Gerald D. Young — Lone Survivor of His Platoon, Injury Due to Enemy Fire, Blog of Shame


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Gerald Donnell Young comes to us from Urbandale, Iowa. Young is 50 years old as of August 2019.

Gerald D. Young

Young joined the Iowa National Guard and claims he was deployed to Afghanistan twice. In 2003, Young was deployed to Afghanistan with the Iowa Army National Guard 1034th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion.

It is during this 2003 tour in Afghanistan that things took a strange turn and forged Young’s future direction.

Young claims that out of five members of his squad, all were killed except him. They were guarding a fuel dump.

Young, being the only survivor, gave deep thought to how he could best honor and remember his battle buddies that never made it out alive.

So, Young’s idea was to…

… sell BBQ sauce.

Gerald Young is a disabled veteran who created Young G’s Barbeque Sauce after being the lone survivor of an attack on his platoon in Afghanistan.

Young said, “I end up being the only that survived the tragedy of incoming fire and I love to share all that I’m doing. This is what I’m doing for my fellow soldiers that stood side-by-side with me – fighting for our country.”

This first appears as a We Are Iowa news story, but the video is also posted to Gerald Young’s Young G’s BBQ sauce website.

There are also two audio files posted from Young’s appearance on two radio shows. They were shortened to isolate the military claims. The entire interviews can be found on Young G’s website.

Various versions of this story appeared alongside a marketing campaign for Young G’s BBQ sauce.

Gerald Young’s LinkedIn Account

. . . . .


Gerald Young, a member of the Iowa Army National Guard 1034th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, told the two politicians about the attack on his position in Afghanistan in 2003.

“Out of the four, I was the only one to survive,” he said.

Although he lived, he sustained massive spinal cord injuries that hindered his ability to move or even stand. But after receiving the family’s secret barbeque sauce from his father and taking an entrepreneurship class for injured veterans, Young now runs his own business: Young G’s Barbeque Sauce.

“In essence, the product is part of a promise that was supposed to include fellow soldiers from a second tour in Afghanistan to form a business once back in the United States. However, the colleagues were left in the battlefield, Gerald injured and to recover all aspects of being a veteran in that paradox of adversity.”

“The spinal injury he suffered from enemy fire while on extra duty guarding fuel from thieves ended his active duty military career.”

. . . . .


After the story was broadcast on Iowa Local 5 News, the word spread fast among the people that Young served with. They found these stories odd. Some even were surprised to find out that they had been killed – it was new to them.

“Mr. Young served in Afghanistan in the Iowa Army National Guard in the early 2000s. He claimed in a TV news interview while promoting his BBQ sauce company (Young Gs BBQ LLC) that he was the lone survivor of his platoon. Only thing true about that statement is that he deployed in the Army National Guard to Afghanistan. He’s using that outrageous story to promote his business. There was no one in his platoon killed or shot at on the deployment.”
Unit Member

“Young deployed with a small group to Afghanistan in early 2003.  Received an Article 15 for stealing from the troops and the reason he was “injured” guarding the fuel dump is he received 45 days extra duty because he was a fuel tanker type.  The unit rotated leaving him behind to complete the extra duty when the so called attack occurred.  He claimed the injury and was evacted to Landstuhl, from there to Walter Reed then to demobilize.  Did not learn if he was awarded the Purple Heart Medal or not.  He tried to demobilize with another guard unit but they sent him back to Iowa.  Apparently he was not successful in getting a discharge and subsequently received a less than honorable discharge from the Iowa Guard for doing something.  The Des Moines Register article I sent you confirms his unit did not have any causalities from the deployment.  I asked the TV news station who did the video and Des Moines Register if they are interested in doing a FOIA to the Guard to verify what he said in the video is false.”

Independent researcher who spoke with unit members

Reference in the above commentary about the Des Moines Register:

. . . . .


In addition to Young’s comrades, the official statistics kept by the unit did not show incidents that would support wounds and Killed-In-Action during that time frame.

. . . . .


Mr. Young’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .



FOIA Result – NPRC – Gerald D. Young – Summary Sheet


DoD Manpower – Young – National Guard Active Duty 1999
DoD Manpower – Young – National Guard Active Duty 2003

. . . . .


