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07/05/2016 by militaryphonies


John Turek has made so many claims online it is hard to keep up with them all. Everything from being a Pararescueman to participating in the events of 9/11 recovery and exposure to toxic waste.




Of course he claims to have a PTSD dog to help him through life as he struggles with his conditions.


We had no idea enemy combatants were involved with operations at Air Force Basic training.  Maybe he doesn’t really understand what “wounded” means in the veteran community.


We decided to order his military records, you know, just in case some of these claims were less than truthful.


Entry Lever Separation (ELS) after 30 days of service.  We noticed that those 30 days included the Christmas and New Years holidays.  No rank, no awards, no military education.

An ELS is simply another type of discharge characterization. If the service member has less than 180 days of service, and is discharged, the commander can say “I didn’t have enough time to adequately measure this person’s conduct and performance,” by characterizing the service as “Entry Level.” That’s all an ELS is. Instead of giving an Honorable, General, or UOTHC, the service is “uncharacterized.” An ELS is not honorable, it’s not general, it’s not anything. It means that the commander didn’t have enough time to make a fair decision as to the overall service characterization. The commander DOES NOT have to characterize the service as Entry Level, even if the member has less than 180 days of service. Usually, someone with an ELS has not been in the military long enough to qualify for most veteran benefits.

A service member that was injured and medically discharged does not usually get an ELS.  It appears he had a couple of weeks in basic and a couple of weeks of holidays.  How he managed to catch the PTSD during that time is anyone’s guess.  It can be a traumatic event for some people to be away from family during the holidays.  Then again he has made claims his PTSD was from some kind of accident as well.

Make what you want from this post of his.  Something about being a volunteer firefighter during 9/11 and having to deal with all the stress, which is made worse by some kind of learning disability he has.


John also claims he and his PTSD puppy “Duke” were exposed to to toxic chemicals at a building he rented.  Reports state that after having the lights on at the place for a couple of weeks there, he had to shut down due to some kind of “green dust”.

Well, we don’t have Erin Brockovich on our staff so it’s not likely we can render much an opinion about his claim to the toxic chemicals.  However, we do have plenty of experienced veterans around here.  We can’t help but notice that John Turek seems to have issues after serving a couple of weeks at different places.

He claimed to be injured twice in his brief stay in basic training and exposed to toxic chemicals after only a few weeks of living his dream.  We assume his multiple relocations lately may have something to do with his stream of bad luck.

He needs about $8,000 to help with the injuries a few weeks of green dust caused to Duke.  He claims the poor fella can only play for 20 to 30 minutes at a time now. $8,000 should extend that playing time for Duke… we assume.

We decided not to list all the links to his fundraising efforts.  If you want to throw some money at John or Duke for that matter, you will have to look them up yourself.

Someone asked John about all this on FB.  He really didn’t have much to say.  He did manage to inform us his DD214 was nearly destroyed.  As his luck would have it… only the very top part managed to survive whatever catastrophe fell upon the rest of it.  Even this little scrap that survived shows that service as a PJ is impossible.


He has a few other things he has dabbled in over the years.


It appears he likes to be President.  We have no idea what Pool-A-Doodle Animal Transport is, maybe it allows you to drive in the carpool lane on your way to work. All American Services… once again you can look up all this stuff on your own.  We wouldn’t want to taint your opinion of John by posting too many facts.

One of his newest adventures… just getting off the ground as we speak is:

World Wide Wounded Veterans

He is sitting down with a Florida lawyer to get things straightened out.  Gee, we hope he gets a good one. 


Oh, ya, we would have an opinion on all this veteran related charitable works of his but it seems he has the kind of influence required to get Military OSI involved in doing an investigation of anyone who asks questions.

Everyone knows how we shake in our boots here at when we are threatened with lawyers, investigations, and such.  It’s been over a year since we were threatened with a Congressional Investigation and we never hear the outcome of all the FBI investigations that have been launched.  Shhhh… they maybe still looking into us… well a few of us anyway.

In summary, he ain’t all he claims to be.  What a toxic waste.


18 thoughts on “John L Turek, The Toxic Waste, Phony Air Force Pararescuemen, Blog of Shame

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  2. carl adams says:

    This low life piece of trash lives in our community in Panama City, Florida. He is always marching around with his so called service dog telling anyone that will listen to him about his war stories and how he breeds dogs, was Special Forces in the USAF, owns a huge Jeep company, is setting up a non-profit for the fictitious Worldwide Wounded Veterans….all this when he is not even a resident of Florida, has NO incorporation, has NO 501C paperwork submitted to the State.

    This is just the beginning of the end for this coward.

    John Turek, you live in a community with a ton of active and ex military and your days in Panama City as an impostor and a fraud are numbered. The best thing you could do is pack up and leave, find a rock to crawl under and die.

