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07/14/2016 by militaryphonies

Richard “Dick” Cantner currently living in Vero Beach, Florida, was busted on his lies 14 years ago.  As is all too often the case, when he moved from Pennsylvania after being busted to Florida, he just had to start his embellishing nonsense all over again.

He has claimed his records were lost in a fire, that his wife destroyed them and all sorts of bunk. His records are just fine. 

One person that exposed him in Florida recently posted the following:

“Since his arrival in Vero Beach, Richard G. Cantner, AKA “The Colonel” has earned our respect over the years as he spoke of his heroics in Vietnam. After all, he said he was a retired and/or reserve Lieutenant Colonel, (LTC), flew AH-1 Cobra’s in Vietnam, was shot down 3 times, earned 3 Purple Hearts, 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses and was Ranger, and Airborne qualified. In addition to this, he says he served as an infantry platoon leader, flew F-14’s for two years, and then was eventually called back to active duty at age 55 and asked to fly Apache’s after years of absence from active duty to fly and fight in Afghanistan.”

Sergeant Cantner just couldn’t be proud of his actual service for some reason.  Why would a Vietnam veteran with a Bronze Star feel compelled to embellish his career beyond recognition?

This all too familiar story about military phonies starting their lies all over again is why we do not delete them from our blog over time.  Richard Cantner and those like him give us no choice but to leave evidence of their dishonor online forever. 

Richard Cantner…knock it off already.

Thanks to all who helped exposed this valor thief…again. Feel free to visit the link below for more about Richard Cantner and commentary.


Source: Richard Cantner; phony Vietnam attack helicopter pilot : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

10 thoughts on “Richard Cantner; Fake Colonel, Phony Vietnam attack helicopter pilot, Blog of Shame

  1. CW3 TJ Fagan says:

    Thank you folks for posting this! I’m the originator of this story! Thanks for helping us get the word out. I even gave this guy the opportunity to come clean but he just didn’t. The same way he snubbed his nose at the other CW3 who tried to get him to stop. Please visit the link to the site provided here to view my entire post with all the evidence. It’s quite the story!

    • All too often these valor vultures get exposed, modify their story and start it all over again. Thank you for your dedication to protecting the honorable service of those who have defended our nation.

  2. David says:

    I messaged him on FB and told him to stop. No reply. So I messaged 7 of his friends and told them and provided the link to the story. Several replied back. They are very disturbed and appreciative of the info. They are going to confront him as well as inform the Patriot Missions organization he is with.

    • CW3 TJ Fagan says:

      Thank you for helping to spread the word Dave. We all need to help get our community informed of what he has done and continues to do so as to help limit any further damage to organizations he may still be affiliated with. Dick is also employed as a small business consultant at Indian River State College with the Small Business Development Center at the Mueller Campus in Vero Beach. So where he’s supposed to counsel and mentor entrepreneurs in the success of their business ventures, it seems he’s also GIVING US THE BUSINESS! Continue to fight the good fight Sir!

  3. KillerB says:

    Thats some deep bull sh*t he is spreading.. ask him if was was also a Door Gunner on the Space shuttle…frigging wingnut.. burn ya turd.

  4. TJ Fagan says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I didn’t know where he is stating he is having memory issues, but DON’T BELIVE IT! It’s another cop out. He is clear headed and focused in all of his daily routines. He just tells so many different stories about his phony military service record he it’s just gotten tough for him to cover his own ass anymore.

  5. David says:

    I see he changed his FB photo. Messaging these shitbags friend’s on FB and telling them about the frauds is effective.

  6. David says:

    But he left it in his photos. Still a shitbag.

    • TJ Fagan says:

      I know many folks have asked me if the local newspapers will run this story about the local Vero Beach POSER and fake Army “Lieutenant Colonel” Cobra pilot, Richard G. Cantner. I have not heard of any paper or publication picking this up yet. The story is basically still in its infancy. However, if all the folks out there would contact the the news publication resources I’ve listed below and ask that they pick up this story, then maybe they will.

      Here are the main publications in our area. The more folks these sources hear from, the more likely they are to run this story and the more likely most members of our Veteran community and general public will learn about this! Feel free to drop my name and email as a point of contact. CW3 TJ Fagan: Also send them the link so they can read the story for themselves:

      The Indian River Press Journal: 772-562-2315,

      Vero’s Voice Magazine:

      Vero Beach Newsweekly: 772-978-2251,

      Vero Beach 32963
      vb32963online AND

  7. Bud says:

    I wasn’t really surprised to find he was full of s… Just too much for one man to accomplish in such a short time

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