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10/05/2017 by militaryphonies

Bill Williamson from Maitland, Florida arose the suspiciousness of a Red Cross Photographer who was assigned to Vietnam in 1967.  
Mr Williamson had sent him this in a private message after friending him on facebook.
7 and 1/2 months assigned to the 173rd and 101st Airborne. Making multiple trips into Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Where they suffered more than 50% casualties due to fighting the Chinese. 

 Actions conducted by Military Phonies; 
After receiving the report on Mr Williamson, Military Phonies  researched the history of the US Army 173rd and 101st Airborne during the Vietnam War. We found no evidence or information that showed either Army unit had conducted any operations into Cambodia or Laos. 
 We then filed for his service record using the privilege of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). After receiving that information back, Mr Williamson was approached by the creator of Military Phonies in private message on FaceBook.      
An opening in Special Operations when he went active duty? 14 months deployed? Was going to re-enlist in order to fly Helo’s? (Helicopters) Records don’t exist at the National Personnel Records Center? (NPRC)
The excuse that Mr Williamson gave when he found out who he was talking to.

Going on missions into Cambodia and Laos as a contractor while on Active duty.
Once he realized that tale wasn’t going to work and after sending him a copy of his own FOIA, Mr. Williamson gave an apology for his actions.
Some people might ask why we are posting his name on the Wall of Shame after he apologizes. Mr Williamson might never lie about his service record again.  Then again, he might decide to tell another tale about it tomorrow. This Blog of Shame will be a constant reminder why he, and others like him,  shouldn’t.  Mr Williamson had an honorable enlistment in the United States Army. He had no reason to embellish his record and claim to be among those who did deploy during the Vietnam War.   
FOIA Results; 

Four months on Active Duty. Six years Reserve Duty.  Discharged as a Staff Sergeant (SSG)(E-6)
No Campaign medals listed. We will note that Mr. Williamson should have the National Defense Service Medal. That is the only discrepancy that Military Phonies sees in the summary sheet on his FOIA.  

Mr. Williamson started his Military enlistment as a Ready Reserve Trainee with Company B, 317 Military Police Battalion stationed in Ocala Florida. He was transferred to Active duty on 19 January 1967 where he received Basic Combat training and Military Police Training. He was transferred back to Co,B, 317 MP Bn. on 21 May 1967. Where he spent the remainder of his enlistment and was discharged from the military on 20 March 1972.
The claims that Mr. Bill Williamson has been telling to people do not match his service record on file at the NPRC.  Mr Williamson did not deploy to any War zone while he was enlisted in the United States Army. 
Furthermore, the screen snips shown below were taken from a Vietnam Veterans Facebook group (The Nam)  where Mr. Williamson leads a person to believe that he deployed in support of the Vietnam War.  He needs to knock it off and be proud of what he actually did do.  



5 thoughts on “Bill Williamson US Army Vietnam Veteran, Blog of shame

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  2. Mark Lauer says:

    Speaking as a Supply Administration and Operationsman, whose highest decoration was the Marine Corps Rifle Sharpshooter Badge, and who spent his enlistment in the United States, during peace time, I can honestly tell anyone contemplating embellishing their service to just be proud of what you did.
    Your job was just as important as the grunts who did the fighting. In fact, if it wasn’t for the support personnel, the grunts couldn’t get the job done.
    Be proud of your service to your country and to your fellow Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Coasties; you carried a lot of weight on your shoulders in order to make sure this country could be safe and secure.
    God bless the unseen, underappreciated “grunts” who toil behind the scenes.

  3. richard guilbeault says:

    keep up the good work

  4. Tim says:

    Here we have a special kind of douche nozzle…One that claims to be a Nam vet. One of, if not thee most, unappreciated Veterans…{ at the time }…..Disgusting…I love the way he frames his apology….” If I have misled “….Disgusting….

  5. Michael L Maynard says:

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that on the same day you exposed this turd he said his FB page had been hacked. Along with his half-assed apology, I would wager this clown will be back to his lying tricks in no time. He probably never stopped, just claimed he was “hacked.”

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