They like your type over there. Welcome to your new found google fame, Dippy!

  2. […] folks at Military Phony send us their work on Robert Elgin Glaves Jr, better known as “Alaska Bob” or just […]

    • Kelly says:

      Hi my name is Kelly and I am a friend of Bobs. The person referenced in this post. First I want you to know that this website has the information wrong and missing other information. I think that you should use more caution and conduct yourselves with the due diligence expected in ethical journalism. While I respect that People trying to steal valor is disgusting. You have this one wrong.

      It is a shame that veterans are shaming other veterans, If stolen valor is true, then have at it. But if it’s not, then it is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your information before you try to destroy a combat veteran who earned his valor.

      All Veterans deserve the respect they earned while sacrificing for this country. Including the one you are trying to smear on this website. Not once has anyone done any fact checking with the source. You can so easily attempt to destroy someone and what is their recourse now that you have put some half researched information out there and are reporting that as fact.

      Shame on you. Veterans Accusing someone of stolen valor who earned his valor seems like a greater disgrace than stolen valor itself. But wait, it’s the internet. If you control the way you paint a picture. It must be true. Truly disappointed in your organization. Truly a disgrace on this one. I would be happy to communicate with someone at your organization, but nobody has been willing to do that. So you get to try to destroy someone behind a computer screen, but don’t have the integrity to have a conversation. This is a sad day for American Veterans.

      • Hi Kelly,

        You offer very little in the way of proof. You just make statements saying we are wrong. Why are you so sure? Because you perhaps were part of the same funding effort? Have you seen his DD-214? Please post it and prove we are wrong. We have done extensive research and do not post on anybody unless we are 100% sure. Your “hunch” is not proof. Please provide evidence to back up your statements.

        Just out of curiosity – how do you explain away the photos of him in High School when he claims he was in Vietnam and Cambodia? Those photos are out there in the public domain.

        As far as “fact-checking with the source” – that’s absurd. Why would we check with a known liar for his version of the truth? We’ve seen his version of the truth. He provided it to the newspapers.

      • Lance Corporal Nelson says:

        Hey “Kelly”
        Stop wasting everyone’s time.
        The man is BUSTED.
        The people on this site don’t take ANY pleasure having to expose these POS.
        They’re simply defending the honor of those that don’t or CANT lie.
        You could obviously care less.

      • ArmyATC says:

        Kelly, there is one thing you are missing or perhaps deliberately ignoring, the math. It’s obvious to everyone who can do basic math that your friend wasn’t old enough to have served in the Vietnam War which ended on 30 April 1975, several months before your friend turned 17 (assuming a birthdate in September).

        History is against him also. All US troops were pulled from Cambodia (one of his claims is having fought in that country) by 22 July 1970 when your friend was still 11 years old. All US combat troops left Vietnam by 29 March 1973 when your friend was still 14. So tell us honestly. How could he have served in a combat role in either country? Look at his DD-214 critically. In block 18 it would state that he had served in Vietnam if he had. His DD-214, in block 12, would also show foreign service if he had served overseas. It’s possible your friend is a Vietnam Era veteran, meaning he served in the military during the time period of US involvement in the war. But that doesn’t make him a Vietnam War veteran. I doubt he is even considered a Vietnam Era veteran due to the lack of the National Defense Service Medal on the documents we’ve seen. If your friend had served during any period during the Vietnam War he would have at least that.

        You make much of the fact that no one has talked to your friend. The reverse is true also. If your friend actually is a Vietnam veteran he could easily come here and show proof of his service in that country. That’s what I would do if someone impugned my character. I served in the US Army from 1979-1983 with three years of service in West Germany. About 18 years later – after 9-11-01 – I joined the National Guard. I was called to active duty and served with the 1st Cavalry Division at Taji, Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom II. I have all the documents showing my dates of service, where I served, and awards I received. I have no problem showing them to anyone – with personal information such as SSN redacted, of course – who questions my service. Why can’t or won’t your friend do the same? That would put all of this to rest.

    • Roas says:

      Already down lol

      • Kelly says:

        I know that your goal with this is primarily to garner attention to your website, so you actually have no investment in knowing if this is true or not. As long as you are benefitting financially from spreading lies. The truth doesn’t really matter to you. If you actually did any homework, you would know that Bob nor I actually benefitted financially from the motorcycle ride we did. We paid every cent of our expenses. The money raised went to a non profit building transitional housing for homeless veterans. What are you doing for veterans? In this case, using the internet as protection from the inhumanity and unethical journalism principles that are leading you to attempt to destroy someone who deserves his honor.

      • I think it is great that the donations are going to helping veterans. However, do you think it is ethical to solicit donations with lies and a fraudulent story? I can accept the fact that you didn’t know. Fine. But now you know… I’ll bet your confidence isn’t high enough that you want to double down on Bob’s lies. Why don’t you start a legal defense fund for him? Watch ol’ “Alaska Bob” shrivel up and blow away.

