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07/27/2018 by militaryphonies

“I had to jump a few times, BC combat doesn’t happen in the back”
—  Jessi Langston

Fambrough - Dossier


Jessi Langston AKA Jessica Marie Fambrough comes to us from Dawsonville, GA.   She is 35 years old as of July 2018.  Her birth name was ‘Langston’ and she had the last name ‘McFarland’ for a while, then finally ‘Fambrough.’  She calls herself ‘Langston’ on her Facebook page so may have reverted back to her birth name.

Jessi got in a discussion group and claimed she did some combat jumps as a qualification for Combat Camera.



Combat Camera is an elite unit of highly talented photographers and videographers from each of the services.  They are usually out on the front lines of any war, conflict or humanitarian relief effort.

Jessi Langston’s military records were ordered via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.  Since we did not know which last name she served under, this fact was highlighted and accounted for in the request.

. . . . .


DoD Manpower / SCRA


. . . . .

Department of the Navy


As shown above, Jessica had about three (3) weeks of military service in the US Navy.  It was not enough time to complete boot camp so there would not have been time to go to DINFOS (Defense Information School) to obtain the Photography rating, and there would not have been time afterward to go to jump school in ’02 as she claimed.

. . . . .


Other records show that she has a pattern of making false statements.

criminal-false statements

. . . . .



The military records do not support Jessica Langston / Fambrough’s claims:

  • Not enough time in the Navy to graduate boot camp.
  • No service schools listed.
  • No jump qualification listed.

. . . . .


Many of the claims attributed to Jessica Langston / Fambrough were not supported by her official military records.

She may have injured her knee and back, but it would not likely be due to military parachute jumps as part of her training.

We are not sure what she gains by making these claims.

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29 thoughts on “Jessica Marie Fambrough – Combat Camera, Combat Jumps, Blog of Shame

  1. Told You So says:

    How is that attention you were after, Jessi? You lied to so many people. People who trusted you. Worst of all, you attempted to claim honor that is CERTAINLY not yours.

  2. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    Do they really think in the age of internet they wouldn’t be found out? Asswipisripist

  3. Bret says:

    Jessi had one hell of a run. Even now she is telling people she will provide proof of her service come Monday. Some people never learn.

    • Told You So says:

      I wonder how long the next deadline will be after she misses that one.

      • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

        Found at FUND ME in her name for a motorized wheelchair got the boyfriends father.

  4. […] friends over at militaryphony send us their case on Jessica Fambrough.  It seems she likes to engage in discussions about her […]

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    I’m awed by this twig’s ability to do things in which she had no training. The Navy supplied ComCam PHs to the Marines and SEAL teams and the Army had its own units, which has changed over time.

    In all seriousness, it’s not just some walk in the woods or trek across a plowed field of opium poppies with a camera. Also, I’m quite sure that this slapdash offshoot of an obscure mating between a rotifer and a tardigrade doesn’t know an f-stop from an ISO and couldn’t tell you the difference between depth of field and hyperfocal distance or the uses of UV photography vs Infrared. I doubt she even knows what those are, never mind why they were used.

    And here’s another clue: while the development of digital photography began with Steve Sasson’s efforts in 1975 at Eastman Kodak, the seminal market for digital photography consisted of cameras that had to be attached to floppy disc drives to download their rather grainy images. The cost of those primitive examples was generally $1,200 to $1,500, not including lenses or floppies or disc drives or computers. Digital photography was originally developed for NASA and the space/satellite surveillance industry, not for public use.

    Try to imagine downloading your 3″ floppy disc to your Mac or Lisa or having your IBM “B” drive read it. Just try. That noise you hear is me laughing while I fall off my chair.

    The current digital cameras were not commercially available until late in the 1990s, were prohibitively expensive, did not have remotely the capacity of a Mamiya RB67 Pro S with a 220 roll film back. I could spend hours in the field with that old workhorse and go home with hundreds of images, whereas this heinous mistake-on-her-parents’-part probably would whine loudly about the weight of that lovely camera, never mind enormous confusion on how to load and work a Speed Graphic filmback.

    Combat camera, my Fat Aunt Harriet! I’d say the closest you’ve gotten to a camera is the selfies you shoots with your phone.

    No, Jessica, you are NOT a combat cameraman, not in ANY COMCAMGRU, NOTHING. You might as well stop BSing about it instead of doing all that attention-whoring.

    • Thunderstixx says:

      BOOM !!!!
      And an explosive enema has been administered by the one lady you never want to piss off !!!

    • Kristen Rackley-Tettamble says:

      I knew something was up when she was talking about being a combat photography in a new archived group called Death’s Blessing. I asked her what equipment she used and she claimed she couldn’t remember. I’m an amateur photographer and even I can remember the cameras I’ve used.

