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We are not sure what Adam has been huffing, but it sure leads to some wild claims. 

Huffer - Dossier2


huffer-parade rest

In 2012, Adam Westlee Huffer claimed that he decided to become a Navy Special Warfare Combat Craft-Crewman (SWCC) which work with Navy SEALs.

huffer - special forces swcc

Recently, Adam Huffer posted an extremely compelling story that spread around social media like a wildfire. Huffer claims that he is an active duty U.S. Navy SEAL that has a dilemma – he wants to donate one of his kidneys to an 11 year old boy that needs one desperately, but in so doing Huffer will be discharged from the Navy and have to give up the one thing he cherishes, that of working as a Navy SEAL for the Spec Ops community.

This decision will also cause a loss of income and financial hardship, not to mention make Huffer give up something that he loves dearly – working in Special Operations as a Navy SEAL.

As the entire Facebook thread played out, Huffer kept encouraging people to go to Private Messages with him because he didn’t feel comfortable talking about things in public, especially sensitive SEAL related items.

There were several people that engaged in Private Messages (PMs) with Huffer. We convinced the individuals to share those conversations as they were needed for cross comparison.

He said that he was a Special Operator(?) First Class (SO1) both publicly…


… and privately, then transitioned into confirming that he was a Navy SEAL…


huffer - seal training

Huffer was asked about the Wing’s Inflatable Boat – Small (i.e. IBS)’s…


Huffer didn’t recognize the term ‘IBS’ at first, typing a question mark…

huffer-ibsHuffer stated his Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) class number as 3419…

huffer - buds class 3419

Huffer also claimed to have three Purple Hearts, refusing a fourth one…

huffer - 3 purple heartsHuffer went on the explain the circumstances of the fourth Purple Heart that he refused…

huffer - fourth ph

Huffer explained the circumstances of having to be pushed out of the Navy due to the kidney donation…

huffer-gun in mouthMeanwhile, a public conversation thread was continuing about the kidney donation. Below are the highlights with some in between comments edited out…

huffer-kidney thread highlights

Below is the entire thread – click to enlarge in a new window…

huffer-kidney thread

In another Private Message conversation, Huffer confirmed again that he was a SEAL, was awarded 3 Purple Hearts (refused a fourth one), awarded a Navy Cross in Iraq and also fought in Afghanistan. Below are highlights from that conversation…

huffer - pm highlights2

Below is the entire PM conversation – click to enlarge in a new window…

huffer - pm

It was interesting that Huffler shied away from any publicity.

There was some concern in regard to the little boy, but Huffler claimed that he never told the boy that he was a Navy SEAL.

Huffer even commented on people lying about their military service, wishing his own stories to be false…

huffer - modest stolen valor

At this point, many people were asking questions, so a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was made for Adam Huffer’s official military records.

. . . . .


Scanned Document

Scanned Document

. . . . .


usn-foia dod-mdc

. . . . .



The confirmation letter from Naval Special Warfare Command states that Huffer was not listed as participating in SEAL training.

For what little time Huffer spent on active duty, it would have been impossible to achieve the training for a Navy SEAL. Huffer even posted about going to a school in Gulfport, MS. Gulfport is usually a tip off for someone being a SeaBee.

huffer - gulfport

The date indicated coincides with both the DoD Manpower Data Center dates of active duty service as well as the date range on Huffer’s DD-214.

In addition, the BUD/S – SEAL database was checked and Huffer was not listed in any class.


Huffer’s claims of a Navy Cross and three Purple Hearts are not supported on his DD-214 nor is he listed in a database for the Navy Cross.

These claims are in violation of the Stolen Valor Act of 2013.


No overseas assignments were listed on Huffer’s DD-214.


Huffer is listed as a BUCN which is an E-3 Constructionman / Builder. This is a SeaBee rating. This is an honorable tradecraft steeped in fine Navy tradition. However, it is not an SO1 (E-6) as Huffer claims. Even the below photo reflects the BUCN (E-3) rating.

huffer - builder

This could have been an earlier photo. It is conceivable that Huffer changed his rating while in the Naval Reserve, but it would have been difficult to make E-6 plus a change of rating in just under three (3) years since he was an E-3 on his DD-214 from 2013.


To prove or disprove the kidney donation story is beyond the scope of what we do here at Military Phony. It is relevant, should the 11 y/o kidney transplant recipient be told he was to receive a kidney from a Navy SEAL.

Since it is shown that Huffer is a Naval Reservist and not on active duty, the statement is odd that the operation would end his active duty time. Even with the Naval Reserve, there are a lot of options for him to stay in and maintain good drilling status. He can possibly take off 3-6 months and still maintain a good year and not miss any income.

All of the options are explained at length here.

