Cris Hoppes, Green Beret… Not!!


01/23/2018 by militaryphonies

Chris Hoppes came up on our radar when he started posting in an 82nd Forum. An investigator for GGB happened to be a member of that forum and reached out to him thinking he might be a brother and get him vetted into SF Brothers.  During the discussion with the Brian, (SF brother/GGB investigator), Chris told him that he was in 10th Grp 80-84 and a “Full Flash”. A lot of what he said didn’t add up. Back in the years he claims, Full Flash would mean a Green Beret that has completed…

Source: Cris Hoppes, Green Beret… Not!!

2 thoughts on “Cris Hoppes, Green Beret… Not!!

  1. HARRY J DILLON says:

    Is there some way that these “STOLEN VALOR” vets can’t be outed in their local newspaper? I think that if that was done a time or two the word would get out to the other Phonies and it would put a stop to some of them. Jus’ sayin’.

    • Wilted Willy says:

      I agree Harry, but they did that to my pos brother over 2 years ago and the rat bastard is still getting his $3200 a month for his phony PTSD 100% disability. Just google David “Doc” Shrum here or over at TAH and you can read a real work of fiction! I wish they would hang all of these phonies!
      over and out!

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