  6. Curtis S. Boswell says:

    Don’t know why people insist on being something they never were…
    I was happy, being a POG wrench/tech, and making a sick Abrams turret function properly again.
    Glamorous? Nope. But every time I’d watch an Abrams crew hit a target at the berm, accurately, during gunnery?
    I knew I’d done a good job. That good job was reflected in the faces of that crew, when they pulled back off the berm, high fiving…
    Knowing that they were able to do that, because I fixed a drifting reticle in a gunner’s primary sight, or because I’d diagnosed a pressure bleed in a main gun’s elevation mech, made me smile.
    I wasn’t a combat crewman. However, I was the first guy that a combat crewman looked to, when his track was fucking up.
    I wasn’t Airborne… I wasn’t Infantry. I’ll never sport a CIB or even an EIB on my dress greens.
    I’m fine with that. In a real shooting war… wrenches save lives too. I’m proud of my job.

    I have no clue, why there are folks like Jessica in running loose in the world. Maybe they were ignored as kids, and crave attention that they never got back then. Sad, either way.
    Thanks to those, who root out the truth… and ferret out the posers.
    I never even knew she was claiming to be combat camera… she just told me that she’d been “in the Navy”… She never related for how long. (to me)
    Imagine my surprise, when a friend told me that she’d actually claimed to have graduated from United States Army Airborne School, at Ft. Bragg… and had a couple of combat jumps.
    That statement, had the sweet smell of bullshit to it…
    and a couple of weeks later, here we are. Sad… but oh well. Better to find out late, than never.

  7. Told You So says:

    What is even more hilarious are the few idiots defending her in Pagan groups such as Pagan Asylum and Pagan Frustration Uncensored. These same people are attempting to say the documents here are somehow photoshopped and basically acting like they, as civilians, know more about what these look like than people who are currently serving and those who have served. They don’t even know the history of combat jumps let alone females only recently being allowed in combat.
    Jessi swears she is going to get her “proof” from her safety deposit box Monday. Here’s the thing, though. Why is she suddenly willing to do that now and not when she had plenty of chances to before shit actually hit the fan? I am inclined to believe that it is just a tactic to delay and she won’t actually deliver on what she promised, as per her typical style. No, instead she will go back to being sanctimonious and stating how she’s “honest” and “loyal”. Now I see why her ex’s family hates her.

    • Told You So says:

      And something else, before I forget. They are also trying to say this isn’t stolen valor. Uh, it is, actually. She is claiming to be a recipient of a VA pension for services she never rendered. That is technically lying about one’s service for monetary gain, even if she might not actually be getting that money.

    • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

      Love to hear what EX-husband and family have to say about her…
      Her ex-friend’s are running over each other just to get from her as fast as possible. She couldn’t afford a safety deposit box if it’s free…
      Another lie to dig a bigger hole..

    • Kristen Rackley-Tettamble says:

      Why did you post the names of those groups? That’s going too far. That is a community that is not military. A lot of innocent people are now going to come under fire for what you’ve done. Keep it where it matters and leave others out of it.

  8. Nope says:

    You people probably ought to focus your attention on ACTUAL cases of stolen valor. 👍

    • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

      Reeks of STOLEN VALOR

    • Told You So says:

      Well, given that those in the military have, for many years, used the term “stolen valor” to include those who lie about their service and not just to officials for monetary gain, I’m pretty certain they know wtf they’re dealing with, especially since the ones who run this are in fact military. I sense you’re a civilian.

    • ptbh says:

      Nope – You sound like you are ready and willing to forgive people that lie about their military service. Tell me, what is your relationship to Jessica Fambrough?

      Instead of getting on here and making a cowardly general statement with a fake unreturnable email address, why don’t you defend Jessica’s right to lie about her service or better yet, provide proof that she did all of the things she claimed she did.

      * Crickets * Yeah, that’s what I thought.

      • Told You So says:

        She is most likely one of those who was calling out the fact you can’t see the authors of this blog. The irony is not lost.

      • Kristen Rackley-Tettamble says:

        As the old adage states, “You can’t prove a negative.” They can’t prove she served because there is no proof and nothing to prove. I hear she plans a reveal Monday. That will come and go for Jaz Langston and she’ll just think of some other way to delay responsibility.

    • Kristen Rackley-Tettamble says:

      Don’t tell the very people who coined the label what you think actual cases of stolen valor are. Pretty sure they know and some act trying to define what only those who are serving and have served understand won’t change that.

  9. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    Jessi Langston is now JAZ Langston. She changed her name on Facebook

  10. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    Triplet boys, speaks French two more lies.

    • Kristen Rackley-Tettamble says:

      Hey, umm. I can’t seem to reply to your comment about her GoFundMe, but I just wanted to say that she never mentioned her vet status on it. I get she can’t be trusted, but I just wanted to clear that up.

      Is it possibly suspect that she might be lying about the person in question for money? I have no doubts. But let’s make sure we do not fall prey to the same tactics as her supporters.

      • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

        From the mouth of the mans relatives

      • Kristen Rackley-Tettamble says:

        I found the GoFundMe and nowhere in it does is use anything referring to anything military-related. It would be something else if there was even a mention of it in the original description, but there isn’t.

  11. Speed Dillon says:

    This Phony has a GoFundMe ? If she asked me for the time I’d make sure that I still had my watch after i walked away. I’d not trust her for anything, especially money.

    • Kristen Rackley-Tettamble says:

      Now this I can’t argue with, lol.

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