The short, bottom line version is that he could go temporary IRR, reschedule months worth of drills, obtain an authorized admin absence, time the surgery around PFTs or be put on a Temporary Not Physically Qualified (TNPQ) list. The claim that he has to get out is simply not true and unfairly reflects poorly on the Naval Reserve.

Huffer was either not fully explained his options, made assumptions, or is deliberately painting a bad picture of the Navy for dramatic effect.


When the FOIA results came back, several individuals made an effort to reach out to Adam Huffer on Facebook and he was asked about the Navy SEAL claims.

In each case, Huffer immediately blocked the person.


We are not entirely sure what is going on with the SEAL – Kidney Donation story. Unless there was money solicited in PMs, there did not appear to be a GoFundMe or other effort to solicit money in public.

As shown above, there would be no reason for Huffer to get out of the Naval Reserve or experience any loss of income if he plans for the operation – if in fact the kidney donation story has any truth to it.  If he is misrepresenting himself in one area, there may be other stories that invite scrutiny.

The bottom line is that Adam Huffer’s service claims are not supported by his official military records.

. . . . .




huffler - uniforms

 . . . .huffler - tats





. . . . .

thisainthell-hufferThis Ain’t Hell:

UPDATE: Adam Huffer is now claiming that his ex-wife did it. We don’t
suspect that she’ll be happy to hear this new claim by Huffer. Or will he
claim that she posted this as well?

huffer - the ex wife did it

23 thoughts on “Adam Westlee Huffer – US Navy SEAL, Navy Cross, 3 Purple Hearts, Tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Blog of Shame

  1. Mike Snody says:

    I worked with the Sea Bee’s in Beirut and have a great respect for them. These little bitch has no clue what honor is.

    • Seabee chief says:

      Seabee Chief here, thank you for the respect guy’s that do this and bring a bad name to a small hard working military community are total ass holes. He was kicked out for not drilling. He is also getting his has handed to him by his Seabee brothers on FB and getting phone calls all day. We will not put up with jack ass’s like this in our community.

  2. His name fits him, He;s a “Huffer” alright.

  3. Skippy says:

    For crying out loud, kid grow up and be proud of your service your doing something 90% of Americans won’t do… Also doesn’t the Navy do a head check before they let them in the door 😀

  4. […] folks at Military Phony sent us their work on this Adam Westlee Huffer fellow. He claims to be a Navy SEAL with 4 […]

  5. Seabee chief says:

    I have question because I posted him on the Seabee FB pages and he is getting hammered, we don’t like that shit and our a small proud community and one of us do shit like this we take care of it.

    Question did you give him a chance to come forward because there is about 20 folks that are saying his wife is up to shit. Yes I know that is phony 101 but I just fucked this guy’s life and would like to know if I was correct. I usually trust you guy’s and don’t want to think I just blacked balled someone when you didn’t give him a chance to come clean. We are a small community and handle our own, would like to know I did the right thing. Most of our community would not back a brother unless he was in the right.

    • arhauptiii says:

      People did contact him to get his side- apparently his “answer” was to block them and avoid answering, so draw your conclusions from that

      • Seabee Chief says:

        Good to go thank you that is all I wanted. We are blasting his ass big time and you don’t do that to a small stand out community, when you fuck up everyone knows.

      • Seabee Chief says:

        I still hope your right, I still question if he was posing why did he not have a trident on. Yes that is an old photo as he got out of reserves in 2015 and that DD 214 is not correct. The comments like Surface warfare Bee would never use that and would never call a hall way a P-WAY we don’t talk like Navy guys and that is what the conversation sounds like it does not sound like a Bee. I guess I pulled the trigger and now not sure if I had the correct sight Picture. Did they call him or just use a key board if they didn’t try to call then how do they know it was him. I’m getting some shit but you know anyone could post this shit anywhere like I did. Site admin please chime in at anytime so I can fill good.

      • The conversations with him online were conducted over several different days. His initial claims of going to special forces was posted several years ago online. We believe he deliberately made an effort to have conversations via Private Messenger to keep his claims off public pages. There were several separate individuals who contacted him, the results were the same. All we can post are the results of what we find. The records are from our official FOIA request. People may draw their own conclusions from the information we have provided. We do not believe that a third party was using his account as those PM’s were being done. Neither do the individuals that were speaking to him at the time. Read the PM’s and draw your own conclusion.

    • Skippy says:

      Chief, these guys are good to go as far as redundancy is concerned because of the potential of lawsuits and protecting innocent people from let’s say a ex-wife or a mad co-worker, evidence is collected over time and not overnight. I had a few issues in the past as far as was contact done first for them to come clean and yes it’s done. And then done again this turds Trac record, seems to be when he was confronted he shut down
      And then blocked everyone instead of putting his side out and on the record typical turd BS

      • Seabee Chief says:

        Thank you Skippy, Just had some not may from our community trying to say I was fucked up for putting it up on the site. Most of them want to hang his ass. Thanks for your help and thank you Admin You make me fill better and well screw him…He got kicked out any way so from what I’m getting is he was a big POS. By the way one of his A-School instructors said he didn’t pass A-School.

