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07/01/2018 by militaryphonies

“Frankly, it was such a bad experience that I would prefer to
forget that I ever enlisted.” —  Mike Border



Michael Deon Border comes to us from Omaha, NE but just before that lived in Richland, MO.   He is 54 years old as of July 2018.


People that know and are close to Mike are under the strong impression that he was in the US Army and was wounded in Beirut, Lebanon in the 1980s.  He also claimed that his best friend was killed in Beirut.  One person got curious about his stories and contacted a website that lists the casualties, with his friend not being listed.

What follows is a paraphrased version of the conversation by someone close to Mike Border and someone that works with the history of Beirut and maintains the casualty lists.

NOTE:  To avoid confusion and make it easier to follow the conversation, we will label the person close to Mike Border as “MB Friend” and the person that runs the Beirut website and deals with the history as “Beirut Dude.”  Mike Border’s relationship to “MB Friend” is not relevant, other than that they are close.  Any references will be replaced with “Mike Border” and annotated as such.


After an initial inquiry if the Beirut website is still active and up to date, “MB Friend” gave an explanation…


“Beirut Dude” responded by asking a few questions, namely “When did he lose his whole platoon?”  “Do you recall the date?” and “What unit was he with?”

The response…


It’s a difficult subject, especially in light of him saying  “I had to kill people.”

Later, through some mild inquiry, it was discovered that this individual was not the only one that Mike has told this story to.

“Beirut Dude” then responded, breaking it to “MB Friend” that the entire story sounded suspect based on Michael Border or his friend by name, or his platoon buddies, in general, were not on any WIA or KIA casualty lists.  It was pointed out that not many Army personnel were in Beirut other than to man specialty radar equipment, Embassy guards, and perhaps dog handlers but the dog handlers were mostly US Air Force.  “Beirut Dude” offered to speak with Mike Border in order to clear things up or pinpoint the exact date he was speaking of.

In any case, “MB Friend” insisted that Mike Border’s story was true…


“Beirut Dude” said that he appreciated the candor “MB Friend,” stated that he had nothing to gain by misleading “MB Friend,” and said he appreciated the fact that “MB Friend” has probably grown comfortable with the story over the years.

Then, “Beirut Dude” volunteered a few resources and suggested that “MB Friend” look into them to confirm first hand.  “Beirut Dude” also said that the story about a saucier from New Orleans was in the movie “Apocalypse Now.”  The movie character was a French Cajun and ask if there was perhaps a coincidence.

“MB Friend” again insisted that Mike Border’s story was true, this time hinting at either poor government record keeping or skillful government coverup…


“Beirut Dude” said to assume the story is correct for a second – that the suggestion is true that Mike Border was on a mission that nobody knew about nor was recorded, were all wiped out all but the central figure in this story, which cannot be verified except rationale given by the storyteller – namely that it was a huge coverup by the government and they’ve hidden all trace of the event.

Assuming all this is true, “Beirut Dude” went on to say…

“Let’s consider that for a second. How come no family members have come forward and complained that their son or husband’s death was not acknowledged?  Not a single one?  Did they get paid off by the government?  If so, that means that they placed money above their son or husband’s death.  Did [Mike Border] get paid off to keep quiet, or did the US Government just take a chance that he would remain quiet, so upset by events that he dare not talk about it?  Or did the US Government just factor in loyalty and secrecy and expect him to honor an oath of secrecy for the super-covert nature of the mission?”

“Beirut Dude” went on to detail the research that has been done with talking with Beirut Veterans and family members, the years of combing over daily newspaper articles to cover events on a day to day basis and finding no reference to this massacre in early 1984.

Further, “Beirut Dude” pointed out that the ONLY Army personnel that was in Beirut were the FASTAB guys, embassy security guys and some scattered intel guys not directly associated with the MNF.  There may have been some dog handlers but he believed that was Air Force personnel.

“Beirut Dude” stated that he would love to see the DD-214 that shows that Mike Border was in Beirut. It should also show his Purple Heart if he was wounded.

There was no further response from “MB Friend” at this time.

It was at this point that Michael Border’s military records were ordered via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .


border-foia-summary sheet


The FOIA results show conclusively that it was difficult for Mike Border to be in Beirut, Lebanon at the time of the bombing on 23 Oct 1983, or even soon after.

In addition, the National Archives were systematically searched for a casualty by the name of “Lucien Saucier” but nobody under this name could be found for the entire US mission in Lebanon, let alone the date range that Michael was speaking about. 

Newspaper articles were again scanned looking for a platoon of Army soldiers that were massacred in Beirut, Lebanon.  No luck finding such a story in the newspapers.

. . . . .



The military records do not support Michael Border’s claim of being in Beirut for the following reasons:

  • Michael Border started active duty a mere two weeks before the bombing on 23 Oct 1983. Boot camp alone would have kept him in the states well into Nov if not Dec. Then, there is usually advanced training, in his case Military Police. Add more time for that. Many also get leave either after boot camp, after advanced training, or both. They can, of course, elect to not take leave, but even if that was the case he would not have had the training necessary in his MOS before the turn of the year.
  • Seeing as how there was an anticipated withdrawal in Beirut at that time, it would have been highly unlikely that they would have sent an inexperienced low-ranking Army soldier (E-1) on a fast track to Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Michael Border has no military assignment listed that would indicate he was in Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Michael Border has no award that would indicate deployment, combat, or wounds received from combat (i.e. Purple Heart).