There is no Purple Heart in his records, but perhaps there was a hint due to the language of being “injured” vs, “wounded” as a result of enemy fire.

Young appears to have deployed to Afghanistan but that was not really in dispute.

There is no newspaper account nor unit listing of the incident. There is no listing of four KIA in a single day.

Young G’s BBQ sauce may taste good but we believe it should stand on its own merits and not be promoted by some story that sounds like it is based entirely on fiction.

We can’t say this is Stolen Valor but it clearly appears to be a case of fraud and deception in advertising, especially when this lone survivor story is marketed along with the sauce.

One more thing is peculiar — Young sells this BBQ sauce while dressed in an Army uniform with rank displayed. There has to be some kind of violation if not just unethical.

. . . . .


. . . . .


FACEBOOK (personal):

FACEBOOK (business):



16 thoughts on “Gerald D. Young — Lone Survivor of His Platoon, Injury Due to Enemy Fire, Blog of Shame

  1. The sauce likely taste like shit anyways.

  2. Paul St Jean says:

    You guys are the best!! Please keep up the great work of outing these misbegotten fools!!!
    The things he said regarding comrades being KIA is inexcusable!
    I hope his barbecue sauce business goes down the toilet!
    Rock on guys and girls

  3. Walle, A. says:

    He does know how to rock a pair of go-slowers.

  4. John K Bush says:

    Don’t think the Lord will even forgive these jerks !!!

  5. 5th/77th FA says:

    Okey Dokey there Gerald Donnell Young, prepare to get your butt smoked by the saucey troops over to TAH. You wanted some fame for your BBQ Sauce, well buddy row get ready, it’s coming. And take those SP4 shields off former Private. Your lying embellishing a$$ is soon to be dead meat. Does your Daddy know about your lying scamming, pretty much piss poor soldier, that basically got himself thrown out of the National Guard? Coulda, shoulda, woulda had honorable service, but noooooooooooo, had to lie cheat and steal.

    Heads up Homie, fixing to suck to be you….BITCH!

  6. marinedad61 says:

    Military Phones hits another phony con man liar where it hurts….
    kicked in the Young G’s BBQ Sauce.
    Great job!

    • gunnee says:

      someone should wash his mouth out with that sauce

  7. grubbt_mittz says:

    Callsign: Gym Shoes

  8. Ryan J Smith says:

    Trying to make money off the fake story of dead soldiers, what an disgrace.

  9. […] folks at Military Phony send us their work on Gerald Donnell Young who served in Afghanistan with the National Guard.  […]

  10. Jim Grindstaff says:

    I posted the following on Young G’s BBQ FB page. Yes, I did actually contact the SBA about Gerald Young’s use of the SDVOSB logo. What is particularly galling about Mr. Young, is that I sent him messages to give him an opportunity to clarify or correct his story months ago.

    “Young G, aka Gerald Young, I have contacted the Small Business Administration to ask what qualifies you to use the Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) logo on your website. Hope you didn’t lie to them too… If you keep this page up, I will let you know what the SBA reply to my questions are. …or, they may be contacting you.”

  11. FOX 2/2 USMC says:

    How about making your small business a success thru hard work and dedication ( the true entrepreneurial spirit) not made up war stories and bull$hit .You F@cking low life .

  12. Mike says:

    From AR 670-1:

    23–7. Prohibition on uniform wear

    Wear of the Army uniform by ARNG, USAR, retired, separated, and civilian personnel is prohibited under the circumstances listed in paragraph 3–7k…..

    Form para 3-7k: (1) In connection with the furtherance of any political or commercial interests, or when engaged in off-duty civilian employment.

    He’s in violation of the commercial interests clause.

    • Kraven MooreHead says:

      cant wear– prob not gonna recall his sorry ass to bust– would cost too much and he would prob want more in disability(i think many have an additional 10% for being a fat POS) — hats off to LTG Roy Witcolmb and the boys of CJTF-76 – fat boy bbq– what a waste

  13. steven renner says:

    With the speed and reach of today’s social media, how do any of these guys think they can post these claims without someone that knows them well, or happened to be where these heroes claimed top be busting them on it?

  14. steve renner says:

    The ID tags hanging out are a nice touch though…

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