Kent Billingsley, Fake SEAL, Fake Veteran


01/18/2018 by tangomike147



Kent comes to us from Wisconsin. Before that he was in the Southwest in beautiful Arizona. Before that he was an East Coast resident. It seems wherever he goes people seem  to start thinking he was a Navy SEAL. He first came to our attention when he was working as a distributor for a beverage company in Arizona. Some folks were not sure of his claims and asked us about it.

He had a sweet birthday cake.




A couple of random screenshots.



Here is a big thank you for your service.



Another random SEAL post from a friend. They are never corrected.



Good thing he has all that SEAL training.



I am glad he didn’t put his SEAL skills to use on the fans.


The following is a series of screenshots from a Facebook conversation about parachuting.




Then comes the sports injury post.






And finally, talking about his son.


So, we checked the UDT/SEAL database for his name and it was not to be found. Since the people in Arizona were a bit taken aback by that we assured our reporter that we would follow up to see if there was a mistake. We ordered his records with a Freedom of Information Request.



Not there.


Not here ether. No records can be found for service. If you look at his own biography on Facebook you will notice there isn’t really any room left for time in the NavyKB3


It has come to my attention that some people are claiming Kent changed his name to protect himself and family. But still talks about it for some reason. We like to confirm the names through several processes to assure we have the correct names. I will share one.



Kent was never a Navy SEAL and there is no record of him having served in the military.

Kent B Facebook


5 thoughts on “Kent Billingsley, Fake SEAL, Fake Veteran

  1. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    Kent, you are just a lying phony Kunt!

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  2. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    15 stitches my ass, looks like a 7 staple wound…fake fuck crawling out from under a boulder. Now his friends know…


  3. Andrew C Mathis says:

    Sorry Kent but you definitely don’t have what it takes to serve your country


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  5. Wilted Willy says:

    Here we have another Tupperware SEAL! Nothing worse than a phony cocksucker that never did serve! I hope they drop you off in the middle of Syria and see if your badass can find your way home! I can only hope a real SEAL finds you and beats your phony ass!


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