The summary of his records points to other things as well. The less than two-year enlistment suggests either a medical (illness or non-combat injury) discharge, an administrative hardship discharge (family emergency where he is needed at home to function as long-term patriarch), or disciplinary issues (let go for either fraudulent enlistment or problems while he was on active duty, or civilian criminal behavior). I believe it was one of these things. There is the possibility of a two-year active duty enlistment and an ongoing drilling Reserve obligation, but the records do not mention that and they don’t just do two-year enlistments on active duty.

Then, there is the matter of the discharge as an E-2. This is only one enlisted grade above the lowest at E-1. Without a hitch, most can achieve E-2 in six months and E-3 within a year.

The less than two-year enlistment combined with the discharge as an E-2 both suggest the disciplinary issue as hinted at above.  Border could have been stuck at the rank of E-2 or made a higher rank but then busted down to E-2 before getting out of the service. 

The military records and the analysis of them were forwarded to “MB Friend.”


The FOIA results were sent to “MB Friend” with an interpretation of them.


“MB Friend” conceded that Mike Border was lying, but asked to handle it.

This was agreed to with the stipulation that Mike Border speak to “Beirut Dude” directly to fulfill two important criteria:

  1. Mike Border admits in writing or on the phone that he was not telling the truth about his supposed experiences in Beirut.  Namely, that he was not wounded, he did not lose a friend named “Lucien Saucier” and he was never in Beirut, Lebanon.
  2. Mike Border states that he will commit to never telling these stories again.

Mike Border responded directly…


When the situation called for precise clarity, it appears that Michael Border chose instead to be ambiguous and provide himself some wiggle room in order to stick with his original story.  There is also no hint of remorse.  That’s the way we read his response.

We suspect that his “bad experience” may have referred to his time as a soldier and perhaps disciplinary issues that he struggled with.  Who knows?  It came across as double-speak.

But, people can decide for themselves.

At this point, “Beirut Dude” turned the case over to Military Phony.  Needless to say, Michael Deon Border did not make it to a Beirut WIA casualty list that “Beirut Dude” maintains. 

However, maybe Border would want to provide the DD-214 that he claims shows both his deployment to Beirut as well as a documented Purple Heart that he should have received from wounds in combat.

Then again, maybe the government covered it all up?

. . . . .


Many of the claims attributed to Michael Border were not supported by his official military records. 


In spite of his claims to the contrary, if Mike Border has used any of these claims to gain anything of value, including money, work positions, or medical benefits from the government it could put him in direct violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

There was also a claim that he has difficulty talking about all of this.  If this is a suggestion of PTSD, it begs the question – What would he have gotten PTSD from, or terrible memories that make it difficult to recall an incident without distress?

Also, he has a claim that “I had to kill people.”  Which people did he have to kill?  He was stateside according to his military records.

His records do not support him in a war or military conflict.



. . . . .


. . . . . 


“MB Friend” gave one last parting shot to “Beirut Dude.”  It wasn’t a thank you for all the work that he does but they’d like Mike’s best friend Lucian Saucier to be carried as a Killed in Action so that Saucier can take his rightful place in history alongside others.

It also wasn’t a request to have Mike Border be listed as Wounded in Action allowing him to also take his rightful place in history.

Perhaps it was a thank you for all the extra work that was put in on behalf of Michael Border merely to address “MB Friend’s” skepticism that something got misssed.



So, it seems like “MB Friend” has reversed position.  Decades worth of research and interviews, along with compilations of newspaper accounts and documentaries – it all has to be flawed because Michael Border in “MB Friend’s” view can’t possibly be lying about his exploits in Beirut and the US Government coverup that took place afterward.

Time will tell.  Perhaps people will come forward and tell stories about a “ghost platoon” of Army guys that got slaughtered in Beirut… all except for one man.  He lives on and struggles with the painful memories that come along with it.

As “MB Friend” said in an earlier email – “Did it ever occur to you that a whole platoon of men were simply forgotten, erased from the books?

The imagination can be a powerful thing.


Mike Border decided to give one last parting shot to “Beirut Dude.”



Mike Border sent another email to “Beirut Dude.”


This Ain’t Hell: https://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=80267

15 thoughts on “Michael Deon Border – US Army, Wounded and Lone Survivor of Ambush in Beirut Lebanon, Blog of Shame

  1. James B Metro says:

    He is more than welcome to come to Jacksonville,N.C. in October for the 35th anniversary.

  2. usmcmks says:

    POS. Unfortunately this happens way to often. Should be made to admit his guilt in a public forum.

  3. LCpl Nelson says:

    I AM what this guy says he is.
    If this “friend” wants to talk to someone that can back up the FOIA results, by all means- point him in my direction.
    I have a few choice words I’d like to unload on his sorry ass.
    They think this is some kind of game ……..