    You are the lowest of life forms walking on two legs. Claiming to be a 1st responder at 911? You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself and seek help. Any real service member can clearly see why you did not show your entire DD214 as it would clearly state why you got the boot.

    There is nothing on that DD214 below what you revealed that is classified or sensitive…..only the truth about your failure to complete.

    Well John you made quite a few threats to your neighbors about going to the media, TV etc. for being “picked on” as well as attempting to get injunctions against those who “outted” you.

    Well Turek, how did that all work out for you? The truth has come out and you have finally been revealed for who you truly are.

    Like you stated in your own words…..SURPRISE!!!

  3. Mike Madewell says:

    John told me when he first moved to our community in Panama City that he was “retired military” – his words exactly- and was here helping a friend. He later posted a sign on the community mailbox that said he was a 9/11 1st responder firefighter. He later retracted that on FB when called out by a long time friend that knew him.

    He called the fire department on one neighbor who was starting up his big green egg to cook some steaks for family. When the fire department arrived they just asked if there were enough steaks to go around. He has continued to call police to complain about a next door neighbor with the big green egg because the fire department wasn’t doing enough. If fact, the police were called at least three times while that neighbor was on vacation with family out of state. Total calls to the police are over 18. Over 6 to the fire department. Daily calls to the local news media to complain about being harassed by a neighbor that only uses his condo as a second home and is rarely there. Its’ funny how all the other neighbors in the complex love the guy that John continues to complain about.

    He then bragged to us about having at least 2 work comp claims that were going to “pay him well”. So apparently he does like to be president of companies but only long enough to establish enough work to fake an injury and file for work comp benefits.

    What a piece of trash. And none of this begins to speak about his attempts to set up a phony web site to try and scam money in the name of helping veterans. I know we are all tired of this guy being in our quiet little complex and scamming off of all those who will listen.

    Well, we’ve heard enough. We want you and your fake life out. Our real first responders and military veterans have no use for people like John Turek who try to live off of their blood, sweat and tears.

  4. Mark Lauer says:

    “Green Dust”.
    This guy is one of those people that seems to think toxic material has a specific color. He also probably thinks that radioactive things glow. This makes me wonder why he thinks he’s smart.

  5. I know this guy give him a break. He admitted he has a problem and apologized for these lies. He is getting help now and is a good guy. Whoever made this website is obviously a person who has no life and likes to get in everybody’s business.i am a 45 year old man who is a personal injury ottorney for Panama City and know this is against the law. This person who made the site needs to take care of himself and his family and stop worrying about others. If you don’t and take down all of your signs/websites we will be telling the ithorities and pressing charges. Thanks

    • Please learn how to spell Mr. Lawyer Man ~ Scotty

    • carl adams says:

      I didn’t know there were any “ITORNIES” in Panama City. Funny you write a lot like John Turek himself. Lots of uneducated comments and writing like a third grader. You like John Turek make threats and talk big but at the end of the day you are a sniveling liar with deep issues. Your claims of being a Federal Marshal, 911 1st responder, retired firefighter, United States Air Force PJ, Dog breeder, Company Owner, Non-Profit President are all just part of your lifelong scam. You are nothing but a two bit scam artist going through life pretending to be someone you only can dream of being. So do me a HUGE favor… your charges, back up your big mouth for once in your pathetic life. No one is scared one bit of anything you have to say because you are a loud mouth shit talking maggot who just takes up good air from the rest of those in society who have actually accomplished something with their lives. John Turek, many people look forward to the day you are standing in front of a Judge explaining all the things you have done. We have ALL the proof with over 40 people who have come forward and would be more than happy to speak about what you have said and done over the past 20 years. This of course is unlikely because you are a broke dick loser who is squatting here in Panama City and sucking off the workers compensation system.

      • M. Romanach says:

        Hey! My first graders can spell attorney!! 😉

    • M. Romanach says:

      Give him a break. He obviously types with a lisp. 😜
      Mr. “Ottorney” I didn’t pass the bar but I know a little bit (thank you Jay-Z) but making fraudulent claims for personal monetary gain is ALSO against the law. All that money you paid for school appears to have been wasted…….

    • Ezell Gilbert says:

      There is no Robert Rodriquez listed as an attorney in Panama City, Florida with the Florida Bar or as licensed by the State of Florida.

      Impersonating an attorney and practicing law without a license is a violation of F.S. 454.23

      This comment will be reported to the State’s Attorney to track the IP address from where it was posted.

  6. Mark Lauer says:

    Since he can’t seem to spell otorney or itorney the right way, it surprises me he just doesn’t say “Hi, I’m a LAWYER”….but then, he’d probably spell it loyer.

    Dumb as a bag of wet mice.

