Nathan Phillips / Stanard – Official Military Records


01/25/2019 by militaryphonies

As a courtesy for those media outlets, journalists and concerned citizens, we wanted to make Nathan Phillips’ / Stanard’s official military records available.

Cover Letter

Summary Sheet
Record of Service – History of Assignments
Record of Service – History of Assignments
Chronological Record

We at Military Phony hope that these records can help those that are still asking questions and sorting through the various news stories.

12 thoughts on “Nathan Phillips / Stanard – Official Military Records

  1. Jon morgan MSgt USMC (ret) says:

    Looking at his record he’s a Freon ranger. POS

  2. Clay More says:

    If everyone had paid attention to Sr. Chief Shipley, this would have been over and done with a few days.. … ..Clay

  3. Thank you team! Hopefully, folks will be able to read/research/discern for themselves concerning this particular individual’s character, integrity, and honor. Hua. Capt Rick in Central Texas.

  4. carol bell says:

    Lying sack of shit.

  5. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    The parents of the kid involved just hired the baddest libel attorney in AMERICA….hope the POS is named as a defendant.

  6. Mark Lauer says:

    He was a REFRIGERACON Ranger.

  7. Just another dick. One of many out there.

  8. Monica Cash says:

    So, what type of discharge did he receive? All I saw was duty status, discharged.

    • Dennis Harless says:

      Types of discharge are considered Personnel Private Information, The same with punitive action and performance marks, The black marks you see on his assignments page darken out where his proficiency and conduct marks were, Marines were given these Semi-Annually, Upon transfer, a change of duty status and when their MOS ( Job Description ) was changed. Of the three types of Courts Martial, (Summary, Special and General) Only ones that a conviction deal with a crime that can result in sentence of one year and longer are considered Felonies. In those instances a FOIA request can get a copy of the CM proceedings.
      If service member’s record shows they served an “odd” number of years that don’t jive up with their enlistment dates, periods of AWOL and confinement, assignment to a ” casual” unit and a discharge rank of E-1 its a good assumption they may have received a discharge that wasn’t the standard Honorable

  9. GunnyMack says:

    Based on his record, the last MOS he earned was ShitBird. I didn’t see anything about him being Courts Martialed, but I suspect his RE Code was bad, along with his Character of his Discharge.

    My guess is that he claimed PTSD in order to file a claim with the VA.

  10. Outrider says:

    I heard he was a hero at Heartbreak Fridge.

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