      • The reason for this comment section is for people to offer concrete proof that counters what the person’s official military records state. You offer no such proof. We’d be happy to continue dialogue with you but are you going to continue to comment on what you think motivates us?

      • Kelly says:

        Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is. I will literally buy you a plane ticket to Alaska and you can go there and interview my friend. And then you can retract all of this half cocked journalism and write an apology to him and do the right thing and try to help getting this horrible lie and disgrace off of the internet so my friend has the dignity and respect he deserves for what he did for OUR country. They disrespected Vietnam vets then and you’re doing it right now. I have never been more sure of anything in my life than this statement “you got this one wrong”.

      • Kelly, Even if I were to consider what amounts to be a ridiculous suggestion, I would not take a chance of using money that was obtained by fraudulent means. No thank you. Now, does this “prove” that you are right?

  3. Walle, A. says:

    The City of Greensboro are professionals at what these types do; if you’re wealthy you should move there. What Greensboro developers, cops and lawyers do is promote each other like pimps do whores; developers say great things about the city, cops say great things about the wealthy, or at least the most of them do, the wealthy say great things about police, especially the bad ones, only good things do they say about each other so you will go there and spend money–in truth, all get together and go on campaigns against those of us not cops, developers or lawyers. The public is usually too busy with things that aren’t great, too distracted to notice the propaganda they’re being sold by all parties, others choose ignorance over reality the majority of their lives so will die ignorant; the average suffer developers, lawyers and police and every time they punch the clock government robs them of their earnings giving it to the area’s finest career criminals all of which is a million times worse than some biker wanna-be could ever hope to accomplish.

  4. Mark A. Lauer says:

    Doesn’t anyone know history anymore?
    Jeez. I’m 61 years old. There is no way I could have served in Vietnam; as an Army Ranger, SEAL, Secret Squirrel, or Call Girl; because the war was OVER before I turned 18.
    Anybody with half a brain cell would be able to see through this moron’s story as soon as he opened his mouth.
    Oh, and another thing; I’m in much better shape than this butter ball.

    • Lance Corporal Nelson says:

      Hey “Kelly”
      Please read the above comment then
      can you provide ANY proof to the contrary???

      • Walle, A. says:

        People actually don’t know history; I’ve been asked if I had been to Vietnam before and you could bust them on that but they wouldn’t care even if you busted them online for being ignorant.

  5. Dan Johnson says:

    Bam! FB site down. That has to be a record.

    • Kelly says:

      I was the moderator of that Facebook site and yes I did pull it down a little while ago. Do you think it’s unreasonable to try to protect someone from hateful lies like this? This site started a smear campaign on the Facebook page and yes I am trying to not allow this BS to spread because it’s wrong information.

      • Oh, come on. Just be honest. You have your own doubts or you wouldn’t have pulled it down. It is the same reason we are protected from being sued for libel – the discovery process will reveal that we used solid and truthful information. You see, Kelly, the truth is that you and Bob would rather huff and puff and hurl insults not for our benefit, but for the benefit of the people around you that you are now embarrased with. There is nothing wrong with trusting someone, but now you know the truth or at the very least you should have enough doubt that you will order a FOIA request on your own with Bob signing off on it. It should come DIRECTLY to you and I’ll save you the suspense – other than a few nuances of the style by an archive tech, you will get the EXACT SAME results we got. This is a much more professional avenue to take than to huff and puff and talk about things you know nothing about. You got duped. Accept it and move on. Better yet, conduct your own investigation and promise publicly to refund all donations should you find out Bob was not a Vietnam Veteran that lost buddies over there. Do this, it is only right. It will also help you in the long run because I assure you that the FBI have already been alerted.

        Try and wrap your head around this – Robert Glaves committed a FEDERAL crime. Are you really going to aid and abet him now that you know the truth? Think about that. Don’t let your pride get in the way of a good decision.

      • Contractor1803 says:

        Kelly, show proof he’s not full of shit. Simple really, unless you’re covering for this thing.

      • Kelly says:

        Why won’t you post all of my comments? Again, you are incorrect and I will buy you a plane ticket to Alaska to have a conversation with my friend. Contact the FBI, I don’t care I haven’t done anything wrong or illegal. Don’t try to bully me. What is this federal crime you speak of that has been committed? I am sure the FBI has better things to do than respond to sensational “journalists” who haven’t fully researched this story and they have access to information that you don’t anyway. If you want the FBI to do your fact checking for you, that’s a waste of federal resources in my opinion. You’re wrong. Period. Defamation of character.

      • If you are a new poster, the comments are automatically held to prevent spam. Nothing personal.