  7. cadams2164 says:

    There’s no attorney by that name licensed or registered with the Bar in PC.

    This posting is being forwarded to the State’s Attorney and FDLE to trace the IP Address from where it was posted. The State’s Attorney has a firm hand on unlicensed practice/false personation of an attorney under F.S. 454.23.

  8. Thomas rak jr says:

    Well I’m gonna say this Mr Rodriguez. I knew john since winter 2011. I out my trust into him. I relied on him to be what he stated. I was played with. The few years I knew him it went from I was in awe about all the acchievents he had. Yes he helped me on my jeep but it felt to me as the years went by he was doing that to buy friendship. Him claiming pararescue all the time. Walked around in his pararescue jacket. But not one pic or article of clothing , same thing 9/11 I believed him all the time. Again no proof , no pics no gear. He told me he tossed the gear out because of contaminants, but just recently he stayed his gear was in a plastic container. About from the time of the companies grand opening I myself was question why am I apart of it. Basically scrutinized everything I did. He also told me he had a live in nurse and wasn’t looking. Well he’s made a hell of a recovery. Now he moved to Florida to start his business and this world wide wounded vet. I personally thought bad idea. Here’s where I knew I was being taken advantage of. He wanted so bad to put aas custom jeep and wwwv decals kn my jeep I said no to aas he them kept asking me well can you put the wwwv decal on. I said no.
    You stated he apologized for all the lies and knows he has a problem. I didn’t hear one apology about anything at all. No proof of any certification. He sure hasn’t apologized to me for using me for his personal gain at having my jeep affiliated with him.
    Yea well I read what u said. Give him a break. The funny way your statement was writen it’s like a john turek letter using threatening comments. And lying. I’m fed up seeing him able to live off of workman’s comp. I THINK HE LIES TO HIMSELF. well pics are worth a 1000 words. If your a real attorney please email me at I would love to discuss alot more things that raised red flags. He thinks I’m throwing stones. I’m not I just want honesty. So sir your being pulled out on the carpet. So prove to me and the real warriors who surved honorably. Oh I think pita or the aspca should confiscate the dog. Too hot there for him. Your up mr attorney

  9. I don’t even know how to put into words the anger I feel boiling up inside me after reading some of the pathetic crap this John guy had done. Mr “I want to be something I will never” let me tell you a little something….. Regardless if you have mental issues or not you’re a sad, sick, disgusting excuse for a human. Apologies to all you normal human beings in advance. I am not normally a rude, cruel, or out spoken person. You sir have NO idea what it means to be half of the man you wish you were!!! Men and women have fought and died doing the things you claim you’ve done. I’ve sat many hours, days, and years worried about my brother and other loved ones serving over seas. Worried I would get a call or a knock on the door one day by an official telling me my loved ones lost their lives protecting this country. I’ve seen you with your second hand boots, reflective vest, and rucksack walking the streets of the Cove in Panama City and knew then something wasn’t right with you. Never did I imagine you were claiming to be some war hero that you’re obviously not!!!! Go get some help! You need it! I hope you never prance your fake boots, rucksack or sorry behind down street we llive on in the future. You sir don’t deserve to walk in front of my house where I wave an American Flag to honor my brother and every other Amarican Hero. You sir deserve to sit in a corner and think about your actions because even a child has more sense about them than you. I can only hope that one day you cross paths with someone like my brother and you might be able to look a real Veteran in the eye and feel as tall as depth of their military issued boot!

    • carl adams says:

      he is no longer in the cove….for now. i expect when Amy Oliver returns from her stint in Guam that he will return as she supports his lies 100%.

  10. Tonya says:

    Angry! This makes me so mad that someone can run around telling such lies to play on the sympathy of good people. My dad was taken for a ride by a similar fraud and with the stories he had, dad told him to go write to Gwen Graham, as she is a vet supporter and would no doubt help. Next thing you know, dad was funding his trips to DC to straighten things out (so he thought). I saw through this man and dad was so upset with me for judging him and making assumptions, then turning my back to someone that obviously just needed a little help. Dad’s take was that our country has done so many vets wrong and he was disappointed in that and saw an opportunity to help… He was defrauded over $18,000 over a short period of time. My dad being an elderly vet himself, is in the process of prosecuting and allowed the press to print an article to expose this guy in hopes that others learn from it. Turns out, the guy was taking money from the pharmacist, a couple neighbor’s and the list keeps going. It seemed like a sure thing to be repaid, as resolution from the government was assured in this man’s stories of his meetings. Not only that, he was going to receive so much back pay from the government, he offered to reward their generosity with monitory grattitude! I’m hoping this man is put away for a very long time!

  11. youdontknowme says:

    He’s been sighted in Connecticut.
    Trying to get with girls via Websites like Plenty of Fish.

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