  4. […] partners at Military Phonies share their work with us on this fellow Michael Deon Border who claims to his friends that he is an […]

  5. Michael L Maynard says:

    There is simply no way that Border could have been in Beirut in January 1984. Back then, US Army basic training was 6 weeks. So given a start date of on or around October 11 (It actually would have been later by at least a few days), Baron wouldn’t have completed basic until near the end of November 1983, on or around the 25th. He would have had OSUT, so probably got a three day pass rather than leave. That would put the start of his MP AIT start date around December 1. Basic MP AIT is 9 weeks. But his would have been a bit different. Schools shut down for 2 weeks for the Christmas/New Year holidays. He would have left school around December 23 and arrived back for school around January 4. He would have graduated around mid-February. Most Soldiers take at least one week of leave between AIT and their 1st duty station. With travel time, that means he wouldn’t have arrived at his duty station, Ft. Knox until around the beginning of March 1984. With in-processing and unit assignment he wouldn’t have been available for deployment until around mid-March. There’s no way a unit would deploy someone fresh out of school and new to a unit unless it was an emergency deployment. To the best of my knowledge, there were no US Army emergency deployments during the entirety of 1984. With pre-deployment training, he wouldn’t have been available to deploy until at least the beginning of April 1984. His rank at discharge shows that he had either a medical problem or he was a sub-standard Soldier. I’m leaning towards sub-standard. Even with medical issues, he should have been at least a PFC (E-3) promotable or even an SP4 (E-4). I’m thinking he stepped on his dick at least once and was given an admin (general UHC) discharge for unsuitability. I think we can say with all confidence that Michael Deon Border is a liar.

  6. Mike P says:

    A masters degree doesn’t give you enough sense to research that being wounded in combat equates a Purple Heart? Wow. Anyone game for a ride to Omaha?

  7. Kent H says:

    There was a US Army SF unit training locals in Beirut in 1984. We gave them some CLP and other cleaning supplies that they claimed they were having trouble getting from their command. Which, of course, has nothing to do with what this guy is claiming.

  8. Mark Lauer says:

    It doesn’t have to be stated that a man is claiming a Purple Heart. If he claims he was wounded, he’s claiming a Purple Heart; the two go together like cake and frosting.
    And is it possible for an entire platoon to be erased out of existence? Sure. It’s possible for entire Battalions to be erased. It happens all the time……..in the movies. See, in the movies every soldier serving has no living family, either close nor distant. Some may be married, but they get killed a lot in the first act.
    I just got one question;
    What is that perv doing to that turkey???

  9. Jim G says:

    THe “friend” who claims to be highly educated–having a masters Degree, he says later–sure has some ejukational flaws in his/her writing. Such as: “…I simply stubbled upon your website…” I suppose your website hasn’t shaved in a few days, therefore you have a bit of stubble? His use of “upon” “empirical” and other words, thrown in to make himself sound highly ejukated, leave me suspecting that they are both the same loser.

    • francositalianarmy says:

      I initially thought MB friend and Michael Border were the same person. MB friend has many more punctuation errors and omissions than the Michael Border message sent from an iphone. MB friend also starts the final message on this report with No where. Nowhere would be best. She (MB friend) also ends a sentence with a preposition. Strange writing skills for someone with a Master’s degree. I was always under the impression that a Master’s required a thesis at its conclusion.

  10. Todd says:

    Why do people do these kind of things. My ex wife’s brother claimed he was a seal back in 2001 and his lies were all exposed. If you want to read about it google Tim Webster Navy Seal Columbus Nebraska

  11. francositalianarmy says:

    Mr Border,

    You have received a go at every station for phonies except for one station. You used the following station effectively: government cover up, lone survivor, I don’t want to talk about it, my best friend was killed, the movie reference, a conflict for where it would occur. These are all common amongst phonies. Also included in similarity are a bad run in military and loved one who believes your story despite all the twist and turns. That is the station you failed. You told someone who loves you your story. This person (MB friend) now also looks silly. She stood by you, and she will remain with you til someone else comes along.

    You have to understand Mike that this women wants you to be recognized for your service and for your time in Beruit as a lone survivor. That is why she did this empirical research. She hope it would ease your pain, and it would get you (her hero) the recognition you deserve. The station you have a no/go is telling the wrong person. She wanted you to be her hero. Opps, you f’ed that up.

    Much Regards, you jackass,


  12. Wilted Willy says:

    Another lying jerk off found! I really wish someone would do something about my pos brother David “Doc” Shrum. His phony DD214 makes this guy look like a choir boy! How many dental techs do you know that were sent to Jungle Warfare School and Jump School. How many dental techs do you know that received the Distinguished Flying Cross? My lying brother has been getting $3200 a month for over 20 years for his phony PTSD 100% disability! How many dental techs you know get PTSD and never saw a day in combat? I have been trying to get him arrested for over two years and I can’t get the VA or anyone else to even talk to me!!!

  13. Tim says:

    Such a slap in the face to all my Brothers killed in The Root….This asshole needs to make a full PUBLIC RETRACTION and APOLOGY….

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