        What you are saying makes no sense. Why would I fly to Alaska to find out his “version” of the truth. His military records are what are on file at the National Archives. Why are they different from what he is claiming? Why are there photos of him in high school when he was supposedly in Vietnam and Cambodia? We are not interested in stories. We are interested in concrete proof in the way of documentation. He should have documentation that should back up his story IF he is telling the truth. This is documentation that you should have asked for before you promoted his story and asked people for donations. It sounds like you have a lot invested in this and you may have told yourself that you can’t be wrong. You got duped, get over it. Better yet, tell your donors that you will order his records DIRECTLY from the National Archives as we did and you will personally refund their money if/when you find out that Bob was not in Vietnam or Cambodia. Seems like your time is better spent doing this than huffing and puffing on a website while having no proof to back your position.

      • So Kelly, are you the same Kelly in the fundraising effort?

      • Kelly says:

        This is incredibly upsetting and you’re acting like someone is guilty of something and there has been no time or opportunity to even do anything about. This literally started a few hours ago. If you really care about the truth then you will suspend judgement and give a veteran the respect he deserves to clear his name. I don’t often walk around with my friends DD214s in my pocket.

      • Kelly – Again with more rants but nothing to offer as evidence. This is an exercise in futility. You believe him – we get it. You made your point. However, you have a vested interest in his story being true because you involved yourself in fundraising with Bob’s story. We obtained and combed over all of the evidence, which includes several FOIA results obtained from the NPRC.

        You and the newspaper were duped by a con. Face that fact and move on. Arguing with zero proof is futile.

        You just admitted that you have not seen his DD-214. So, you are basically coming at us wanting to engage in a “Did Not – Did Too” schoolyard argument.

        Put your time into something more productive. Order the official military records yourself. See for yourself. I am not advocating that you have to trust anything posted on our site but we have absolutely no reason to post anything that is not authentic. Ordering the records yourself will help you in case the FBI comes knocking – you can say you are aware of the allegations and are doing your own independent investigation.

        Then you can say you plan to refund any and all donations should you come to the belief that Bob Glaves is not a Vietnam Veteran. Inspire us instead of reacting the same old boring way many react when they are presented with the truth.

        Why does his photo appear in his 1974 and 1975 yearbooks when he was supposedly in Vietnam?

        Ask him to give you a copy of his DD-214.

        I have no reason to fly to Alaska to ask Bob anything. I have all the proof I need that he wasn’t in Vietnam or Cambodia – his official military records. Bob has been called out on these claims, so the burden of proof is on him to prove that he is who he says he is. He can save airline flight money and there is no need to fly anywhere to see us – just simply post it or give it to you and you can post it.

        Arguing while shaking an empty newspaper is silly and unproductive. Show us the proof. Where’s the evidence?

  6. Ross, T says:

    [deleted – we won’t publish personal information on anybody]

    • Kelly says:

      This is wrong to do. You are publicizing someone information based on half cocked information. You should be ashamed of yourself and slow your roll until the retraction from this site comes out. Which it will because you are acting inhumanely and you are in the wrong.

      • Kelly, again you are blathering on and offer NO proof. We have published our findings which includes documents that back up our claims. Basically, we are saying that his claims do not match what are in his military records. Have you asked him why he is pictured in his 1974 and 1975 high school yearbooks when he claims he was in Vietnam and Cambodia? Why don’t you start there and tell us what he says.

      • Greg says:

        I left a msg with Leah at the PDN to provide me with contact info for Mr. Glaves. I would like to interview Bob for the Veterans History Project and allow him to tell his story if possible. Leah would have my info.

      • Yeah, I somehow don’t suspect “Alaska Bob” will be doing any more interviews… but that is an interview I would love to see. Good luck.

      • Kelly says:

        I would be happy to work directly with you and work together to get you know the truth. I won’t go back and forth on social media about the steps of this. But once you have what you need you can post it. Bob deserves respect and dignity to defend himself and YOU owe that to him for starting this reputation destroying smear campaign. I would be happy to talk to you and get the questions answered that will put this to bed. And then we can agree Then if YOU are a man of honor you will print a full retraction.

      • You may have a *need* to work with us but we don’t have a *need* to work with you. I don’t mean to be harsh, but you have nothing to offer. If you want to be involved, order the records yourself so you can see they are exactly the same as what we posted other than a slight variance in style from the Archive Tech that you get since there is human intervention in transcribing from the original records to the Summary Sheet. I don’t need you to believe me. You sound like you have already made up your mind based on what – a gut hunch? Your intuition that you couldn’t have been lied to? You’re a terrific judge of people and therefore you can’t be wrong?

        This is the difference between an emotional argument vs. a logical argument. Good thing you didn’t go into law. Get your evidence together and present it here, we’d be happy to look at it.

        Same two questions which you seem to be ignoring:

        1) Why do Robert Glaves’ high school photos show up in the 1974 and 1975 yearbooks when he was supposedly in Vietnam and Cambodia?

