Anthony Dion Provost, Whodatman, Fake Navy SEAL Officer


01/25/2017 by tangomike147

Anthony Provost has several pictures of himself dressed as a Navy SEAL on Facebook. He takes his claims a step further by claiming that he is a US Navy Special Operations Officer.



In this picture he appears to be wearing a Purple Heart next to a Navy Achievement medal. Hard to tell from the photo but it might be, it could also be a Navy Battle E.


He appears to be claiming that he is a LT that rates a Trident, they are only authorized for members that have completed BUD/S.




You would think SEALs would be issued better gear.




He also wears a little gold Trident necklace. Yes they are really cool. That’s why we get them for our ladies and daughters.

So for obvious reasons we consulted the UDT/SEAL database and ordered his records through a Freedom of Information Request.






The records are pretty straight forward. He did do an enlistment in the United States Navy. The records show he was a Yeoman 3rd Class, or E4. A yeoman is an enlisted person within the United States Navy that performs administrative and clerical work. They deal with protocol, naval instructions, enlisted evaluations, commissioned officer fitness reports, naval messages, visitors, telephone calls and mail. There is no listing of SEAL Training and he is not listed in the UDT/SEAL database.

He was also in the Navy Reserves until his discharge in 2002.  We can find no evidence of a Navy Achievement Medal, Purple Heart, or him ever attending BUD/S…a requirement for all Navy SEALS.  We checked the SEAL database extensively and came up with nuttin.

We reached out to others in the Navy SEAL community for anyone that might know Anthony Provost, but all we get in response is “Who dat man”.

We can only speculate as to where, when and why he decided to play dress up.  It would not be unusual for a Yeoman to have a Navy Achievement Medal, but a Purple Heart and a Trident are most unlikely.  YM was not a source rate to go to BUD/S.


At 1:10 of his Youtube video ” Celeb Pics” he adds himself in uniform


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8 thoughts on “Anthony Dion Provost, Whodatman, Fake Navy SEAL Officer

  1. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    Nice work! No shortage of these phony jerks!
    Clowns like this should be humiliated on FB and in their communities.

  2. Shongo La says:

    What an a hole. I am glad there is the internet because it is now easy to weed these ppl out. I served honorably in the Air Force and have uncovered three people who claimed to be military officers before the onset of the internet. When you are military you can get a feel for others. I am so glad there is a way now to publicly expose and humiliate them.

  3. LICIOUS says:

    So he was a secretary for the Navy. Bitch get me some coffee. Te He He;) Don’t forget to put on the your maid costume ….when you do it too.

  4. Jaxs says:

    He is a Fake. I was in the reserves when he was arrested. He lied then. He was only an E4. Wow… What a loser.

  5. Steve says:

    I was just handed his latest resume. Says he’s a USNA Grad class of 2000! I’m a retired Chief (HMC/FMF/NAC) and combat veteran can’t wait to have him in for an interview! – More to follow.

    • Anonymous Exgirlfriend says:

      I knew him in 1998, he claimed to be a SEAL back then… he lied about everything – even had phony family members call me after I got pregnant. Thankfully I had a miscarriage. He is a lyin’ SOB!

  6. Any ominus says:

    During skinfold caliper testing in video, a trident tattoo is on back of neck

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