Eric Bunce, Fake Navy SEAL


02/14/2017 by hombrerana1221


Eric Ronald Bunce came to Military Phonies attention with his posts in a UDT/SEAL social media site. Eric gave many the impression that he was a Navy SEAL for 22 years.  A search of the UDT/SEAL database revealed that there is no record of an Eric Bunce attending or completing BUD/S training.

Eric was called out for giving the impression of being a Navy SEAL for 22 years and he provided a class number when he was asked.






A search of Eric’s military service indicates that he served in the Navy from July 2, 1991 until February 20, 1993, that is 599 days or 1 year, 7 months, 18 days.  Seems a bit short of 22 years of service.  We ordered Eric’s military record through a FOIA request. The interesting part is Eric left with a Discharge as an E-1, in the Navy timeline for promotion is E-1 or E-2 in 9 months and from E-2 to E-3 in 9 months.  Eric should have left the Navy as an E-3, but he was discharged as an OSSR, Operations Specialist Seaman Recruit (E-1).  His records certainly cast doubt on the likelihood of him having an honorable discharge.


Eric’s history of assignments shows Operations Specialist (OS) “A” school then USS Abraham Lincoln.  There is no BUD/S or any SEAL Teams assignments.





If you look at the military record above it shows Eric’s name and company number C146 for his OS “A” school.  It appears that he did indeed attend that class number, but that class had nothing to do with becoming a Navy SEAL. He went to the basic school to become an Operations Specialist.

Most people familiar with the training requirements for the SEAL program know that a BUD/s  class number is the only one that will identify and verify someone as a Navy SEAL.

Looks like he was busy doing other things during the 22 years he claimed he was a SEAL:
* Passing bad checks
* Hiding stolen Property
* etc.




Eric Bunce most certainly gives some people the impression that he was a Navy SEAL.  He posts Navy SEAL related items on his social media pages and frequents groups specifically for Navy SEALs.   The official military records for Eric Bunce does not support him as having been a Navy SEAL, let alone for 22 years of service in the military.  Because his time in the Navy was cut short to only 19 months and he was discharged…it appears obvious that he ended his career on a sour note.




5 thoughts on “Eric Bunce, Fake Navy SEAL

  1. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    Eric Bounce…You are a lying sack of cheap shit. A disgrace to the Navy and yourself. I hope that you get what you deserve from those you have decided.

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  3. Jim says:

    Looks like he has some warrants out for his arrest…..

  4. E Dalrymple says:

    Unfortunately, there are plenty more wannabes just like this waste of oxygen. The only ones who REALLY want them is usually the police and sheriff’s dept. Another great candidate for the president of the loser’s club or liars anonymous support group.

  5. SWells says:

    Ooohh, “Special Operations”…I thought you said “Operations Specialists”. Sad, but amusing. Why do people do this?

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