        2) Have you looked at Robert Glaves DD-214? Has he offered it to you?

        Here is an even more interesting question: Why are you getting out in front of Glaves’ defense? Why isn’t Bob defending himself?

        The answer is that he doesn’t want to make any more statements on this that he can be held accountable for. It’s OK if you jump both feet into the mess because he can always distance himself from it by saying he never asked you to do it. Think about that for a second. Think just how sleazy that is. If he knows the gig is up and he considers you a true friend, he would tell you to not get out in front of all this.

        Put some thought into what is happening. Look at the signs. You are not on the right side of this issue.

        Order the records yourself.

  7. Karl Shumaker says:

    The documents are authentic as far as they are the same forms as I was issued upon separation from the Navy. The entries from different commands are obviously made by different people. Kelly, you are backing a fraud. I was in South China Sea/TonkinGulf in 74. My ship was involved in the extractions after that. People were being sent home starting in late 74/early 75 as they were winding things down. Your buddy Bob entered in 75 and his duty stations listed are NOT anywhere near Vietnam. Your buddy is a fraud. Give it up and move on. You are not the only one who has been scammed. Both of ya need Jesus.

    • Kelly says:

      Here is my final rant on this topic then I gotta bury this. I can’t go to war with you on social media because you clearly have the upper hand. I am also not a military person so I don’t understand what all the paperwork even means. I am really not even clear what the argument is. All I know is that I believe my friend, and I know that man went to a foreign land called Vietnam and did things that keep him up at night. I really don’t understand the argument. Is the question was he in Vietnam the day on or The day after the war ended? Does that distinguish something? Is the question was he there in the first place? Aren’t some things confidential in the government that you wouldn’t be privy to? I may be a moron when it comes to social media and trying to decode the paperwork but I do know a Combat Veteran when I see one because I have worked with many veterans with PTSD for years. And I think a more important conversation to be having about veterans (if you actually care about them) is why 20 a day commit
      Suicide in this country. And why there are so many that are homeless. And what can be done about that. So again, I believe that my friend is telling the truth. And if he isn’t, then I would be the first person to acknowledge that. And there are so many more important things to be doing with your “passion” for veterans. And thank you for your service for all of you who are telling the truth, including Bob.

      • You are deflecting. The suicide issue is separate and distinct. It has no relevance here. We believe that upholding the honor and integrity of true combat veterans is a worthy cause but do not get into any game of “ranking” or comparing that with other noteworthy causes – they are all separate and distinct.

        As I pointed out before – you are bringing emotion to a debate and making an attempt to substitute emotion for logic and facts. The fact is that the official military records that are on file for Robert Elgin Glaves Jr and that we have posted here do not support his claims of being in Vietnam or Cambodia. Please tell me what about that statement is not true.

        I have answered your questions and will do so again.

        * The federal crime that we believe Bob Glaves committed is a violation of the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 where he holds himself out to be a combat veteran. He also appears to have done so for possible financial gain if not notoriety. These claims are used for leverage even if merely for a newspaper article and a pat on the back.

        * Mr. Glaves’ official military records do not support his claims of being in Vietnam or Cambodia. He entered military service in Oct 1975. Major combat operations with US involvement ceased in 1973 and the US involvement officially ended in 1975. This is the issue.

        If you want to help clear this up, there are a couple of things you can do without having to get on a plane:

        * Order Mr. Glaves military records from the NPRC and have them sent directly to you. He should be willing to sign off on it but you don’t need his signature. You may want to get his Date of Birth – or the Date of Birth he provides you and this would involve speaking to him directly. We have his Date of Birth but the spring of 1958 is as specific as I am willing to get on a public forum.

        * Ask Mr. Glaves to provide you with a copy of his DD-214. The NPRC will not give you a DD-214 unless you have his signature. Instead, they will give you a Summary Sheet which is just as good for the purpose of verifying military service.

        * Ask Mr. Glaves what were the names of his buddies that were killed in Vietnam?

        * Ask Mr. Glaves why his photo appeared in both the 1974 and 1975 versions of his high school yearbook when he claims to be in Vietnam and Cambodia during those years? i.e. 1974-1978

        * Ask Mr. Glaves why he is not getting out front in his own defense and he is letting you fight this battle for him? You actually have some leverage here but may not realize it – sit him down and look him straight in the eyes and say that you want FULL assurance that he is telling you the truth before you get out in front of this situation. Watch carefully to see if he shifts around or back peddles or says something about it not being worth the fight.

        In summary, despite your apparent hostility toward us, I do genuinely feel bad that you were duped. That said, you need to adjust your fire and aim it directly at who is causing your anger. Forgive my pessimism, but I have doubts that when you finally accept the truth you will ever get back with us and apologize for unfounded accusations and mislabeling our motives. This would be truly inspiring if you were able to do that.

