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David R. Ziegel comes to us from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Ziegel is 64 years old as of June 2019.

Ziegel was featured in a local news article in his hometown during Memorial Day 2019. We don’t have the article but hopefully someone in his hometown of Beaver Dam WI will provide it.

David Ziegel – Facebook

To be frank – Ziegel has claimed to do many things in the Army. Almost too much to cover so we’ll try and hit the high points of the claims.

We cannot determine if Ziegel is claiming to be an AH1 Cobra Pilot or Gunner. Here he is talking about being “hot and black” which only a few with experience would know. He implies he is a “chopper jockey” but that could mean he was riding as the gunner.

Dave Zeigel – Facebook post

In this post he talks about his flight jacket – which could be a pilot or gunner, but he has the rank of LT displayed on it. We have reliable input from around where he lives that he has claimed to be a Warrant Officer.

Dave Zeigel – Facebook post

This post is interesting. The Cobra only has room for two, so if he is saying the other person is the gunner, he must be the pilot, unless he is staging the photo with two gunners and are not taking off.

Dave Zeigel – Facebook post

Then there is the flight patch. Again, hard to tell if he is claiming he was a pilot or a gunner.

Dave Zeigel – Facebook post

Then, the other unit patches and emblems…

Dave Zeigel – Facebook post
Dave Zeigel – Facebook post
Dave Zeigel – Facebook post

But the following photo that he captioned is the clearest statement yet that Zeigel is claiming he was/is a pilot.

Dave Zeigel – Facebook post

Then, here he talks about a safe landing…

Dave Zeigel – Facebook post

Moving on from the Cobra pilot claim, he has other things that he did in the Army that are quite impressive. In this photo, Ziegel labels all of the members of U.S. Army Scout Team “Mamba” and Ziegel is to the far left in the photo.

Dave Zeigel – Facebook post

But this is a well-known photo found on the internet, and can even be purchased on eBay…

eBay Photo

But, Dave Ziegel claims it as his own, and his exploits in the Army are the real deal…

Dave Zeigel – Facebook post

At this point, a pattern is emerging. Many of the photographs, except this one are too far away or out of focus to tell it if was him. Also, either the photographer or the people in the photo are all deceased, which makes Ziegel the only one that can verify.

There was a lot of activity that he claims to have participated in while in Central America… and he was trained to be a jungle expert.

Dave Zeigel – Facebook post
Dave Zeigel – Facebook post
Dave Zeigel – Facebook post
Dave Zeigel – Facebook post
Dave Zeigel – Facebook post

People that knew Dave Ziegel thought all of these claims were strange because they saw him around town during the time that he claimed to be in Panama and other places.

Dave Ziegel – Facebook post

But that hasn’t stopped Dave from thinking about his old Army days…

Dave Ziegel – Facebook post
Dave Ziegel – Facebook post

. . . . .


Dave Ziegel’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

We had to make 4-5 requests because we accounted for service in the National Guard, which would show up with a National Personnel Records Center request.

The NPRC kept referring us to the State National Guard (Wisconsin) but they in turn could not find records and sent us to the NPRC. It was an endless loop until we uncoupled the two requests.

. . . . .



David R. Ziegel – FOIA Results from NPRC – Cover Letter 1
David R. Ziegel – FOIA Results from NPRC – Cover Letter 2


David R. Ziegel – FOIA Results from Wisconsin National Guard – Cover Letter 1
David R. Ziegel – FOIA Results from Wisconsin National Guard – Cover Letter 2
David R. Ziegel – FOIA Results from NPRC – Cover Letter – No Record Found


The following criminal record would cause an issue with Ziegel serving, so this throws doubts upon any recent claims of service.

David R. Ziegel – Criminal Charge – Disorderly Conduct / Use of Dangerous Weapon


Looks like Ziegel spent some time in jail for the above.

. . . . .


So basically the NPRC is pointing to the Wisconsin National Guard and the Wisconsin National Guard is pointing to the NPRC.

Translation – neither organization can find records on David R. Ziegel.

What is interesting is that the Wisconsin National Guard has a counter-narcotics military unit.


If the claims by David Ziegel were used to leverage work, military or civilian promotions, or anything else of value, he may be in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.

. . . . .


Dave Ziegel – Facebook
David Ziegel – Facebook

. . . . .


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/dave.ziegel


7 thoughts on “David R. Ziegel – US Army LT, RECON Team “Mamba,” Airborne, Cavalry, Cobra Gunner, Blog of Shame

  1. ArmyATC says:

    That clown is so full of shit. It would appear obvious that he never served. A simple Google search of his helicopter pics are actually pics from Vietnam.

    The pics supposedly of him and his “mamba” buddies are actually of US Army Rangers of H Co. in Vietnam 1971-1972. The ‘tiger stripe’ uniforms are kind of a dead giveaway. Those weren’t US military issue and were never worn outside of Vietnam.

    He doesn’t know that the 7th Cav was not at Ft. Hood with the 1st Cavalry Division during the time frame he implies. There were only two squadrons in the 7th then. One was in Korea and the other in Germany.

    • ArmyATC says:

      Almost forgot. He has a pic of himself in a leather flight jacket and black Stetson claiming that they were his “ORIGINAL ISSUE GOAT-SKIN FLIGHT JACKET AND ORIGINAL ISSUE CAVALRY SLOUCH.” That’s a lie. The black Stetson is not and never has been an issue item for Cav Soldiers. The US Army hasn’t issued a leather flight jacket since WW2. There’s a possibility that there may have been some issued during Korea, but absolutely none afterward.

  2. up front alone unarmed and unafraid says:

    Well…. as a cav pilot… I will point out the stetson cord he is wearing is the enlisted yellow… and the sabers are too small and way too high. if you aint cav.. you aint shit.. (lol this guy is shit, and not “the shit”)

  3. […] folks at Military Phony send us their work on David R. Ziegel who is 64 y/o and lives in Beaver Dam, […]

  4. 5th/77th FA says:

    Vest/leather jacket…check
    Unearned bling…check
    motor sickle…check
    phony baloney stetson…check
    lying piece of sh^t…check
    meat gazing stare…check

    Get ready for incoming mofo…The Troops of TAH are a fixin to call in a whole buncha dam dam on your Valor Stealing ass…Time on Target…get small…Yo ass is grass and here comes the Dixie Chopper!!! David R. Ziegel…Google is forever…Bitch!

  5. Grubby Mittz says:

    An attack chopper pilot/gunner, walking point, with his captured AK, on LRRP teams assigned to drug interdiction, code named after a poisonous snake … What movies is that fantasy blended from? And where’s the post about how he loves the smell of napalm in the morning? wearing his hat. Ff’ing tool; Have at him, Boys.

  6. Walle, A. says:

    He remains a one-man chow line today.

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