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03/14/2017 by militaryphonies

John Naputi from Hondo Texas  comes to us claiming that he was a 18E Special Forces Communication Sergeant. As well as a 92R Parachute Rigger and 13F  Forward Observer.  Below are photo’s captured from Mr Naputi’s Social Media accounts. In these photo’s please note the Special Forces (SF) crest tattooed on his arm. As well as the SF crest in a hat pin on his ball cap. Plus numerous photo’s of Mr Naputi wearing shirts displaying the SF crest and insignia.






Top; US Army Special Forces Crest

Middle; Texas Army National Guard Insignia

Bottom; US Army 82nd Airborne Insignia


Top; Basic Parachute Badge

Middle; Parachute Rigger Badge

Bottom; Unknown Foreign jump Wings


screenshot023 16865049_10210684687107042_5105272855081366653_n

 Wearing the Combat Infantry Badge and the Master Parachute Badge. Neither of which are on his military service record.

Below is a photo of Mr Naputi wearing the US Army Green Beret with the Special Forces Crest.





Claim of being wounded resulting in a broken neck and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Which further caused Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD).screenshot019

Above;  Green Beret claim ( Facebook)

Below; Army National Guard and Special Forces Communication Sergeant (RallyPoint)



Below; Photo’s of John Naputi in a US Army uniform with National Guard patch . Please note, No Combat Infantry Badge and no Master Parachutist Badge.



After all of this evidence was collected, Mr Naputi was asked in private message on Facebook if he was in fact a Green Beret which he gave the following reply.

Mr Naputi was also asked in private message on Facebook where he actually deployed to which he gave the following reply. 

Please note that the time period that he claims to have been working for the Department of Defense as a contractor. (2003) He was still enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard.

Military Service record under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA)


16797466_10210683320992890_9223197532381950151_o 16825948_10210683322072917_7726458474211862868_o screenshot024 screenshot025 screenshot026

According to the records received from NPRC, Mr. Naputi did attend and passed the Special Forces Assessment, and the Morse code course, but did not graduate from the actual SF 18E (Communications Sergeant) qualification course. This means he does not have the title or rights to refer to himself as an SF Operator.

 Concussion; With the evidence gathered from multiple social media sites. Plus from Mr. Naputi’s self admission, Mr Naputi is claiming to have been a 18E Special Forces Communication Sergeant. Which he is also claiming to have been involved in multiple combat operation.
 However, Mr Naputi’s military service record from the National Personal Records center show that Mr Naputi did not complete the qualification course to become a Special Forces Operator. Nor does Mr. Naputi have any ribbons or medals showing that he deployed anywhere outside of the United States in support of any combat operations which the United States was involved in during the time frames that Mr. Naputi served in the United States Armed Forces.

Social Media Accounts;

21 thoughts on “John Naputi US Army Special Forces Communication Sergeant Blog of Shame

  1. […] folks at Military Phonies send us their work on John Naputi, who claims that he’s an 18E special forces […]

    • corrie meade says:

      knew john naputi when I was with e co 407th 82nd back in 87. served with him in korea from 88-89. he was assigned to 1st sf in Okinawa back in 86, as far as him being a sf com spec or 13f cant say. can only verify he was a rigger, a sorry sack of shit, but a rigger never the less

  2. Ben says:

    Hi there, my name is Ben and I’m one of the Senior User Admins on RallyPoint; the professional military social network site you listed in your article. One of my roles on RallyPoint is to review all the proof of service documents members are required to be verified on our site. John Naputi’s account was unverified and after seeing this article, I have suspended his account from RallyPoint and marked it to be removed from our website.

    Thank you all for the great work on this poser!

    • Thank you for your prompt reply and response to this exposure. If you need any more information on him,or anyone else. Please feel free to contact us at

    • Ben,
      Thank you and the other Admins at Rally Point for taking these things seriously!! RP is one of my favorite sites for communicating with fellow vets. I appreciate that you are making the effort to make it a poser-free environment!!.

  3. Zippo says:

    Your ass needs to be greased…not your hat..!!!

  4. Joshua Wicksell says:

    These guys are depressing. I guess because I’ve done it (USMC C.A.R. “03-Tikrit” last 4 -7177), I just feel sorry for them.