        Better yet – announce to your donors that you are looking into the allegations, ordering your own military records and if that evidence also shows that Robert Glaves did not fight in Vietnam or Cambodia as he claims, you will gladly refund any and all donations.

        Good luck.

      • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

        Why can’t you understand that Bobs lying? This certainly is not MPs first rodeo and YOU will owe them a apology after Bob dumps the friendship.

      • Kelly says:

        Thank you for your well thought out response. I understand what your arguments are now. I still know that Bob is telling the truth, and you will soon know that too. Again, I ask that you suspend your judgement and give Bob the respect he deserves to defend himself. It’s only right to give an American the right to defend themselves before delivering a sentence and vomiting it all over the internet where it will live for eternity even if it is disproven. Isn’t that the way that America is supposed to work? But in your eyes he is already guilty. Perhaps all of your law enforcement experience has skewed your paradigm of how it works. The way it’s supposed to go in America. “Hey, I think you did something wrong. Here’s why, and now you have a chance to say why we are wrong.” Then the person ACCUSED of something gets a chance to say “Hey, here’s my side of the story.” Then the truth is evaluated. In your version of the world, if you got some awesome “investigative” skills, you can trash someone in a public forum and deliver a sentence. Well I like the version of America where people have a right to defend themselves. But I am sure I am just now deflecting now or being defensive about my friend or trying to steer people away from the real issue here as to whether Bob is a perpetrator of stolen valor. You posted this “investigative report” a little over a day ago. Bob is preparing his response. I just hope you can show as much grace when you realize that you’re wrong.

      • Again – our assertion in the blog is that Robert Elgin Glaves Jr’s official military records do not support the claims that he is making about being in Vietnam and Cambodia. What about that statement is not true?

        While we look forward to Mr. Glaves’ response, I highly doubt that it will include supportive evidence. It will most likely be much like yours – criticizing the PROCESS instead of the FACTS.

        But let’s talk about you and your actions. You claim to have a noble reason for pulling down the Facebook group “Wall Before I Die” stating it is to protect Bob’s integrity. To many, including myself, this looks more like an effort to avoid any donor’s seeing the truth about his military service and feeling like they were duped. Maybe ignorance is bliss?

        Have you issued a statement to all of the donors saying you will gladly refund all donations if you cannot prove that Bob was in Vietnam and Cambodia? I didn’t see that anywhere. Instead, you mount a “defense” which has ZERO proof by posting here. Again, it appears that you did not want the donors to see all of this.

        You should have done due diligence on Bob’s background before you created an effort centered around his supposed military history and claims. Your hands are dirty in this regard. We’re helping to clean up the mess and you attack us with ZERO facts, just your hope that it isn’t true.

        You’ve either been duped or are a part of this entire fraud. Which is it?

        Order the military records yourself. It is quite telling that you’d rather debate this with ZERO evidence instead.

        I’m going to remind you once again that this comment section is open to hearing any EVIDENCE that helps prove his case. You have provided nothing but a bunch of hot air and threats. You are an inch away from being banned and having the comments shut down. You’ve been given the respect of responses but your benefit of the doubt is about gone now.

      • Phil Millard says:

        Plain and simple Kelly, on Form NA 13164 (the first form posted) in the section titled:

        “Assignments and Geographical Locations”:
        “Enclosed: NO FOREIGN SERVICE.

        You don’t need to be a “military person” to understand what that means, but you do have to have an IQ at least 1 point higher than a rock.

        I’m willing to wager that the POS Bob Glaves doesn’t even have cancer…just a lying POS.

      • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

        He also stated his kidneys will fall before cancer kills him…having Polycystic kidney disease myself a trip on a bike is impossible So FUCK OFF BOB THE SLOB

  8. I noticed on the 2-1 that he actually failed ranger school

  9. Bryant Lavalais says:

    Bob is Kelly

    • Lance Corporal Nelson says:

      I’d bet my left testicle and 3 weeks pay you’re 1000% correct

  10. Danny C Bradford says:

    Since you won’t believe the official documents, have Mr. Glaves show his orders for both Vietnam and the CIB award. I am sure he will be unable to produce either. Shame on you for being a dupe. Individuals of this caliber not only bring shame on themselves, but also show total contempt for those who served and sacrificed when put in harms way. All for a little false glory, pathetic.

  11. Bruce says:

    Way too many words wasted on a lying fuck in my book.

  12. Ron McCauley says:

    OK….He enlisted for the Ranger option. Passed jump school and boloed Ranger school. Did his 3 years as 11B, then 3 inactive reserves. Nothing spectacular. Vietnam was over when he joined. Another hero wanna-be.

  13. Ex-PH2 says:

    Wow. Kelly certainly is defensive of her buddy Bob!

    Okay, well, Kelly, you are too defensive about him, but if you want some facts, here are some you should consider.

