Edwin William Bedford, Fake SEAL Officer


11/21/2017 by tangomike147

William was brought to the attention of Military Phonies due to a high profile he maintains as a former SEAL Officer. He has the tattoos and the hat.



He could probably use some good reviews at his day job. Seems he spends most of his time talking about being a SEAL than teaching.




We did a check of the UDT SEAL Database and we couldn’t find his name listed as a graduate. We even used his real name for the search,  Edwin W. Bedford Jr. Not wanting to leave any stone unturned we went for his records to clear up where a mistake may have been made. After all, he has the tattoos.


No record of service in the United States Military. But if we are going to look for records we always try to dig up something.



Not really the same as doing time for your country.  Would probably be best if he removed or covered the tattoos.

Williams Facebook


4 thoughts on “Edwin William Bedford, Fake SEAL Officer

  1. Marc Mulkey says:

    Messaged this prick on FB. I will never understand this. He’s got some great daughters and a beautiful fiance…and even claims to be a Christian. And yet he feels the need to continue to lie about being a SEAL. Just insane.


  2. Todd G. Westlie says:

    Don’t these people know about the database by which their claims can be verified?


  3. […] partners at Military Phonies share their work on this fellow Edwin William “Billy” Bedford. I guess he’s an […]


  4. Bill Robertson says:

    SMDH. Why? Just don’t get it. The guy obviously is trying to hide is prison past, but for what? A free meal on Veteran’s Day? 10% off at Lowe’s?


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