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09/26/2018 by militaryphonies

Stone - Dossier

Michael Edward Stone comes to us from Easley, South Carolina.  He is 68 y/o as of September 2018.


Stone wears U.S. Navy bling that shows pride in his service in the U.S. Navy.


In the below photo, he has a SEAL Trident in addition to having the designation of SCPO (Senior Chief Petty Officer – E-8) on his cap.


Here is an enlarged view…


When he was asked about being a SEAL, he replied that he was on SEAL Team 3 in Vietnam from 1969-70 and 1971-72.


Well, that comment threw up a red flag – SEAL Team 3 wasn’t commissioned until the 1980s.  SEAL Teams 1 & 2 were the only Teams in Vietnam.

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After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives, the Naval Special Warfare Center and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Michael Edward Stone ever completing BUD/S Training or being assigned to a SEAL Team.

Michael Edward Stone’s records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

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Michael Stone retired from the US Navy as a Chief (E-7) vs. a Senior Chief (E-8).

He was a second class diver but there is nothing in his records to support his claim of being a Navy SEAL.  There is no BUD/S or SEAL training listed.

There are no medals or assignments that would support his claim of being in Vietnam, let alone his claim of being with SEAL Team 3.

As a sidenote – Stone is qualified as a divemaster.


From Wikipedia:  “A Divemaster is a recreational diving role which includes organizing and leading recreational dives, particularly in a professional capacity, and is a qualification used throughout most of the world in recreational scuba diving for a diver who has supervisory responsibility for a group of divers and as a dive guide.”

We mention this because if Stone would be telling people he was a Navy SEAL then it could possibly influence people’s decision-making when they’re looking for training or a guide.

Stone’s military records show an impressive and long career — but NO BUD/S, NO SEAL Command and no Vietnam service.

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14 thoughts on “Michael Edward Stone – U.S. Navy SEAL, SCPO Retired, Vietnam Veteran, Blog of Shame

  1. Ron McCauley says:

    Chief Stone is another phony. He should be proud of what he did, and stop being a phony. He could have volunteered for Nam, instead he is another war hero wana-be.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      He’s not a Chief… he’s an E-7. Real Chiefs don’t engage in Stolen Valor bullshit He forgot everything he was taught during CPO initiation.

  2. Tim Houts says:


  3. Gregory Romeu says:

    StonS! Fess up! Clear the air and walk proud with your established record!

  4. […] Military Phony sent us their work on this Michael Edward Stone fella, who claims that he was a Navy SEAL with SEAL Team 3 in Vietnam. […]

  5. Wilted Willy says:

    Another career flushed down the toilet just because this squid couldn’t be happy with his honorable career. Why do you have to lie and step on the blood of real SEALs? You sir are a scumbag!

  6. Robert says:

    Its a shame that one feels the need to be what he’s not…but yet what he was …was good enough…

  7. James A Grindstaff says:

    Retired as a Chief. That should be enough to be proud of. He was a 2nd class diver. Well, that is something to be proud of, but hard-chargers don’t stay 2nd class divers throughout their whole career. Instead, they strive to achieve greater knowledge and skills in their profession–moving up to achieve qualification as First Class divers and Master divers, etc. I also note that he never qualified as a Diving Supervisor in the Navy–at least, it is not noted in the records we see. Note that the Dive Master card is not a Navy qualification, but rather a civilian qualification. Also missing are any indications of a man who loved his job so much that he was recognized for his work. Two Navy Achievement Medals in twenty years…doesn’t usually reflect a stellar performer. His four good conduct medals show that he managed to stay out of trouble for most, but not all, of his career. Doing the math: back then Good Conduct was recognized each four years.
    So, here is a guy that had a good, but not outstanding, career in the Navy. Retired as a Chief. Now, he is trying to repaint his Navy life as some sort of stellar hero–which he was obviously very far from.
    Stoney: don’t ever wear that Trident again. I notice that your FB account no longer has any photos showing you with the Trident on, so you must have gotten the word that you are exposed like a roach when the lights come on. Do us all a favor, since I assume you lack the backbone to issue a public apology, continue your roach-like behaviour and just scurry into the dark corners–never to be seen, heard, or thought of again.
    Jim Grindstaff
    CWO3 (SEAL) (Ret.)

  8. Jacob Vander Brink says:

    I understand each of your comments and while I can’t refute your feelings, I’d like you to consider how this could have been handled differently. I was a Seabee assigned to Seal Team 18. I know, you say it ain’t so! Your wrong. I tell people I was a Combat Engineer with a Seal Team and all they hear us Seal. I quit wearing my unit shirts and hats which is unfair. I met Stoney twice and considered inviting him to speak to my NJROTC unit in Greenville,SC. BTW. Michael Thirton visited my school. I knew Jimmy Watson, actually I really knew his Dad whom we called Pops. He marched in a Drum and Bugle Corps from NJ. I had a terrible career. 1967 to 1973 then 1988 to 2010. I served 18 years as an E6….I survived open heart surgery in 1999 and my Navy tried to shitcan me. I continued until reinstated to full duty but had to wait four years to requalify for promotion to E7. I tested and was board certified 7 times (I think). I really enjoyed being a Seabee, I had a great retirement ceremony and party in Virginia Beach. Not everyone can be special…some of us just served. Show some compassion. I know Stone to be a decent person who helps others. I will speak with him

    • James A Grindstaff says:

      Do you really have a point to make or are you just telling us that you know some famous SEALs? This isn’t about you. This is about a shitbird who needs to come clean. Who gives a rat’s ass how many times you made the board for Chief? You didn’t make it. Do you go around wearing Chief’s anchors because you think you could have been a good Chief? Probably not. Instead, you are proud of what you did achieve. Stoney has shit on what he achieved.

    • James A Grindstaff says:

      BTW, every person who served our Nation honorably is special. There is no such thing as “just served” when it comes to that. However, don’t shit on an honorable thing after the fact.

    • Nicholas J Mottola says:

      You were a Sea Bee attached, (attached being the factor) you don’t wear a trident unless you earned it. Plain and simple.

    • Seabee CPO says:

      WTF are you talking about. Look there are many of us that supported SEAL’s and, other SOF units yes in combat conditions, Yes I was a Seabee and I did some real cool shit, hell even got shot at, but that’s not what this is about. This is about a Chief who from what ever reason decide to lie and pretend to be something he never was and didn’t have a clue at what it means and what it takes to be a real SEAL, like you should at least understand from being around them. Now as for the SEAL gear or team gear you chose not wear, but have every right too, as long as it is made clear you were a LOGSU guy or CSST what ever flavor support you were. I was on two SJSOTF task forces where we did work and directly supported SOF element’s down range in Combat. We had T-Shirts and hats that had task force number on them and said Joint Special Operations Task Force, I wear them all the time, but the difference is when people ask I say yes worked for OSF task Force, but I am not an operator, supported them all around the world and yes in Combat. The difference between me and him is I have real DD214 that tells that story and evaluations and awards that state as well. The other sad thing is the SCPO thing vice telling the truth that he was Chief. So what compassion should we show this fake ass E-7.

  9. Nicholas J Mottola says:

    Unbelievable one can be so foolish.

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