    Bob says he was in Vietnam in 1978. Unfortunately for your buddy Bob, the USA had NO diplomatic relations with the communist government of Vietnam after April 30, 1975. Any American crossing the border into Vietnam in 1978 would have been arrested and thrown into jail as an illegal alien.

    After a 20-year hiatus of severed ties, then-U.S. President Bill Clinton announced the formal normalization of diplomatic relations between the United States of America and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on July 11, 1995. … In January 2007, Congress approved Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) for Vietnam.
    Vietnam was reunified under communist rule. In 1978, it invaded Cambodia following border clashes. U.S. policy held that normalization of its relations with Vietnam be based on withdrawal of the Vietnamese military from Cambodia as part of a comprehensive political settlement and on continued cooperation on prisoner of war/missing in action (POW/MIA) issues and other humanitarian concerns. In 1995, the United States announced the formal normalization of diplomatic relations with Vietnam.

    Got that part so far, Kelly?

    Furthermore, in January 27, 1973, the Paris Peace Accords are signed by the U.S., North immediately halt all military activities and withdraw all remaining military personnel within 60 days. The North Vietnamese agree to an immediate cease-fire and the release of all American POWs within 60 days. An estimated 150,000 North Vietnamese soldiers presently in South Vietnam are allowed to remain. Vietnam is still divided. South Vietnam is considered to be one country with two governments, one led by President Thieu, the other led by Viet Cong, pending future reconciliation.

    President Nixon declares “the day we have all worked and prayed for has finally come.”
    America’s longest war, and its first defeat, thus concludes. During 15 years of military involvement, over 2 million Americans served in Vietnam with 500,000 seeing actual combat. 47,244 were killed in action, including 8000 airmen. There were 10,446 non-combat deaths. 153,329 were seriously wounded, including 10,000 amputees. Over 2400 American POWs/MIAs were unaccounted for as of 1973. Source:

    Moving on: With ground troops returning to the USA in 1973, the only military presence left in Vietnam was nominal. The last American combat soldiers leave South Vietnam, although military advisors and Marines, who are protecting U.S. installations, remain. For the United States, the war is officially over. Of the more than 3 million Americans who have served in the war, almost 58,000 are dead, and over 1,000 are missing in action.

    What this means, Kelly, is that when your buddy Bob says he was in the military Vietnam in 1978, he is lying. Why don’t YOU take some initiative and ask him about this?

    Furthermore, if he was 17 when he entered the military in 1975, that means that not only was he NOT likely to be sent to Vietnam – the war was OVER! – but it also means that if he says he was there any time between 1975 and 1978, he is also lying about that. Regardless of what he claims, the US military – as I have shown above – had withdrawn troops by the end of March 1973, leaving ONLY a few people to act as advisors to the South Vietnamese army and guard the few remaining installations.

    The war was OVER in 1973, Kelly. Your buddy boy Bob is a lying and bloviating twerp who needs to ‘fess up and admit he has lied himself into a corner he can’t escape.

    Get over yourself. Bob’s lying to you, and has been doing so all along.

  14. Alan Lovaasen says:

    Thank you for your efforts.
    I live in Port Angeles and was one of the people duped by this. I am especially embarrassed because I served USN 83-87,and my father retired after 26 yrs in the USAF and was a Viet Nam vet. I will be curious to see if the local paper PDN or Konp our local news/radio picks this up. Alan Lovaasen.

    • The PDN has expressed very strong interest in getting to the bottom of it. Whether they do an article or not I don’t know.

  15. Kelly – As distasteful as it may be to you to consider sound advice coming from us, I would HIGHLY recommend…

    You should order Robert Elgin Glaves Jr’s official military records from the National Personnel Records Center and have them delivered directly to you with no third party handling of them. This is called “establishing a clean chain of custody.”

    You can do this by using an SF-180 obtained on the internet from various websites. Here is the link:

    I suggest this because people and organizations other than us will eventually come around to asking you if you did this. You have been formally notified that your charitable donation effort may have been based on a fraudulent story. It is incumbent on you to get to the bottom of this in a formal way, not merely getting a word-of-mouth assurance from Bob that he told you the truth.

    This will look better on your part vs. saying “Well, I protested, made assertions about their motives and called them names – wasn’t that good enough?”

    You have a responsibility to the donors that gave you money. You should live up to that responsibility and do the right thing. The right thing, in my view, is to offer to give back the money and make them aware of the truth about Bob Glaves. An alternate way to express this is you should make them aware of the questions raised surrounding Bob Glaves’ claims of military service in Vietnam and Cambodia.

    Bob has a way out, but you don’t – you’ve already made public statements. Bob can easily say he never said he was in Vietnam or Cambodia. He can say he never read the newspaper articles and never saw the Facebook posts or otherwise he would have put a stop to them. He can also say he was not aware of donations centered around a claim of him being in Vietnam and contracting Agent Orange.