  5. Peter Coldwell says:

    My name is COL Coldwell, currently in the 36th ID, TXARNG (formerly a multitude of AD and reserve assignments). While I am deeply offended by those who claim honors they did not earn, I am angry with a photo and caption in this article. There is a photo with the caption, “Photo’s of John Naputi in his Texas Army National Guard uniform. Please note, No Combat Infantry Badge and no Master Parachutist Badge.”

    There are two issues with this. 1. It is not a “National Guard uniform,” it is a US Army uniform with a NG shoulder patch, my Division the 36th (which has seen many deployments in the past 10 years). 2. He is wearing a plate carrier, therefore you are unable to see any badges. Please correct the narrative. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you for responding COL Coldwell. Corrections have been made. Plus an additional photo has been added to show his badges. The additional photo was supposed to be part of the original exposure, but was mistakenly overlooked.

  6. Eric says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty bad, but he was also claiming to be a FISTER?

    Now that’s over the damn line!

  7. Mike Berry says:

    Good to see a website that actually busts some of the non military idiots! Well done!

  8. To Whom It May Concern:
    My humble military career spans from 04 August 1978 (enlisting at age 17, Army DEP) until 31 December 2009.
    I had the deep honor and privilege to serve along side then SFC John Naputi, Sr, while assigned to Svc Co. 5th SFG (A) as a 43E1P. He was an inspiration and solid Warrior-Mentor. Once I settled in Killeen, Texas in 2001, I ran into Naputi Sr as he had retired as was employed at the Fort Hood Post Office. We were both members of SFA C-77.
    His son, John Naputi, Jr., and I served together in the Republic of South Korea, 1988-1990, 4th QM Det. A.D. (Abn), Pusan, Camp Hialeah. Naputi Jr, was hard working, conscientious, a great sense of humor and volunteered to assist in my mission of resurrecting the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) units (Pack & Troop 85) at Camp Hialeah. I do know, personally, that Naputi Jr. and others did suffer grievously at the hands/machinations of a diseased chain of command (O-3 through O-6 to O-7 level) involving an incident we referred to as “BLAKEGATE” (Sexual Harassment, Racial Discrimination, Abuses of Command Position-Power-Privilege). It is my earnest belief that this period of abuse (coupled with a strained/limited relationship with Naputi Sr) has caused Naputi Jr. to seek acceptance and approval from others and groups whom he respects. Do I approve of the embellishment? No, never. And, in some circles, I am quite “renowned” (if not notorious!) for my candor, my integrity, my adherence to the Army (and, yes, BSA 12 Values since 1970).
    I would gently suggest we, as a brotherhood of Airborne Troopers and Warriors–battle tested and otherwise–seek to re-orient Naputi Jr. in a way he might seek counseling and return to a path his deceased father might find more acceptable.
    Richard Arlington Briggs, Jr.
    CPT, USA, Ret.
    Killeen, Texas.

    PS. If someone has a specific comment, question, whatever– I am easy to located on social media:

    De Oppresso Libre.
    Lest We NEVER Forget.

    • Thank you for your response. Mr. Naputi was approached before this exposure, and given a chance to correct the record. He chose to continue the lies with our investigator. This blog post will stay up, we feel for the issues Mr. Naputi may be dealing with, but in our opinion he is walking in the blood of better men than him with his embellishments. We do not wish any ill will on Mr. Naputi, and hope nothing but the best for him. We hope this will only help to open his eyes to his situation, and become a better person from this.

  9. Matt a says:

    His biggest give-away of NOT being an SF Soldier; he used “Hooah.”

  10. Kevin Crowell says:

    I come across Service Members all the time that say they wished they had done more while in the Military. They either didn’t volunteer, or have the courage to attend the “high speed” schools, or MOS’s. Unfortunately now they embellish all those regrets by being PX Rangers.

  11. James Devereaux says:

    Hey you Fn posers need to recognize that it’s “De Opresso Liber” not “Libre”. That along with the “hua” just verified that you are a fraud who’s looking out for another fraud. Find another unit to try to associate with and not 5th SFG, and your attempt to smear the reputation of the groups leadership during the time you boys say you were there does nothing to help you. I suggest you leave the group out of your comments and grow up. Disgusting

    • Mr. Devereaux (I will presume Mr.),

      Your attempts at disparaging comments and your blatant ignorance* (*lack of knowledge/data versus demonstrating a juvenile display of key board commando bravado) are concerning.