  6. Geral wheeler says:

    I have other questions for you admin. I hope we didn’t just screw this kid because of messages with out calling hi. After reading all the text there are things that stand out a Seabee would never speak like that. He said certain things that we would never say as Seabees even a young one.

    The other thing if he was posing then why did he not have photo with a TRIDENT like he said he had and Surface warfare pin a Seabee would never ever say that without saying he had SCW pen. I think you guys need to check because you do not know who is on the other end of the key board. He has Seabee shit on his FB and NO NSW (SEAL) stuff. I hope you guy’s called him and he BS’D you and your correct because I just fucked his life in our world. The other thing did you contact any Seabees we are small world and can do research ourselves. Please respond I hope I didn’t miss fire on this but the more I look into it and talk to fellow Seabees I am questioning my self.

    • kbw83 says:

      There were instances of several posts over a span of time that would undermine the theory that his wife got on his account and posted in his name.


      As far as the trident, I’m assuming that you are speaking about the SEAL emblem. I don’t believe he was speaking to a military audience, but rather, a civilian one. If you look at the first clipping above from 2013, it appeared to be the seed of the idea that him being in that uniform leads to the assumption that he is either a Seabee, SEAL or SWCC.

      We stand behind our research and findings. We believe that he misrepresented himself and don’t believe for a second that his wife was behind posting those claims on his behalf.

      • Seabee Chief says:

        I support you guys I’m the one that put him on blast in the Seabee world and believe me he is getting it. I just saw some things after people got on to me that didn’t sound right. I think he was trying to act sailor like instead of a dirt sailor and how we talk we don’t Navy speak and it looks like he was pretending. I’m in just wanted to be sure I was correct by putting him on blast. We are a small community and will fight like hell and if one of use is in trouble we will fight like hell to help if we believe he is correct. I think there are some that just couldn’t see him do that. Thank you and again I support every thing you do and support you on this case. Just know we are not regular Navy and a small tight community and some things may sound crazy but could be possible if you have any Seabee stuff or ground Navy NECC type issues please contact me.

      • kbw83 says:

        Seebee Chief – I have seen this division on groups many times when someone is outed. People feel strongly on each side of the issue. It comes down to it being very similar to the Sexual Offense database put out by Law Enforcement. It is not a matter of public shaming of the individual, it is more about public awareness and avoiding any more victims. Then again, people see it how they want to see it.

        Some will never be convinced no matter how much evidence is put forth, always feeling noble by giving an individual the benefit of the doubt. I liken this to the famous line in the movie “Dumb and Dumber”, when the Jim Carrey character asked the woman that was the object of his affection:

        LLyod Christmas: [paraphrased] What are my chances?
        Mary Swanson: Not good.
        Lloyd Christmas: You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?
        Mary Swanson: I’d say more like one out of a million.

        To which Lloyd Christman replies…×300.jpg

      • Seabee Chief says:

        One other thing Seabees are the only ones who say Hoo Rah in the Navy period if he was SEAL and he is not would have said Hoo Ya ….

      • Seabee Chief, if you look at his 214 he has about 5 months of active time, he was dropped from his A school, then dropped from his reserve units roll. I’m pretty sure any lingo he may have picked up is limited, which is probably why it would sound like someone else, other than a Seabee is saying it. We are 100% confident that Adam is the one talking, and posting in these screen shots, not his ex-wife.

      • Seabee Chief says:

        To the site staff thank you for the updates. I wanted to know I was correct telling my community about this shit bag.
        He doesn’t even have the right to call himself a Seabee, We use to say you had to make a deployment before you can be a true Seabee or in a reserve unit for some time and a couple FTX’s This shit bag is not even close and now a days they would have an SCW warfare device that says you have done some Seabee shit. Thank you and to all you that read this and think about doing what this shit head did to the SEALs and Seabees, you are in a special group and have NO reason to say you are something else there are not that many of use out there and everyone respects us because they know what we do, that should be Seabee pride enough for anyone stop the BS.

        Thank you Military Phonies….

  7. I just recently got into the navy in and E-1 airman currently at A school in Pensacola and I went to school with buffer and what cracks me up is two days ugh he commented on one of my pictures congratulating me saying he was a first class petty officer I have the comment if anyone wants to see 😂

    • kbw83 says:

      Sure, we’ve seen similar claims by Huffer but just submit through the site submission form. Thanks.

  8. Justconcesrned says:

    I’m not in the military but he worked for me for a short time at the end of 2013-14. He was telling us then he was accepted into BUDS. My brother was a nuke in the NAVY at that time and he told me then it seemed odd.

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