    Complete denial.

    It’s hard to believe but it is most likely the only plausible avenue he has.

    Then Kelly, he’ll most likely say that it was you that took liberties with what he told you. Then, you will be faced with pleading ignorance and saying “I don’t understand all that military stuff.” It has happened in a large percentage of the cases we have worked in the past. In other words, you will see what kind of friend he is when it comes to making formal statements and providing actual documentation about his “military service in Vietnam.” This is why we cautioned you about getting in front of all this and let Bob speak for himself. We believe he played you… once again.

  16. Phil Millard says:

    Enjoy your internet infamy Bob, you crapped in your bed and now you get to lay in it. The results of the militaryphonies investigation are being posted to as many military related websites, groups and social media sites as can be found. ENJOY you fu**ing POS!!

  17. grubby_mittz says:

    Cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. This discomfort is triggered by a situation in which a person’s belief clashes with new evidence perceived by the person. When confronted with facts that contradict beliefs, ideals, and values, people will try to find a way to resolve the contradiction to reduce their discomfort.

    Used in a complete sentence, Kelly is undergoing an heart-wrenching episode of cognitive dissonance after being presented with evidence which cannot be dismissed that cookie-duster faced “Alaska Bob” did not serve in the Nam or ‘Bodia as an elite jungle warfare commando as Kelly had been convinced was the case. The Byrds’ “Everybody’s Been Burned Before” is not a happy song but it’s a good one. My advice would be to give it a listen.

  18. 3/17 Air Cav says:

    Kelly, I’m on pins and needles waiting with baited breath for “Bobs” response! He’s a straight up under achieving liar! Wrap your pea brain around this! He was in high school for Xmas sakes when he said he was in Vietnam/Cambodia. During that time frame he claims service in Southeast Asia, we had zero troops there!

    I’m a Vietnam Vet, I served as a 11B infantry also as a doorgunner with the Air Cav. I can tell you this, for everyone of us that are Vietnam Vets there are 20 riding on our coat tails!
    Your buddy Bob is one of those 20!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Yeah, ol’ Bob didn’t even enlist within the timeframe to qualify as a Vietnam-era vet, either. So all of his claims are full of the same rotten baloney as he is.

    • john mccue says:

      Sir, thank you for my Freedom, i am a Non Combat Vietnam vet – i was a Cook -retired bubblehead -1963-1984


    If you feel that you were unfairly influenced by a narrative that stated that Robert Glaves, aka ‘Alaska Bob,’ served in combat in both Vietnam and Cambodia, please use the following report form to submit your case to the FBI.

    Falsely holding oneself out to be a combat veteran is a federal crime in violation of the Stolen Valor Act of 2013. By your submission as a donor taken in by this story, you are not making a judgement of innocence or guilt, but merely indicating suspicion which will allow the FBI to look into it.

    Mr. Glaves has been given ample opportunity to come clean or supply evidence to the contrary as to why his official military records and other evidence do not support his claims of being in combat in Vietnam or Cambodia. He has not taken advantage of an opportunity to shed light on this situation and instead has adopted a policy of complete silence.

    We call upon you to take action and protect the integrity of all legitimate combat veterans, but especially those that did serve in Vietnam during the war.


  20. Hank Samples says:

    The scariest thing I read in all this back & forth deal, is Kelly’s claim to have counseled numerous combat veterans… So, she knows a real one when see talks to one…So help me God, that’s one of the reasons it has taken so long for real Vietnam vets to get the help we earned & deserve…People like Kelly have done as much harm to our soul as the fakers that have so selfishly stolen our benefits and our honor. I was appalled at the level of denial and unwillingness to even consider Bob was a fake, as if she were his mother or brother…or worse his wife. I’ve seen too many fakes in my time but none had anyone willing to dive on shit grenade like this crazy ass person… Kelly go get some help and quit helping Vietnam vets..PLEASE…try another war or warriors. Hank..11th ACR & 39th Cbt Eng RVN 7/1970-72

  21. Ex-PH2 says:

    I’m sure that Kelly means well, and likes to “help others”, because it makes her feel good to do so. But I think her efforts to “help others” might be better directed to working with shelter dogs – the abandoned and abused critters that are dumped by bad owners and spend their days trying to adjust to living in a cage, unwanted and unnoticed. They need care and attention, and frequently benefit a lot just from learning basic obedience skills, because they get the right kind of attention that all critters want. And they are truly grateful for it with no phony stores going along with it.

  22. Dennis Harless says:

    The guy is full of shit as a Christmas Turkey. He served 3 years in the Army at a time most didn’t earned Jump Wings and although he failed, gave a shot at becoming a Ranger . Nothing at all to be ashamed of.
    Now years later he is just another lying sack of shit who has mud-sucked Kelly into thinking he is the real deal. Ms Kelly has no clue about military service or records, and I highly doubt she is qualified to counsel anyone on PTSD.
    A simple Google Search on the dates of the Vietnam Conflict and US involvement would have thrown up red flags.
    I’m sure Ol’ Bob here is doubling down with the classified Secret Squirrel Shit.

