Lester Black, Phony Vietnam Veteran, Red Light Ranger, Embellishing Blog of Shame.


01/24/2016 by militaryphonies

Staring Death in the face…from a distance.

We hear Lester Black claims openly to be a Green Beret from 5th Special Forces group, 2 tours in Vietnam in/around 1968. He wears a 5th group lapel pin and was the subject of a write up in a local community magazine referencing these claims as well.



Ya, we all know about the “STARE”.  Oh, what the hell…you can read the whole article below.



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With all of his bad experiences from 2 tours in the RVN and his rude welcome home, we decided to stare at his records through a FOIA request.


He must have developed a long hard stare into the face of death during Vietnam. He might have strained a retina doing it all the way from the Netherlands.  We are not sure exactly how one gets the PTSD from there but we understand Amsterdam was full of action back in those days.  Probably not the kind of action Les wants everyone to believe.

Who knows where Lester was in 1968.  The Army doesn’t seem to have a clue. Probably practicing his stare in the mirror while he pretended to shave.  In any event, Lester was still a young teenager when Vietnam was at its height.  The author of the article probably does that new math.

It appears he was discharged as a Sergeant with one of those ARCOM awards.  We are not really sure what a Good Condunt Medal is but it seems righteous man.  Our guess is some clerk was feeling the effects of his deployment to Never Land.  No shame in that kind of service.  Les did his part, served more than most.  There was even a revolution of sorts going on.


Cool Man, everybody digs a Revolution right?  Drinking the Bong water back in those days was probably not good for the mind.  With all those negative vibes coming from RVN it would have driven anyone to the Red Lights and Hash.

Why Lester needs to embellish his service is beyond explanation.  We are grateful he takes time  to help other veterans.  He should probably stick to stories about the Netherlands instead of his death stare in Vietnam.


We found a few other articles about Lester out there on the Interwebnet thingy, but there is no reason to drag innocent puppies into all this.  Lester, get that off of your vehicle and just be proud of the service you did complete.

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6 thoughts on “Lester Black, Phony Vietnam Veteran, Red Light Ranger, Embellishing Blog of Shame.

  1. Shane M Preston says:

    I know les,well kinda,he said all that crap to me too. Not only is he a liar, but he broke up a marriage of one of my friends. He’s a real “high quality” fella. I’m glad you have exposed this person for who he really is. I guess I’ll never understand why people have to embellish their service. I enlisted in the Marines when I was 17, and the Corp decided I wasn’t what they were looking for because of my asthma. I would have been proud to have just served. Thank you for doing what you guys are doing, and especially for your service

  2. James Mac Cochran says:

    I am so grateful to you all for the hard work you put into this….if I can ever be an asset let me know….I humbly state that I am a pseudo expert in C&P/Benefits, who freely helps Veterans daily….


    James Mac Cochran HM2/FMF/PJ

  3. SSGTUSMC says:

    He looks like More White to me, I guess Less Black works.

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  5. Brenda Wilkins says:

    Truth sometimes comes out into the open slowly, but in comes out when the timing is perfect. “Less” Black has left a trail of pain,tears and broken hearted children in this family! He is adept at spinning lies with little regard for the consequences. My husband is a real Vietnam veteran and we have no patience for those who garner esteem and respect thru such deceptive measures. His plans to smash this precious family took years to bring about his self centered goals. Today justice smiled and the light was turned on him.

  6. Airdale (AW) USN says:

    That dudes a joke!!

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