      Libre versus Liber, was unfortunately, a typo, which does happen on occasion. However, the root carries the same intent…”free” or “freedom.”

      “Hua”, as I, serving as a “volunteered” support member from SVC Co, 5th SFG(A), was informed during a Robin Sage in Fall 1980, Uwharrie National Forest, at our SFOB, from a USMC Gunnery Sergeant, himself a Viet Nam veteran, and in charge of some “G” forces from Camp Lejeune, TDY, in support of this training exercise, had its origins as an acronym–“H.U.A.” Based on oral military history traditions, was translated as “Heard. Understood. Acknowledged” and, based on vocal inflection, could take on a variety of meanings and uses.

      The later introduction of “Hoorah” and “Hooah”, in my assessment, came later as our military sought to be more “cool and embraceable by civilians” and the marketing machine selling t-shirts and bumper stickers.

      5th SFG (A)….since we have never met, since you most likely come from a generation who never walked amongst the Team sheds on Son Tay Road, performed PT in the Mata Mile, or stood in the shadow of the “Sweet Bruce” statue in the plaza across the street from “The White House” (USAJFKSWCS) at the corner of Ardennes Road and Reilly Road (Zabitosky Road was named later to honor Fred).

      “BLAKEGATE”–unless you were a member of the 4th QM Det. (A.D.) Abn, 34th ASG, Camp Hialeah community, City of Pusan, from 1988 to 1990–you know nothing. And, that’s okay. It was a horrific period of time wherein a number of folks suffered at the hands of a truly diseased chain-of-command. Oaths of office, Army Values, the UCMJ were cast aside to protect the careers of a select few at the expense of a goodly number of Soldiers and their families. And, for the record, and most importantly for your edification–I possess a very comprehensive file to substantiate my statements. I can back-up what I say…always.

      Honor, Integrity, character–three attributes, traits, qualities which I hold in high regard and have always sought to share and encourage my children, Soldiers, students to seek and emulate. Me? “Just a farm boy from Southeast Iowa smart enough to retire in Central Texas.”

      You, “Mr. Devereaux”, whomever or whatever your status/position–please, I respectfully and strongly recommend you seek to learn the facts, gather data, and share comments which will better serve this page/group/community.

      Now, I will continue packing to take my son to the Padre Island National Seashore for some Spring Break BSA Lone Scout Camping and Hiking Merit Badge fun. Hence, I will be offline and “out-of-the-net” for the next several days.

      Please do not feel the need to respond, unless it’s a heartfelt apology.

      I bid you Deep Peace.
      Keep Your Powder Dry.
      Capt. Rick.
      SFA Life Member, M-9431, C-77.

      • James Devereaux says:

        You expect an apology? Let me tell you something you little freak, don’t you try to throw out names like the matta mile, zabitowski, or bronze Bruce and try to establish yourself as something you are NOT. Damn right you don’t know me but if you keep it up you will. I’m an 18Z and I was running those streets while doing the job, not “supporting”. Another thing, how dare you run down to the command of any Special Forces unit while trying to protect a scumbag that perpetrated membership. Again your derogatory comments to me and your protection of him show us just what kind of man you are, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you are not the perpetrator himself just trying to lesson the heat round that’s coming his way. You had best watch your tone here pal.

  12. the GreeReaper (smile it's ok) says:

    I think that you their 18Z got a little schooled. HUA was the original Hooah. Also in the Airborne world back in the day, it meant Heads Up Asshole. Learned that from an older Vet that I use to serve with. I could care less about the back and forth, but you are no operator either. I really don’t think one with such skill as yourself 18Z1iDOUBTiT would need to threaten someone on here pal. SF does require a GT of 110, and that would give some the ability to come back with a much better response. To me it just sounds like a poser calling out a poser, because the poser didn’t have as much in his record as first said poser that was the Naputi Jr. guy. Entertaining though. Thank you. I claim to nothing about Korea, was never there. I did buy my wife a Tuscan if that gets me close to any points!! Or close to Arizona??

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