  23. FOX 2/2 USMC says:

    Another Douche…. Scamming people out of money so he can f@ck off riding his bike to DC instead of working . ” get him to the wall before he dies ” WTF

  24. Greg says:

    Maybe it has been mentioned but a really fast way to verify the truth is the birth date on the driver’s license. Redact everything but date and verify 1958, if not then the license would be suspect.

    • This has been suggested, Greg.

      I imagine very soon we will hear some variation of “I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. I know what I did. I’m the only one that counts.”

  25. Charles says:

    Based on the entries in his record of assignments, he reported to Ranger School February 7, 1977. By February 28, 1977 he was “enroute to Ft. Lewis, WA.” That’s 21 days into Ranger, so it looks like he probably passed the entry PT test and Swim test, made it through “City Week” at Fort Benning, only to quit or be dropped about time he would be finishing the Camp Darby patrolling phase.

    So yes, that Ranger Tab and Airborne Ranger Scroll on his vest are unearned.

    • rgr769 says:

      Technically, the Ranger Battalion scroll patch on Bob’s vest is not unearned, as he served in 2/75th Inf. for about 11 months of his three year active duty enlistment. But he only possibly completed the Benning phase of Ranger School, so it is a misrepresentation for him to be wearing the tab. What many of us would like to know is whether Bob has used his false claim of PTSD from Vietnam service and false claim of Agent Orange exposure to obtain VA disability benefits. We are also wondering whether Kelly and her claimed treatment of Bob’s PTSD has any thing to do with any such VA claim. Since Kelly does all the communicating for Bob, maybe she would like to answer for Bob here.

      • Charles says:

        You are correct. He was assigned to the Battalion fresh out of AIT and the Basic Airborne Course. He had several months to “spin-up” to Ranger standards, and by February 1977 was deemed ready enough to expend a quota slot on him.

        Good for him having survived City Week, in my class (8-74) we had too many commissioned officers who “voluntarily withdrew from Ranger training” during City Week (an entry that would be rubber stamped into their OMP file and terminate any hope of further advancement in the Army, but the RIF’s were in effect and there was a WTF attitude).

        But at some point between the Darby Queen, cadre led patrols, and the GD pup tents he either called it quits or was DQ under circumstances that were non-recoverable. When he returned to Ft. Lewis with his tail between his legs, he was laterally transferred to straight leg infantry — within the week — for the balance of his enlistment. So based on the standards of the time, I assume Voluntary Termination, that may have included jump status as well, leading to a slow straight leg roll to ETS.

        Now, whether that authorizes wearing of the Scroll, maybe a thin technical “yes.”
        Wearing of the coveted Black and Gold Tab: NO.

  26. Charles says:

    Please see if the newspaper has a high resolution photo of the rear of his blue motorcycle. It looks like there is a Ranger Tab added to the left side of the license plate (unless Alaska issues Ranger Tab plates?!) The plate itself appears to read REJR. He clearly has the red and gold Viet Nam flag (Viet Nam Veteran) decal on the back of the cargo bin.

    • Kat says:

      According to the Alaska DMV “Military Unit Designations” page, it is indeed possible to get the Ranger tab on one’s license plates:

      Alaska also allows for the Ranger battalion scroll page that rgr769 mentioned.

    • rgr769 says:

      The only thing missing from Ol’ Bob’s portrayal of a purported Vietnam Vet is a service mutt, otherwise he has all the trappings. Though, since he was an 11B, I am surprised he is not rocking a CIB on his vest of many patches.

      P.S. When I went to Ranger School in 1968-1969, combat arms branched RA officers were not allowed to quit Ranger School, as attendance was mandatory. One of my fave memories at Harmony Church barracks was watching an Artillery 2LT tell badass 1SG Brinker that he couldn’t take it any more and had to quit, during what you call City Week. Brinker told him, “you don’t have to quit, you pathetic shitbird, when you are so sorry I can’t stand to look at you anymore, we’ll throw you out.” Two days later, he was gone.

  27. Jay Brown says:

    This seems more about Kelly posting to keep her job. Because truth makes her feel really guilty and Pennies to a Quarter company have every right to abandon her. Also look bad upon her future employment. She tried really hard here but hey…truth is the truth. Bob is a fraud and duped you.

  28. Josh Adams says:

    Sorry, Kelly, the facts are that Bob used and lied to you. If Bob can produce proof to back up his claims, then this site will certainly update his record. However, since they have already researched his record, his DD214 refutes his claims as well as the “Public” photos. He is a fraud, plain and simple and has been revealed as a poser.

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