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Its Throwback Thursday folks.  Every once and a while we find a need to revisit a case.  This case was originally posted by our friends over at thisainthell.us.  A few years ago the New Mexico department of the Military Order of the Purple Heart reported this guy that they had booted by the name of David Shrum.


Not only did David or “Doc” as he likes to be called, make claim to being awarded a Purple Heart,  he actually became the state commander for their organization.

As is always the case when a poser gets around real veterans, they started wondering about some of his claims.  According to his disputed DD 214, David Shrum enlisted in the U.S. Army on September 10, 1964, after graduating from Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver, Colo.

A family member of his was interviewed and had this to say;

“He graduated in June 1965 and spent the summer basically doing nothing, looking for easy ways to make some money. He didn’t find it, so he joined the military.”

Of course Shrum provided paperwork to the organization to back up his claims and even more awards for valor.

Shrum claims on the DD 214, provided to The Daily Times by the military order, that he received the bronze star, a Distinguished Flying Cross and a Silver Star, prestigious medals given to soldiers for heroism or gallantry in military action.

However, according to Shrum’s military records, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request sent to the federal National Archives and Records Administration, Shrum received no awards for heroism.

His official records were ordered through the Freedom of Information Act;



We were provided with a copy of his high school diploma by a family member.

It is dated 8 June 1965.

David “Doc” Shrum has no awards for valor of any kind.  He should have just been proud of the service he actually did have.  He served during difficult times when most did not.  He has used false and embellished claims of service to gain favor and receive benefit from those who are guilty of nothing but wanting to help veterans.

Sometimes we get the notion that people have not really learned their lesson.  Shrum has scammed enough from people.   We are still waiting for an apology.

We understand he may still be receiving benefits…for exactly what we have no idea but there is almost no chance PTSD isn’t in there somewhere.


Source: David “Doc” Shrum; phony wounded veteran : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

9 thoughts on “David “Doc” Shrum; phony wounded veteran

  1. Bill Shrum says:

    He is still getting over $3K a month for his phony 100% PTSD disability claim and this asshat has never served a day in combat! I should know, because I am his brother! I am waiting for him to be put in silver bracelets!

    • Norma Hanson. (Shrum) says:

      That’s the best news I have ever herd. He has four children he claims he supported but has never sent any money like the courts ordered. I feel like he owes me and my children thousands of dollars!! But he has always been able to beat the system!!!

      • William Shrum says:

        I would be happy to get you his address and phone number? Just let me know?

      • Bill Shrum says:

        Norma, please send me a message so I can help you contact this ass hamster! Maybe between the two of us, we can get him put back in prison where he belongs! I know he is still getting over $3K a month for his phony PTSD crap! The only stress he has is being afraid he will be caught in his web of lies! I hope to hear from you? I will get a message if you respond to this post. Take care, Bill

      • Norma Hanson. (Shrum) says:

        Sure wish there was a way to do this. I have taken him to court and once again he never did what he was to do! I have a copy of a check for 10,000.oo that was no good from that cocsolatid marketing. I should have known it wouldn’t be any Good! Several times I let the children go to see him and they said it was not a good time for them. I am very sorry about your parents. And again he couldn’t let the kids know. And he has all there numbers!

      • William Shrum says:

        Norma, you can contact me directly at shrumw@saic.com or call me on 407-243-3650
        maybe i can help you?

  2. Unfortunately VA disability payments can not be garnished for child support. We wish the best for you and your children, and hope you get the support you need, but VA disability is exempt from taxes, and child support.

    • William Shrum says:

      However, this ratbastard has plenty of other assets that she could go after in court!

  3. Bill Shrum says:

    Norma, please contact me, I would love to hear from you?
    Take care,

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